My Valentine’s Mini Rose Bushes


I had received one a few years ago from David. I had transplanted it into a larger pot. I did not realize that roses were water and fertilizer hogs. So it only lived a few months more after transplant.

This past Valentine’s Day I received one from my grandson, Marty. It was in this cute little ladybug with gold heart spots planter. It had one rose bloomed. I knew that it would not stay alive in that little pot for long so I transplanted a couple of weeks later.


I then started a moon flower in the little pot. It looks a bit scraggly because the seed husk stayed on the first leaf when it broke the surface of the soil. David took some little scissors and cut it off a few days ago. It is doing much better now.

I am now more knowledgeable about a rose bush’s needs after reading about them in my
“Better Homes & Gardens NEW GARDEN BOOK How-to help on gardening, landscaping, lawn care” .
Revised Edition
Copyright 1951,1954,1961
Meredidth Publising Company

Des Moines, Iowa

I think my mom gave it to me some years ago.

I water this little guy every other day or so, to make sure that the soil is always moist but not soggy. I also fertrilize it with Miricle Grow every other week. The original rose has long since died. I have taken such good care it has grown well and has a new rose bloom and two more buds starting to open.

What are your thoughts? :D

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