Cool Creepy Crawlers Must Like to Visit Me


This lady bug came to hang out with me earlier in the fall. We get a nice gathering of them at this time of year. The nights get a little chilly so they think they will just come on in when someone opens the door. I don’t mind them, they find their way to my house plants and help with pest control.


Another popular housemate are the jumpy spiders. We don’t mind them again they are pest control. It is so cool to watch them jump from the wall on a strand of web to catch a fly in mid-flight.

This fellow decided to drop down from the ceiling to check out what was happening in the under world. He hung out for a few minutes so I was able to get some photos of him. I then went back to doing my own thing. I later was walking over to the kitchen sink and saw him on the floor. I told him to scoot out of the walk way so he would not get stepped on. He scurried over between the file cabinet and the deep freeze then out of sight.


I was at my laptop on this morning when I saw this jumpy spider coming down the curtain. He crawled over my stuff laying on the table and onto my computer power cord. I lost sight of him, so I began looking for him. He was on the under side of the power cord. I don’t mind them but I want to know where they are so they don’t crawl across my hand startling me. I might accidentally squish them then. He rested there on the cord for a while then he decided to take the small jaunt across my keyboard. I had to turn the coffee pot off so I lost sight of him when I returned to my laptop. I made sure I did not see him before I started doing things on the laptop again. A few minutes later I saw him crawling along the wall behind the table. I think he was on his way back to the ceiling. He had enough adventure visiting the under world, it was time to go home.



Two More Beds Tidied Up For Winter


I was able to get out one more day before October came to an end to do some yardening.

The marigolds were removed from the south bedroom window bed.


It was then raked out for the winter.

I did not rake out all the leaves now I will do a more thorough job in the spring.


I now moved over to the west bedroom window bed.

I was getting ready to pull the few marigold plants in the corner when I spied this little bloomer.

He is a cute little Johnny- jump-up.


He had a green friend you can see in the back ground. So I took a photo of him too.


Here they are together in same photo.


This is the west bed after all marigolds had been removed.

I did not rake out the leaves. I left them to provide mulch for the Johnny-jump-ups and the alyssum.

I feared if I removed it the little guys would all just die from the chilly nights.

As of November 6th they are all still green and blooming.


A nice close up of the alyssum with a photo bombing box elder bug.

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And Now back to Our Regular October Weather


The weather has decided it will be a bit more seasonable. I have been able to get a few things done in the yard and garden area.

I was able to roll up a couple of garden hoses.


The flowers are all done for now. I think they may have actually made it a bit longer if they had not been covered with that heavy wet snow earlier.


Even so a couple of petunias were still green and had a flower. They were still green as of yesterday(October 25). The alyssum was and is still green and flowering. It is a tough little plant. Its seed survived a whole year before sprouting late this year. Now it just wants to keep going.  😀


Even though the temperature got down to 16 degrees a couple of nights these hearty bugs came back in force when the temperature got back up to near 70’s. This is a typical October occurance, the swarming of the box elder bugs. This was a mild swarming this day. They can sometimes be in groups of 20 or more all over the outside walls.

They are everywhere and get in the house. It gives Little Kitty something to chase around the house. She will bap them around, pick them up in her mouth, discover they taste awful and spit them out. Then repeat the whole process when she forgets how awful they taste.


The other task I was able to complete was getting the gladiolus bulbs dug up and ready for winter storage.


You may have notice the leaves in the flower beds. I plan to leave them on the wild flowers and petunias until spring. I did it that way last year and all the petunias and cosmos that self seeded came up this spring. Nature’s free mulch.

I will clean out the marigolds though. They seem to do fine with out a mulching if they self seed. I know this because the little buggers pop up everywhere the next spring, even outside the beds in bare spots in the grass.  😀

My Orchid Variegated Is Now A Set

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Three Mornings In A Row We Had The Snow


I took this first group through the windows. That is why some of them look a bit blurry because of condensation on the windows. I was not going out in it. The turkeys had to be out in it. They had their feathers all fluffed up to help stay warm though. This snow was melted by the end of the day.


Day two’s snow amount was a bit more than the first day and it also was mostly gone by the end of the day. I again took the photos through the windows. I got a totally awesome shot of the two trees with their leaves and the field and pine trees behind them.


The third day had the largest snow amount. This snow also was almost gone by the end of the day. It was the warmest of the three days also, reaching a high of around 51 degrees. These photos were taken outside. I had to go out to take care of Milly the Shed Cat. I took photos of the fields south of the house again and east of the house.


I also took photos of my poor flowers covered in snow. The petunias were still looking good at the end of the day. They are some hardy flowers. The marigolds are also still hanging in there. I was surprised to see that the asylum were still ok. They are such as cute and dainty flower.


Learning with Little Kitty # 3



I don’t have a regular feature on Mom’s blog like my big brother, Sully but I have been wanting to tell you all about my toys. So Mom said I could tell you today.

I have learned that almost anything can be a toy for this curious kitty.
I have played with the usual candidates like string, yarn, water bottle or milk jug caps, and pony tail holders.
I have played with pork rinds that have been dropped and lost in some obscure corner of the kitchen or living room. I have tried to eat them but they are usually rock hard when I find them.

Speaking of eating, some toys are actually food that you have to play with first then you get to eat it. These type of toys include bugs,(not the stink bugs or box elder bugs not only do they stink when you play with them, they taste awful and you have to spit them out then get a drink to wash the awful taste from your mouth), house flys if you are quick enough to catch them, spiders they are pretty easy to catch, and small moths. Big brother, Sully told me he ate all these too when he was a kitten.

A few weeks ago I saw this tiny little moth flying around the kitchen. I was able to bap it down onto the floor. It was flittering around so I put my paw on it. I lifted my paw to find it again and bap it, but it was not on the floor. All of a sudden I get this weird tickley feeling between my toe beans. The darn thing was stuck so I licked and pulled at it until it fell out. Well no more messing around I ate that sucker. Then do you know what happened? I forgot I ate it and was trying to find it on the kitchen floor again. Mom thought the whole episode was hysterical.

I bet if I gave you a million guesses you will never guess what is my all time favorite toy.

It is this thing Dad uses to clean his teeth after he eats dinner called a floss pick. He leaves them laying on his tv tray. I find them there and just have a good old time. Dad does not like that I take them though. It is not my fault he and Mom can’t remember to hide them from me. When I see it laying there on the tv tray I just can’t help myself.

It’s my green floss pick toy and you can’t have it!


Mom got this video of me playing with my green floss pick one morning.


I was having a blast. I kept loosing it under Mom’s crochet bag. So that bag decided to attack me! I was able to escape its clutches unharmed. I do some pretty awesome flip moves too. I did a really good one but Mom didn’t follow me with the camera fast enough to get that move on the video. Don’t worry Mom supervises me when I play with the green floss pick.


Later in the morning she got photos of me looking out the window. I like to do that when I am not playing with my toys.


Thanks, Mom for letting me share about my toys. I hope all of you have a good day and take the time to have fun with your toys too.

The End Of The 2018 Yardening Season Is At Hand


I have not posted much about yardening for a few weeks. The flowers really slowed in new exciting blooms as the days have gotten a bit cooler. I did get one late gladiolus. It was taking forever to open. I brought it in a couple of  days later since it still looked like this.


Finally after being in the house a few days two flowers finally opened.


Even the weeds were blooming late. This weed was blooming with cute little white flowers by the wood pile.


I got one more nice pink poppy, before the cold, wet, windy weather decided to make several appearances.


Even the garden creatures were getting ready for the cold to come. I saw this caterpillar in the marigolds. Just a few weeks later I saw the second one on a cloudy, cold, wet day trying to hide in the cracks of the shed door.


These were the last of the interesting flowers in the wildflower bed. A cute little stunted white cosmos and the droopy little pot marigold.


On October 6th we got our first frost so now most the flowers are turning brown and droopy except for the petunias, some of the marigolds, and the black-eyed susans. I had picked some peppers a few days before the frost. The second photo is the last of the peppers I had to pick after the frost. I used them right away since they had been nipped by the frost.


So as soon as we return to just normal chilly fall days I will have to start preparing the garden for winter. I will remove the dead pepper plants, dig up the gladioulus bulbs to be stored over the winter, and remove the marigold plants. I will probably leave the wildflower bed and the cosmos/ petunia bed as is until spring.  I am pretty sure I did it that way last winter/spring for the cosmos/petunia bed. I did not have to plant it this spring as it self seeded. I hope the wildflower bed will do the same. If it doesn’t I have those new boxes of seeds David got for me.

I don’t know if Cleo will make it through the winter. I had no pot big enough to bring her in. Her leaves were shredded by wind and blown off, what few she has left are brown. Even her stems have turned brown. But yesterday I looked at her a bit more closely. I saw a couple of small babies that were still green. So some of her seeds grew hidden under her and the petunia jungle. I covered them with mulch so maybe they will make it to spring. If not maybe some of her other seeds will survive the winter under the mulch.  😀


Weighting To Be Hip


I am trying to get myself back on track after reverting to old eating habits the last two years. I started eating wheat flour again. I just couldn’t pass up those marked down bakery items in Walmart. Then there were all the marked down holiday chocolates for Valentine’s Day, Easter, Halloween, and Christmas. I did not have any problems staying away from the soda. Needless to say I gained back all 30 pounds that I lost between the years 2013 and 2014. So I now weighed 167 pounds again. I started trying to follow the Low Carb High Fat life again in 2017, but I was not strict about it. I was able to lose 10 pounds but that is where I have stalled.

This is a photo of me before and after LCHF in 2012/2014 now you can just reverse that and that is what I look like again.


I know I need to lose more because my hips keep letting me know about the extra weight. I know you think she is not that old for hips going bad yet, but when I was born my hip sockets had not yet hardened. They were still sort of like cartilage. I had to wear a cast from my waist down to my toes until some time after I was 2 years old. I had to return to the hospital every six weeks to have it changed. The bar between my legs was shortened each change until my legs were almost together.


After the cast came I off I was given one of the smallest pairs of crutches ever made at the time so I could learn to walk again( My older brothers claim I beat them up with my crutches more than I used them to walk with. In my own defense if I did do it ,they were probably teasing me or stealing my toys). I also had to wear braces on my legs at night and corrective orthopedic shoes until just after I was 4 years old.

After that it was yearly visits to my orthopedic doctor. My hip sockets did finally harden but now my left hip ball was deteriorating so they wanted to keep an eye on that. My doctor said that I would probably get early onset of arthritis and would eventually need hip replacement surgery. He said to hold off on the surgery as long as possible. At the time he was telling my mom this most hip replacements only lasted 10 years. The surgery has come along way since way back in the late 70s. Oddly my “good” right hip is the one that gives my more pain lately. I guess it is tired from all the years it had to do all the work and it is the one with the arthritis.

So I have gone back to following a stricter low carb high fat plan which has been helping maintain at 157 pounds. My hips have been better but I still need to lose more. I thought I should put more exercise into my day. So I thought about what would be low impact for my hips and yet help lose weight and strengthen my body. I decided to try yoga. So I looked at the books the library had to offer. The first book I looked at sounded good. It was for beginners 50 and over. I didn’t get it though. It seemed like one long testimonial for all these 70-year-old folks. It did not explain the poses enough to my liking. My next choice was more to my liking. It gave the name of the pose, a good description of how to do it, and at least one or more photos of the pose being performed. I did check it out. Here is the title if you would like to see if your local library has it or find it online to purchase. “A Year Of Classes Yoga for Real People” by Jan Baker Copyright 2002 published by Weiser Books Boston,MA/York Beach,ME

I have been doing the following poses that are preformed lying on the floor on my back Dreaming Dog, Lie and Stretch, Reverse Bow 1 and 2, and Head to Knee Pull.
I can not do all of them to the full extent yet. I am starting out slowly. I can not do the Dreaming dog as pictured as my hips are too weak yet to lift my leg to the proper position. So I slide my foot towards my hands and lift my leg into position. The Lie and Stretch is pretty much what the title says. So I have no problems with it. The Reverse Bow poses are another one I have to slide my foot to my hand first then do the actual pose. I can not bring my knee fully to my chest though with either leg. So I just hold it as close as I can. I have tried the head to knee a couple of times but again I can not get my head to actually touch my knee so I just goes as close as I can. Like I said I am going nice and slow so my body can get use to this. I have already noticed some in improvement in my hip pain. It has also helped with stamina a bit too.

There was a pose called Fish where you lay on the floor place your hands on your hips. You then tip your head back so your shoulders and spine are off the floor. Then old that pose for a few seconds then tip your head back to a normal position. I tried this pose one time. It gave me a head rush when I returned my head to a normal position. I have not done it again. I didn’t like the feeling it gave me. My body said “NOPE” loud and clear on that one.

Monday (October 1) when at the library I decided to check if they had any DVD’s with yoga. They had several. I chose a beginner lessons program. I watched through a bit of it today. (Thursday October 4) They had a lesson on doing warm ups from a chair so I followed that one through. I watched another section and they show three different ways to do the poses, standing, standing with a chair for support/balance and sitting in a chair. I followed along on this one a bit sitting in a chair. I think I will just watch each section all the way through later and see what other things I can try.
A lot of nights my hips are really giving me the old one two punch. Then my restless leg syndrome will act up. So some nights I am waking up every 2 hours to walk around to settle the RLS down. I thought I would try doing the lie and stretch pose before I went to sleep one night. It really did help with the pain and I didn’t wake up with an RLS episode. I actually slept 6 straight hours.

All in all I think this yoga done at a slow pace will help with my weight and my hip pain issues. 😀