Some Random Photos

Oh, And the Furnace Broke!  😦


I happened to look out the window on this morning to see this beautiful pink sky.


This was the second day in a row that this little fella came to visit me at my computer. He was in a hurry to investigate every bit of my laptop. That is why the photos are blurry. You may not be able to tell bet he had some wonderful white markings. Even his little pedipalps had a dash of white. Jumpy Spider, Sooo cute!!


Sunday (Jan. 13) morning after I finished my chores, I was planning on spending a leisurely day in bed crocheting, But Noooo! My hubby comes in to tell me he has taken the furnace apart so we can clean the impeller fan as it was starting to squeal when it would kick on to heat. We did a quick cleaning and reassembled it. Still squealing!

So hubby cranks the thermostat up so he could watch it spin when it kicked on. The whole motor almost started spinning not just the impeller fan. He thought it might be just some loose screws,but as he looked more carefully he could see that the bushings on the motor were shot. So he took the whole impeller and motor out. I spent about an hour thoroughly cleaning the blades of the impeller with a toothbrush and vacuum.

Then he thought maybe the motor from the furnace from the RV would work. So I went to the Junk/Little Kitty’s room to unbury it. I found it fairly quickly and easily. He came in and looked at it. Nope, not possible the motor was way to small. It was worth a try. After he left, I decided to give the junk/Little Kitty’s Room a thorough cleaning. Which took me about two hours.

So my whole Sunday was not as I had planned.  😀

David went to town yesterday to find a new motor for the furnace. He was able to get one ordered and it should be here sometime later today. I hope we get it all reinstalled, so we don’t have to spend another night using the electric heater, leaving the oven on and open, and the little propane heater for warmth.  😦

We just have the oven on long enough to heat up the kitchen and living room to about 80 degrees after the sun has gone down. We turn it off before we go to our bedroom for the night. Nick has an electric heater for his bedroom. We have a small ceramic space heater for the bathroom, we have that sitting on the floor blowing into our bedroom. We turn this one to just the fan blowing just before we hop into bed, which has an extra blanket on it now. The propane heater is sitting in the bathtub. It keeps the bathroom pretty toasty so that is why we leave the ceramic heater’s fan on to blow some of that toasty air into the bedroom. We leave it running while we are sleeping, when the propane bottle becomes empty it will shut off.

So no, we have not all turned into snowmen like the ones in the feature photo. LOL We are lucky that we are in a mild spot in the weather for January. The lows have been in the mid 20’s with highs in the mid to upper 40’s. The lowest temperature in the house on Sunday night/Monday morning was 53 degrees. It is a balmy 55 degrees as I sit in the kitchen typing this up at 2:15 on this Tuesday morning. I had an acid reflux attack and couldn’t go back to sleep, so I thought I would do something productive since I was up anyway.   😀

2 comments on “Some Random Photos

    • He was back again this morning, but he stayed on the wall or the window. He is cute as long as he doesn’t decide to jump on me. Then I will be freaking out and trying to swat him off. Then I would be sad cause I might cause him harm or death. 😦


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