Flowers Photos for the Week Ending July 27


Photos taken on July 20 and 21

I guess I am really liking these small yellow-red daisy like flowers. They are quite photogenic.


This morning I came across this little red one with a bit of yellow splotches. First pic is blurry cause the wind was blowing just enough. So I held it still in the next pic and also caught some little garden insect on the petal at 5 o’ clock.


There was this pink button with a darker pink center.


I took this blurry photo of this peach gladioulus. It was probably my fault more than the wind this time. After I saw that it was blurry I returned to it and got these much better ones.


This is one of my favorite gladiolus color combinations. The pink petals then the one petal at six o’clock with the deep pink and white center then the light pink the same as the other petals. I am so glad it was one of the few that came up.


The first red cane of gladiolus. I like this deep red, but the flowers don’t seem to last as long the lighter colored flowers.


Photos taken on July 22

The next morning was weeding day for the non flowers of the garden. I found these two nice cucumbers while weeding around the plant.


I know they are not helpful in the garden, but they were so tiny and cute I had to take their photos. The green one was on a blade of grass that I was about to pull.

I notice the even smaller one on the squash leaf as I weeded around that plant.



I was now done with the weeding, as I walked by the wildflower bed I noticed this lovely light purple bachelor button.


Photos taken on July 23 and 24

This small deep purple petunia.


This peach with white trim impatein flower.


This deep pink cosmos in the wildflower bed.


I took this photo as I leaned over the deck stairs of this white cosmos. I loved how it turned out big and filling the whole frame.


I also took this photo of this pink cosmos from the stairs.


I put a stake next to my leaning cosmos. I need to find some string to tie him up to it. Each time it rains he is laying back down on the ground.


Just another one of the daisy like flowers. I told you I liked them.


I brought in the pink, peach, and red canes of gladioulus and added them to my vase on the table.

Photos taken on July 25

A really deep purple cosmos.


I spied this white impatein while I was watering.


I saw this little pink fellow and thought I had a new variety of flower. I took a closer look at the stem and rest of the plant. It was just a tiny cosmos not a new kind of flower. Isn’t he cute. I then took a wider shot showing him next to his larger normal size cosmos neighbor.


 July 26
I went out this morning but there were no new gladioulus just yet. There is a cane of pink starting to open but not fully yet. I think I will have two more red canes in a few more days. The other 2 canes are not showing what color they will be.


What are your thoughts? :D

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