Just A Quick Update

On The Furnace Repair


David received the text that the motor for the furnace impeller was in at about 2:00 pm yesterday afternoon. When Nick got home from work, David took the truck and went to town to pick it up and was back just before 2:45.

He attached the mounting brackets to the motor. That went pretty smoothly even though he had them on backwards his first attempt. Next step was to mount the motor to the impeller and the impeller housing. Again all is going well. He gets the housing back on the furnace and rewires the motor. He turns the furnace back on and waits for the impeller to kick on. The first few seconds are fine then it starts to vibrate and make noise but not the awful squealing.

So he turns it off again. He then does some troubleshooting on the internet. He needed to adjust where the impeller sat on the shaft of the motor and tighten the set screw that holds the impeller to the shaft of the motor. He then turns the furnace back on.

Do you hear that? Neither do I! David did a terrific job, thanks !

Now we won’t really freeze with the next blast of cold that is suppose to hit our area starting Friday!

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