Surprise! Surprise ! Surprise!

I found  three Yardening on May 29, 2018.


My plans for the day were to transplant the cucumber seedling outside and plant more gladiolus bulbs. I got a bit side tracked in those plans, but not unhappy about it. I did get a lot done just not what was planned.
I checked on the yellow squash plant that was transplanted outside earlier in the month. It was doing well. I set the cucumber seedling beside its mound to await planting.

I then went around taking progress photos of the other flowers and plants. As you can see the turnips and carrots are doing quite well. The old gladiolus bulbs from last year are coming up, but the new ones from this year have not. I don’t know if any of you pay attention this well, but do you notice anything missing from the corner with the gladiolus? If not I will clue you in. There use to be 3 other clumps of irises there. That is the only one left at the small end of the row of rocks. One week they were there the next they were gone. We have a gopher problem here so I am guessing they raided my bed and stole the irises and some, if not all the new gladiolus bulbs I planted. The gladiolus package stated they were safe from being eaten by deer. Did not say anything about furry underground dwellers. Oh, well it is still early maybe some of them survived the raid.

Ok, now back to transplanting that cucumber. It was transplanted toot sweet. I then decided I would do some weeding around the mound I transplanted it into. Well I got to going and just kept on going. I went around the fence to get rid of the cheat grass there, lo and behold I came across this little fellow all by his lonesome.
It is an iris plant. He probably got tossed here years ago when we moved them from the front bed on the south side of the house. He then was covered by an old pallet with more stuff piled on it. Last year David cleared off the pallet because it was rotting and burned the rest. So this year the iris was able to get some sun and only had the cheat grass to compete with. Once I got all the cheat grass removed, I thought this would be a good spot to make a new flower bed.

While I was thinking of what to plant there and how to separate it off so it would not get mowed, I continued weeding toward the north. I pulled a nice clump of cheat grass and discovered these funguys. I have no idea what kind they are, so I had no intention of harvesting them to eat, but it was neat to find. This just goes to show you how wet and cool the last couple of weeks of May were. I got the grass cleared away from them and found another clump a bit to the east of the first clump.

Well that seemed a good place to stop weeding for the day. I still had that new flower bed to deal with. So I put the weeds into a five gallon bucket to carry them over to the weed /leaf pile along the south fence line along the horse pasture. I carried to heaping buckets over to it. We started this pile there to cover up the puncture/devil head weeds that grow there. Suffocate those buggers!!!

I decided I would plant the valentine and sky gladiolus bulbs topped with a box of marigolds in the new bed around the lonely iris.

I am calling it my Red Hat Society bed, I don’t belong to the society. I heard of it when I worked at the nursing home. Besides the red for their hats they also had purple. So that is what came to mind for this bed. I planted two rows west of the iris and two rows east of the iris with the valentine variety gladiolus. I planted two short rows to the south and north of the iris with the sky variety. There is still an old pallet to the west which has various junk piled on it. The rv awning tarp to the north which has old oil jugs , piles of cables, and metal scrap waiting to be disposed of properly. I found the old plastic grids and buried them to form a fence to the south and east. Gladiolus were planted just not were I was planning to at the start of the day it also was a nice way to spruce up the junk piles I guess. Well two out of the three surprises were good ones. I call that a good day of yardening.


What are your thoughts? :D

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