Snow, It Begins!


I woke up late this morning for me at 7:10 am, I looked out the window to see how this blizzard was doing. Well it had just started to snow. There was just starting to be a light covering. This was after the rain that had started falling around 4:00 am. My son, Nick  was up at that time so he told me about it. David also said it was still raining at 5:00 am when he got up to use the facilities then returned to bed.

I was thinking maybe this storm is not going to live up to all the hype at this time. Boy oh Boy what a difference an hour makes. The snow was coming down now. The fog had rolled in too. I could just make out the row of trees at the far end of Mann field. I decided to take the broom and sweep off the back landing just to see how bad the ice build up was under the snow. It was about a quarter-inch like the weather man said it would be. The snow was also only about a quarter of inch at this time.

Well by 8:50 am the storm was now in full swing. I opened the side door to take this photo. I think I will take hourly photos and post the whole storm tomorrow. That is if the power doesn’t go out.

4 comments on “Snow, It Begins!

  1. Despite the damage it did and could have done it is a pretty picture. The snow in the Northeast was lacking at least where I live. We got our major snowstorm I think a week ago.

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