Winter Is Coming! In The Form Of A Blizzard, Not White Walkers

The weather man has predicted one heck of a 2 day blizzard for my region starting late tonight, early Wednesday morning until Thursday evening.

It is going to start off as rain switch over to sleet, mix of snow and sleet, then rain and freezing rain. We could have a about an inch of snow and sleet, and a quarter-inch of ice by Wednesday morning. Then things really start to pick up for Wednesday afternoon.

It is gonna be like we are in a snow globe. Not the peaceful floating scene, but the upside down violently being shaking snow globe. There will be blowing snow, patches of fog, and wind gusts that could possibly reach 60 miles per hour! The visibility could be as little as a quarter-mile or less at sometimes throughout the afternoon and evening.

The snow is going to be really heavy at times. So the accumulation could be as much as 11 to 13 inches by the end of Wednesday.

The snowing part of the blizzard should be pretty much done by Thursday, but the wind is still going to be causing blowing snow. It will still be blowing 40 miles per hour with gust up to 60. That will decrease by afternoon to just 20 to 30 miles per hour with gust only up to 50 by the afternoon.


It is a good thing David went grocery shopping yesterday and we are well stocked. Nick will probably stay home from work on Wednesday for sure, and most likely Thursday too.

I guess we will see if Old Man Winter agrees with the Weather Man and decides it is our region’s turn to have a good old fashion dose of a real winter blizzard.

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3 comments on “Winter Is Coming! In The Form Of A Blizzard, Not White Walkers

  1. You can blame this on one on me Arlene – I was wishing for more moisture and actually told friends & relatives in the UP and midwest that I was jealous of all they have gotten. We have major winds and pouring rain right now (9:30 am) and expect things to start getting really ugly about noon. I took a pic of my dash reader yesterday at 3pm (when I get grandson from school) and it also has a clip of the landscape in the background) and it said 61 degrees.. won’t get even close to that today at 3pm. Will take another at that time today to show our lovely Colorado wild weather – LOL Batten down your hatches lady!!!

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  2. Ikes! I’m feeling better about being in a rare, rainy day in Yuma, AZ, where the temps today have just stretched into the 60s!!! I’ll be thinking of you, Arlene, when I see the national weather report over the next few days! Stay warm and safe… Ellen

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