Yes, It Has Been Long Time Sully Saturday #16


I am still here being my fat and sassy self. I am not really sassy, but I am fat. Oh, and let’s not forget OLD.
Mom has finally gotten around to dictating my first post since we have gotten the return of the thing called internets. She was doing a bit a posting at the library thing. It is open on Saturdays, but that is the weekend so she does gardening and crocheting.
Speaking of gardening she still takes me out when she does that. I like getting into my catnip jungle under the steps and eating the grassy weeds there too.


When she needs to water the flowers in that area she moves me over to the grassy area between the two trees. I like to lay about here, relaxing, and smelling the smells, both in the air and in the grass.


I continue assisting with Mom’s crocheting too. I am very good at inspecting her work while I lay on her chest as she crochets hats and other small items.


When she gets a large project done I have to walk on it to test and look at the quality. My final test is the comfy test where I must lie upon the project.


I even help when she is taking photos of her projects for her various web sites. Here I am making sure that she has her backdrop fabric properly laid out.


My sister, Little Kitty and I also play, we still wrestle and chase each other. Sometimes we both get really wound up. We sound like a herd of elephants running through the house. I am surprised we don’t wake Dad up some mornings.


But the one thing that I still do the best and the most is SLEEPING. Which Mom has caught me doing in some pretty funny positions.

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