On The Sixth Day of Autumn

This is not the type of things one is expecting to see falling this early in the autumn!


I had gotten up early this morning at 4 am. I looked out the windows, the eastern sky was just barely getting light. I looked because David came in the bedroom last night to tell me that the radio annoucer had said the four letter “S” word that ended with a “W”. I could see a bit of fog, but no white stuff was on the ground. I didn’t think much about any more. I continued posting my Skrappy Skarves post then started playing Candy Crush. David came out to the kitchen about 6:20 am. He asks if I had looked out the window this morning. I said I had when I first got up at 4 am. He suggested I look again out the front door. Yep, there was that white stuff he told me was coming last night.

What are your thoughts? :D

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