Learning with Little Kitty # 3



I don’t have a regular feature on Mom’s blog like my big brother, Sully but I have been wanting to tell you all about my toys. So Mom said I could tell you today.

I have learned that almost anything can be a toy for this curious kitty.
I have played with the usual candidates like string, yarn, water bottle or milk jug caps, and pony tail holders.
I have played with pork rinds that have been dropped and lost in some obscure corner of the kitchen or living room. I have tried to eat them but they are usually rock hard when I find them.

Speaking of eating, some toys are actually food that you have to play with first then you get to eat it. These type of toys include bugs,(not the stink bugs or box elder bugs not only do they stink when you play with them, they taste awful and you have to spit them out then get a drink to wash the awful taste from your mouth), house flys if you are quick enough to catch them, spiders they are pretty easy to catch, and small moths. Big brother, Sully told me he ate all these too when he was a kitten.

A few weeks ago I saw this tiny little moth flying around the kitchen. I was able to bap it down onto the floor. It was flittering around so I put my paw on it. I lifted my paw to find it again and bap it, but it was not on the floor. All of a sudden I get this weird tickley feeling between my toe beans. The darn thing was stuck so I licked and pulled at it until it fell out. Well no more messing around I ate that sucker. Then do you know what happened? I forgot I ate it and was trying to find it on the kitchen floor again. Mom thought the whole episode was hysterical.

I bet if I gave you a million guesses you will never guess what is my all time favorite toy.

It is this thing Dad uses to clean his teeth after he eats dinner called a floss pick. He leaves them laying on his tv tray. I find them there and just have a good old time. Dad does not like that I take them though. It is not my fault he and Mom can’t remember to hide them from me. When I see it laying there on the tv tray I just can’t help myself.

It’s my green floss pick toy and you can’t have it!


Mom got this video of me playing with my green floss pick one morning.


I was having a blast. I kept loosing it under Mom’s crochet bag. So that bag decided to attack me! I was able to escape its clutches unharmed. I do some pretty awesome flip moves too. I did a really good one but Mom didn’t follow me with the camera fast enough to get that move on the video. Don’t worry Mom supervises me when I play with the green floss pick.


Later in the morning she got photos of me looking out the window. I like to do that when I am not playing with my toys.


Thanks, Mom for letting me share about my toys. I hope all of you have a good day and take the time to have fun with your toys too.

4 comments on “Learning with Little Kitty # 3

    • Yes he should put them away. I think that is why Mom watches me when I do play with one. I don’t chew on it though, I mostly just bap it around the floor and flick it in the air with my paws. 😀


  1. Store bought kitty toys are really such a waste of money. I think most cats prefer the odd stuff that gets dropped on the floor. In fact, my cat Ody seems to have built in sonar that can seek out twist ties I leave laying on the counter…

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