Well, we got another “Bomb Cyclone” last week and his name was Wesley. In my day we just called them blizzards.

He got started on the afternoon of the 10th. I really didn’t pay much attention to him, until I was walking down the hall, and saw these little guys out the window. They were just across the fence in the field eating the brown, dried out stinging nettles and some other weed that gets really tall. They were eating what they could while the storm was not too bad yet. They bedded down for the night in the southeast corner of the field where there are trees and bushes to break the wind. I know that is what they did because there were tracks leading out of that corner back up into the yard after the storm finished. They found a small patch of exposed grass by the south bedroom window.


That was the exciting part of the storm for that day. Day two it just snowed all day long. I heard David open the side door and scoop off the landing. So I took some photos after he finished.

This is what the storm dorm door window looked like.


Then I took photos of the landing with the drift over the stairs.


I was standing on the landing looking east to get this photo of the deck all drifted.


The railing of the landing showing how much snow we had so far.


I tried to get some photos that should it snowing, but the flakes were pretty small.

It just looks like fog in the distance.


Day three of the storm was spent shoveling out. I got started just before 8 am. I opened the side door and began scooping off the landing. Once that was done I continued on down the stairs.


Once I got to the ground I stopped to take a couple of photos around me.


Then I continued scooping away at the drift on the ground. That finished I started walking over to the shed to get started on the drift over the stairwell there. As I was walking by BOB I noticed he had a pretty nice icicle hanging from his loft. I took photos from two different angles.



Ok, now going back to the shed. The shed had a nice icicle coming off the end too.


Again the drift was pretty deep. I scooped the drift down even with the stones around the stairwell. I was getting tired by this time and my face was getting cold. So I called an end to my scooping. David came out later in the day and scooped it out.


I took a few more photos as I walked back to the side door to go back in.

Some of the deck.


Some of the glaciers and Icicles coming off the roof.


Oh, by the way, today (Tuesday April 16th) as I type this all but a few small patches of snow are all that remain of Wesley. Weatherman says 60 for the next two days and 75 for highs on Friday and Saturday.

I will be back to doing this in the afternoons. Go Figure!




David Started It!



Yesterday, I was just sitting in the kitchen crocheting on my bathtub floor rug and listening to some tunes. David comes over to me saying that he has been raking the yard. He wants me to come help because the weather is nice today and we should take advantage of it. The weather is suppose to get cooler and rainy in a few more days. The temps are suppose to get back in the high thirties for highs and there are possibilities for the white fluffy stuff again. Booo!

I set aside my crocheting, put my hair up in a pony tail, and found my garden gloves. This being my first go at yardening for the year I needed to protect my hands from blisters. I also was not going to go all crazy and do a large patch of raking. I got outside and found my rake.

Then I took this photo of where David had started his patch of raking.


I then took this photo of were I decided to begin my patch.

I set a goal of raking from the side steps over to the well cover.


David took turns at raking and doing his urban prospecting.

He took this photo of me hard at work while he was resting on the side steps.


I finished my goal patch so I took this photo of David raking some more in his patch.


I finished off my outdoor time taking this photo of my completed patch.


Indoors the sprouts continue to push up through the soil.

These two were greeting the sun this morning.

I Have Started My First Seedlings For Yardening Season 2019

and What’s The Name of That PBS Gardener?


I decided to start some sweet pepper seeds on Monday(March 25)because it looks like the temperatures outside are going to start being in the 50’s or better from here on out. So by the end of April or the first few days of May I can actually have some seedlings to put in the ground. I will also start some green peppers by the end of the week.

I saved some of the sweet pepper seeds from Monday’s dinner preparation. I had an egg crate handy, then I got a bowl of potting soil ready. I added water to the soil and stirred it up until it was all moistened.


Then I put soil in each section.


A seed was placed in each section and lightly covered with soil.



I then got my little green house out of storage and placed the egg crate on the bottom platform.



I just placed the side here to show you what it looked like unassembled.


I sprayed down the seeds. Then finished assembling the green house.


Hopefully by weeks end there will be an egg crate of green bell peppers joining the sweet peppers. If all goes well I should have some seedlings in a couple of weeks. I then will transplant them into a bigger planter and individual pots so they can continue to grow. They will need at least 5 leaves before they can go outside.

While they are inside doing their growing I will have plenty of time to get the beds around the shed ready for them.

The snow has almost all melted, but now we have soggy ground to contend with. The temperatures are getting steadily warmer so soil frost depth is getting deeper. This will help the moisture continue to go deeper and the upper soil to dry out a bit. So soon it will be time to rake out last years leaf debris, turn the soil, and rake it out level.

All that work will probably get all the wildflower mix and petunias that self seeded around the deck, turned up so they can start to sprout.

I will hold off on getting the area ready for the squash. Last year I didn’t get very many before the squash bugs took over.

David suggested that maybe I should start the squash inside then move them outside in mid-June or later to see if the squash bugs have moved on by then.

If they do show up, I plan to have a spray bottle of tobacco water ready to spray down the plants. I remember watching some gardener show on PBS as a kid(this would have been the late 70’s). He used tobacco juice and coke for a lot of his pest control. David has some left over pipe tobacco, that I think I will soak in water to make my spray. I think this will work even though I am pretty sure the PBS gardener used chewing tobacco. If anyone else remembers him it would be great if you know his name ,so maybe I could find him on YouTube. He had all kinds of great garden tips! 😀


Digging Out After Ulmer Blew Through Part 3


This gallery includes photos of drifts around the vehicles and the finished side steps.


The Deck and Driveway


And that concludes my digging out after Winter Storm “Blizzard” Ulmer photo galleries.