Some Random Photos

Oh, And the Furnace Broke!ย  ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


I happened to look out the window on this morning to see this beautiful pink sky.


This was the second day in a row that this little fella came to visit me at my computer. He was in a hurry to investigate every bit of my laptop. That is why the photos are blurry. You may not be able to tell bet he had some wonderful white markings. Even his little pedipalps had a dash of white. Jumpy Spider, Sooo cute!!


Sunday (Jan. 13) morning after I finished my chores, I was planning on spending a leisurely day in bed crocheting, But Noooo! My hubby comes in to tell me he has taken the furnace apart so we can clean the impeller fan as it was starting to squeal when it would kick on to heat. We did a quick cleaning and reassembled it. Still squealing!

So hubby cranks the thermostat up so he could watch it spin when it kicked on. The whole motor almost started spinning not just the impeller fan. He thought it might be just some loose screws,but as he looked more carefully he could see that the bushings on the motor were shot. So he took the whole impeller and motor out. I spent about an hour thoroughly cleaning the blades of the impeller with a toothbrush and vacuum.

Then he thought maybe the motor from the furnace from the RV would work. So I went to the Junk/Little Kitty’s room to unbury it. I found it fairly quickly and easily. He came in and looked at it. Nope, not possible the motor was way to small. It was worth a try. After he left, I decided to give the junk/Little Kitty’s Room a thorough cleaning. Which took me about two hours.

So my whole Sunday was not as I had planned.ย  ๐Ÿ˜€

David went to town yesterday to find a new motor for the furnace. He was able to get one ordered and it should be here sometime later today. I hope we get it all reinstalled, so we don’t have to spend another night using the electric heater, leaving the oven on and open, and the little propane heater for warmth.ย  ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

We just have the oven on long enough to heat up the kitchen and living room to about 80 degrees after the sun has gone down. We turn it off before we go to our bedroom for the night. Nick has an electric heater for his bedroom. We have a small ceramic space heater for the bathroom, we have that sitting on the floor blowing into our bedroom. We turn this one to just the fan blowing just before we hop into bed, which has an extra blanket on it now. The propane heater is sitting in the bathtub. It keeps the bathroom pretty toasty so that is why we leave the ceramic heater’s fan on to blow some of that toasty air into the bedroom. We leave it running while we are sleeping, when the propane bottle becomes empty it will shut off.

So no, we have not all turned into snowmen like the ones in the feature photo. LOL We are lucky that we are in a mild spot in the weather for January. The lows have been in the mid 20’s with highs in the mid to upper 40’s. The lowest temperature in the house on Sunday night/Monday morning was 53 degrees. It is a balmy 55 degrees as I sit in the kitchen typing this up at 2:15 on this Tuesday morning. I had an acid reflux attack and couldn’t go back to sleep, so I thought I would do something productive since I was up anyway.ย ย  ๐Ÿ˜€


Sully Saturdays # 19

November Notes


Well here it is almost the end of November. So I will fill you in on some of the note worthy happenings for the month.

The weather has been up and down. Some seasonal weather where it has been to cold, windy, or snowing for me to go out. I have gotten to go out a couple of times this month though. Those days were nearly 60 degrees or better and sunny. There is not much green grass for me to eat now. It is really slim pickings. All I can do in my catnip jungle is rub on the dried brown stems.

On one nice day Mom was going to take me out but I was in the middle of my morning beauty nap. So she found me a few blades of grass and a bit of catnip that was still green that was on the south side of the wildflower bed. She brought them in and put them on my perch(Mom’s sewing machine cabinet) in the bedroom. She said,”You were sleeping and now it is dark so I brought the outside in to you.” I gave her a grateful look. She spoils me sometimes.

A couple of mornings when Little Kitty was out of her room to play, Mom set up a blanket fort for us. We had so much fun running around in it. We sneak attacked each other. I was like a kitten again! Then Mom had to put Little Kitty back in her room. We both were so wound up that we were both getting a bit too rough in our play. Little Kitty had here claws dug into my face pretty close to my eye so Mom said that was enough. I had also made Little Kitty cry out when I had her pinned to the floor I was probably biting her a bit too hard. So Mom broke that up. I did end up with a small scab behind my ear from her attack on my head. Little Kitty came away unscathed.


Oh, and Little Kitty has been my little sister for two years now.

Wow, time has flown by since she was this poor skinny scabbed up kitten.

She didn’t get much bigger but she is a much healthier happier kitty.ย  She is our forever kitten.


The last note worthy item for November is I have been helping Mom with her crocheting a lot. She finally finished the blanket for Connor. So I helped with the photo shoot for measuring.


After she got the border finished I did my final inspection of her work.


Little Kitty helped with the staged photo shoot for the blanket too.

I think she needs a little bit more practice.


Until next time, stop and smell the catnip! You know I always do!



My Mini Rose Bush is Still Blooming!


The little mini rose-bush I received for Valentine’s Day from my daughter is still blooming.

It currently has four buds and one open bloom. I never thought it would still be blooming in November even though it is inside. I love the play of light and shadow in these photos.


I guess it will make up for my Christmas cactus never blooming. Maybe some day I will get all the right conditions aligned so he will bloom. ๐Ÿ˜€

This is Kris Kringle the Christmas cactus.

Cool Creepy Crawlers Must Like to Visit Me


This lady bug came to hang out with me earlier in the fall. We get a nice gathering of them at this time of year. The nights get a little chilly so they think they will just come on in when someone opens the door. I don’t mind them, they find their way to my house plants and help with pest control.


Another popular housemate are the jumpy spiders. We don’t mind them again they are pest control. It is so cool to watch them jump from the wall on a strand of web to catch a fly in mid-flight.

This fellow decided to drop down from the ceiling to check out what was happening in the under world. He hung out for a few minutes so I was able to get some photos of him. I then went back to doing my own thing. I later was walking over to the kitchen sink and saw him on the floor. I told him to scoot out of the walk way so he would not get stepped on. He scurried over between the file cabinet and the deep freeze then out of sight.


I was at my laptop on this morning when I saw this jumpy spider coming down the curtain. He crawled over my stuff laying on the table and onto my computer power cord. I lost sight of him, so I began looking for him. He was on the under side of the power cord. I don’t mind them but I want to know where they are so they don’t crawl across my hand startling me. I might accidentally squish them then. He rested there on the cord for a while then he decided to take the small jaunt across my keyboard. I had to turn the coffee pot off so I lost sight of him when I returned to my laptop. I made sure I did not see him before I started doing things on the laptop again. A few minutes later I saw him crawling along the wall behind the table. I think he was on his way back to the ceiling. He had enough adventure visiting the under world, it was time to go home.


Two More Beds Tidied Up For Winter


I was able to get out one more day before October came to an end to do some yardening.

The marigolds were removed from the south bedroom window bed.


It was then raked out for the winter.

I did not rake out all the leaves now I will do a more thorough job in the spring.


I now moved over to the west bedroom window bed.

I was getting ready to pull the few marigold plants in the corner when I spied this little bloomer.

He is a cute little Johnny- jump-up.


He had a green friend you can see in the back ground. So I took a photo of him too.


Here they are together in same photo.


This is the west bed after all marigolds had been removed.

I did not rake out the leaves. I left them to provide mulch for the Johnny-jump-ups and the alyssum.

I feared if I removed it the little guys would all just die from the chilly nights.

As of November 6th they are all still green and blooming.


A nice close up of the alyssum with a photo bombing box elder bug.

A Summer Beanie for Martin โ€” Skrappy Skarves

My grandson Marty was in need of a new beanie. His hair has grown out, so it gets in the way when he is eating. He gets very upset by it. His Mama asks him if he wants his hair cut, but he says no. So Mama puts on his chevron beanie to keepย [โ€ฆ]

via A Summer Beanie for Martin โ€” Skrappy Skarves

And Now back to Our Regular October Weather


The weather has decided it will be a bit more seasonable. I have been able to get a few things done in the yard and garden area.

I was able to roll up a couple of garden hoses.


The flowers are all done for now. I think they may have actually made it a bit longer if they had not been covered with that heavy wet snow earlier.


Even so a couple of petunias were still green and had a flower. They were still green as of yesterday(October 25). The alyssum was and is still green and flowering. It is a tough little plant. Its seed survived a whole year before sprouting late this year. Now it just wants to keep going.ย  ๐Ÿ˜€


Even though the temperature got down to 16 degrees a couple of nights these hearty bugs came back in force when the temperature got back up to near 70’s. This is a typical October occurance, the swarming of the box elder bugs. This was a mild swarming this day. They can sometimes be in groups of 20 or more all over the outside walls.

They are everywhere and get in the house. It gives Little Kitty something to chase around the house. She will bap them around, pick them up in her mouth, discover they taste awful and spit them out. Then repeat the whole process when she forgets how awful they taste.


The other task I was able to complete was getting the gladiolus bulbs dug up and ready for winter storage.


You may have notice the leaves in the flower beds. I plan to leave them on the wild flowers and petunias until spring. I did it that way last year and all the petunias and cosmos that self seeded came up this spring. Nature’s free mulch.

I will clean out the marigolds though. They seem to do fine with out a mulching if they self seed. I know this because the little buggers pop up everywhere the next spring, even outside the beds in bare spots in the grass.ย  ๐Ÿ˜€

My Orchid Variegated Is Now A Set

I Did Make A Hat to Match My Warmers I did decide to make a hat that would match my warmers. I wanted to try a new pattern. So I used the one that was on the label of the most recent Red Heart Yarns I purchased. It used some Front Post Double crochet, whichย [โ€ฆ]

via My Orchid Variegated Is Now A Set โ€” Skrappy Skarves

Three Mornings In A Row We Had The Snow


I took this first group through the windows. That is why some of them look a bit blurry because of condensation on the windows. I was not going out in it. The turkeys had to be out in it. They had their feathers all fluffed up to help stay warm though. This snow was melted by the end of the day.


Day two’s snow amount was a bit more than the first day and it also was mostly gone by the end of the day. I again took the photos through the windows. I got a totally awesome shot of the two trees with their leaves and the field and pine trees behind them.


The third day had the largest snow amount. This snow also was almost gone by the end of the day. It was the warmest of the three days also, reaching a high of around 51 degrees. These photos were taken outside. I had to go out to take care of Milly the Shed Cat. I took photos of the fields south of the house again and east of the house.


I also took photos of my poor flowers covered in snow. The petunias were still looking good at the end of the day. They are some hardy flowers. The marigolds are also still hanging in there. I was surprised to see that the asylum were still ok. They are such as cute and dainty flower.