Cool Creepy Crawlers Must Like to Visit Me


This lady bug came to hang out with me earlier in the fall. We get a nice gathering of them at this time of year. The nights get a little chilly so they think they will just come on in when someone opens the door. I don’t mind them, they find their way to my house plants and help with pest control.


Another popular housemate are the jumpy spiders. We don’t mind them again they are pest control. It is so cool to watch them jump from the wall on a strand of web to catch a fly in mid-flight.

This fellow decided to drop down from the ceiling to check out what was happening in the under world. He hung out for a few minutes so I was able to get some photos of him. I then went back to doing my own thing. I later was walking over to the kitchen sink and saw him on the floor. I told him to scoot out of the walk way so he would not get stepped on. He scurried over between the file cabinet and the deep freeze then out of sight.


I was at my laptop on this morning when I saw this jumpy spider coming down the curtain. He crawled over my stuff laying on the table and onto my computer power cord. I lost sight of him, so I began looking for him. He was on the under side of the power cord. I don’t mind them but I want to know where they are so they don’t crawl across my hand startling me. I might accidentally squish them then. He rested there on the cord for a while then he decided to take the small jaunt across my keyboard. I had to turn the coffee pot off so I lost sight of him when I returned to my laptop. I made sure I did not see him before I started doing things on the laptop again. A few minutes later I saw him crawling along the wall behind the table. I think he was on his way back to the ceiling. He had enough adventure visiting the under world, it was time to go home.


What are your thoughts? :D

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