Another Flying Visitor

This One Likes to Flutterby the Cosmos


I large orange and black butterfly has been making visits to the cosmos. The first time I saw it I had just gotten out of the truck after coming home from town. It was fluttering around my head then flew off into the sky. I saw it again a couple of mornings later it was making its way over to the flowers around the deck, but I did not have my camera with me that day either.

The next day when I went out to water I made sure to have my camera with me so I could get a picture of it . Well I finally got a few shots of the butterfly on the flowers. It seemed to prefer the cosmos as a landing platform. I got two nice clear photos and two a bit blurry photos. I never was able to get an open wing shot though. As soon as it would land it closed up its wings. The butterfly had a stalker too. A bumble bee kept following it from flower to flower. They kept trying to push each other around. It made me chuckle.


I took to the internets to identify the butterfly. I was pretty sure it was a monarch,but wanted to make sure. I was correct and it was female.
Maybe next year my milkweed plants from the library will be established for other monarchs visiting my flower gardens. 😀


The Petunias Have a Frequent Flyer Visitor


A humming bird moth has been coming in the mornings and early evenings for about the last week.

I did not even try to get a still photo of him this day(September 12, 2018). He was just too busy tasting every flower in site. So I got this just over a minute video. You see him best at the end when he is flittering around in the left corner of the frame.



A few days later I was able to get a still of him. I was a bit more patient and he was taking a little longer to taste each flower.

I Think I Know What Some of My Wildflowers Are Now

And New Flower Photos for The Week Ending September 15, 2018


David bought some more boxes of the wildflower mix so I was able to get the names of the flowers in it. I had to take to the internets to find the common names as the scientific names were given on the box.

These are  Calendula Officinalis -pot marigolds .


These little yellow and orange ones are Coreopsis Tinctoria – golden tickseed.


The ones I was calling impatiens were actually a poppy variety.

The smaller ones are Papaver Rhoeas – common, rose, corn field, flander’s or red poppy.


The larger poppies are Eschscholzia californica– california poppy.


These are Rudbeckia Hirta – black-eyed Susan which are in the sunflower family.


This late bloomer was Cynoglussum Amabile – Chinese forget-me-not or hound’s-tongue.


The other late bloomer was Delphinium Consolida – forking,rocket or field larkspur.


I had no problem identifying the cosmos or the bachelor buttons. The tiny white flowers you see in a lot of the photos turned out to be baby’s breath.


The new flower photos for the week ending September 15, 2018.

I Found Some Late Bloomers, Big Leaves, A Bee, A Beetle, Patterns, Peppers, and Plums



I was out watering the flowers on August 31 when I noticed two different patches of purple and a patch of small blue flowers down low among the taller flowers’ greenery. I got down for a closer look, they were all new varieties that had not bloomed before. So the next day I took out my camera to get these photos.


My coleus, Cleo is doing so awesome. She has gotten so tall and look how huge her leaves are! I took these photos showing the size and the beautiful tricolor of her leaves.

I don’t know if I will be able to bring her into the house this year, I don’t think I have a pot big enough. I wonder if I cut her down close to the ground and mulch her really good if she would survive the winter ? Oh, and then put an empty wall o’ water around that. Any other suggestions would be helpful.  😀


Sully asked to go out on Wednesday(September 5th). I got my garden jacket on and put the garden scissors and camera in the pocket. I put his harness on him and out the door we went on this cool morning. As I was going down the deck steps I noticed a nice bloom of the white with pink trim cosmos. I got my camera out and ready, by that time the flower had a visitor on it. What luck, I had tried to get a photo of a bumble bee on the flowers the other day but she was a bit flighty in the warm afternoon. This was a nice cool morning so she was a bit slow. I was able to get pretty close. I tried to get one more really super close but I must have touched her with the lens, so she flew away. I didn’t bother her again when she landed again. I don’t need an angry be wanting to sting me.



I was walking over to the east shed bed to pick some peppers when I noticed this in the corner of the bed. The other gladiolus canes were finished weeks ago. I thought this one might cane, but was not positive as it was small and skinny.


I continued over to the pepper plants, I began moving leaves around looking for peppers. I was expecting to find two peppers that were ready to pick. I was surprised to find three more.


Sully was all settled by the deck so I went over and turned on the water hose to begin watering. I was just about to start when I noticed this sitting on a marigold. I am pretty sure he is not a beneficial bug to the garden. I believe he is some kind of pine beetle.

After doing some research on the internets I was able to determine that it is a Monochamus notatus, the northeastern pine sawyer or notable sawyer. I was correct that they can be a pest. It is not surprising to find them around our area, we do have the Nebraska National Forest all around us. The information below was provided by Wikipedia.

Monochamus is a genus of longhorn beetles found throughout the world. They are commonly known as sawyer beetles or sawyers, as their larvae bore into dead or dying trees, especially conifers[1] such as pines. They are the type genus of the Monochamini, a tribe in the huge long-horned beetle subfamily Lamiinae, but typically included in the Lamiini today.

If sawyer beetles infect freshly cut pine logs, they can cause a 30–40% loss in value due to the tunnels their larvae bore. It’s important to process logs within a few weeks of cutting or store them in water to minimize damage.[2] Some species are known to transport phoretic Bursaphelenchus nematodes, including B. xylophilus which causes pine wilt disease.[3]


After noticing the beetle, I started noticing some really cool patterns in many of the other marigolds. I took these photos of the more dramatic ones.


Do you remember that bunch of asylum that surprised me in the west bedroom window flower bed? Well it is finally blooming now. It is just full of these tiny white flowers.


The wild plums that grow along some of fence line with the horse pasture have produce a good crop this year. The bushes along the county road and the top of the driveway are just bursting with plums. This is just a small bush that grows outside the back door of the house.

I was able to lean over the fence to pick this one that was within my reach. You can see here they are not as big or the same colors as the commercial kind you buy in a store. I don’t think they are good for just eating right off the bush. They are probably more suited for jam or jelly.

Yes, It Has Been Long Time Sully Saturday #16


I am still here being my fat and sassy self. I am not really sassy, but I am fat. Oh, and let’s not forget OLD.
Mom has finally gotten around to dictating my first post since we have gotten the return of the thing called internets. She was doing a bit a posting at the library thing. It is open on Saturdays, but that is the weekend so she does gardening and crocheting.
Speaking of gardening she still takes me out when she does that. I like getting into my catnip jungle under the steps and eating the grassy weeds there too.


When she needs to water the flowers in that area she moves me over to the grassy area between the two trees. I like to lay about here, relaxing, and smelling the smells, both in the air and in the grass.


I continue assisting with Mom’s crocheting too. I am very good at inspecting her work while I lay on her chest as she crochets hats and other small items.


When she gets a large project done I have to walk on it to test and look at the quality. My final test is the comfy test where I must lie upon the project.


I even help when she is taking photos of her projects for her various web sites. Here I am making sure that she has her backdrop fabric properly laid out.


My sister, Little Kitty and I also play, we still wrestle and chase each other. Sometimes we both get really wound up. We sound like a herd of elephants running through the house. I am surprised we don’t wake Dad up some mornings.


But the one thing that I still do the best and the most is SLEEPING. Which Mom has caught me doing in some pretty funny positions.

Flower Photos for Week Ending August 25, 2018


This week I did some much needed weeding in the west bedroom window bed.

The Before Shots


Once I got all the weeds pulled you can see how sparse the flowers were. I am just glad something decided to grow here. The lone little marigold in the north end, a nice bunch in the middle and the more populated south end.



In between the nice middle bunch and the south end of marigolds, I found this little clump of alyssum. I planted it last year but nothing came up. I guess when I got the beds ready this year I raked the seeds closer to the surface so they were able to sprout.



I also did some weeding in the south bedroom window bed. The marigolds are pretty thick so the weeds didn’t have as good a chance to sprout.

I took a couple of shots of some nice looking flowers as I was weeding. The one flower has a little crab looking spider in the seven o’clock position.



A new kind of flower has begun to bloom. This one is yellowish orange. The darker coloring is shadows from the neighboring flowers.



Here we have a nice patch of pink bachelor buttons.


They are not flowers but hey, I grew them!

I told David my peppers were getting big enough to see without moving the leaves of the plant to find them so we went to look at them. He stopped along the way to check how the turnips were doing. He picked all these nice ones.

This Fish Just Keep Rolling In!


These are the catches for David’s last two fishing trips over to the ponds.

The night of the 13th he got into a couple he felt were monsters of at least 15 pounds.

They both managed to break the line and swim away.

He was happy to bring these two home though.



The night of the 15th was really slow. He had a couple of bites around 8:30.

Then nothing until just before midnight.

He finally came home around 1:30 am with these three.

I was already in bed so David took his own pics again.

He was cleaning fish until 4:00 am !

My Favorite Flower Photos for the Week Ending August 18th


My all time favorite photo is this one. I have been trying to get a shot of one all summer. The pink part sun fades really fast or the petals start to get beat up before I get a chance to take a photo.


The last two gladiolus canes have finally bloomed.

This was the only one of the new bulbs that toughed it out to sprout.

A white one with a pink hue.


The other one was a nice red.

I like the photo of it closed the best.


I told you it would not be long for some green bell peppers!

I hope I get lots of peppers.

My squash and cucumber plants were decimated by the evil squash bugs so I only got a few fruits.

A Few Favorite Flower Photos for the Week Ending August 9th


I took several photos this week, I will just highlight a few of my favorites here. The rest can be seen in the PHOTOS  tab’s  drop down menu at the top of my blog.


My green bell pepper plants are finally flowering won’t be long for the peppers to follow!


The marigolds in the junk pile have really taken off.

I love taking close-ups of them. Each one is so different.


Cleo flowers have started to bloom. The first shots were blurry or you could not see them because of the stuff in the background. Later I got a piece of purple construction paper and held it behind the flowers. I think this helped to see the detail of the flowers.


There was this poppy with another bud hanging above it.


As well as this very large poppy.


This cute little pink impatiens trimmed in white.


One of the last gladiolus a yellow with orange center.

 There are just two more canes left to bloom.



There were some creatures in the flowers this week too.

A plump little bumble bee.


A grand daddy long leg or harvest man spider.


And this furry creature laying in the catnip jungle just taking it all in.


Three Fish on A Board


David’s 2nd outing of night fishing was also a success. The fish were biting a bit later in the night last night though. He texted me that he had 2 at 9:08 pm. He came home at 10:45 with these three.

The back fish was 3 pounds and 20 1/2 inches.

The middle fish was 4 pounds and 22 inches.

The front fish was 4 1/4 pounds and 22 1/2 inches.


I was tired last night so David had to take his own picture. He did a fine job!