A Poem I Wrote While Fishing Titled: I Watched, I Waited.

I Watched, I Waited.



I watched a bird overhead sail.
I watched a little frog swim into my pail.


I watched the leaves of a tree flutter all around
I watched a small bird hopping on the ground.


I watched the coots splash and dive.


I watched my bobber float. Is the worm still alive?

I watched water bugs race and dance.
I watched my bell, I waited for a chance.

I watched the little frog swim away, when I released him at the end of the day.


I watched the ground, a crawdad shell I found.


I waited for my bell to sound.

I watched my husband fight a catfish with all his might. My daughter netted it, alright!
Oh, come on now that’s not right, when am I going to get a bite.

I watched, I waited, my bell still didn’t ring.
When is it going to do its thing?

I watched day turn to night.
I watched the stars begin to twink.
I watched to see an airplane blink.
I watched the headlights, tail lights, and big rig trailer lights.
I did not get any bites.

The fishing may have not gone my way, but what a day!
I watched, I waited, did my bobber just sink?
Yes, I caught some bait, I think.

I watched , I waited.

An Acrostic Poem

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Snoring (Acrostic)





In the middle of the


GOD!! My husband wishes I could stop!!

Since I have lost weight I don’t snore nearly as bad. Although this week David says it has been a little more noticable again because I have had a cold. 🙂

Here is One of my Acrostic Poems

My parents and the kids. Front row: younger brother, myself, my father , and my mother. Back Row: Oldest brother, stepmother, and second oldest brother.

My parents and the kids. Front row: younger brother, myself, my father , and my mother. Back Row: Oldest brother, stepmother, and second oldest brother.

Parents (Acrostic)




Energetic children.

Nurturing them into


Self sufficient adults.

Written July 7th, 2006

© Arlene. All rights reserved, 8 years ago

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One of My AllPoetry Poems

Forty Body Talk

My mind does not feel forty.

My skin has a healthy glow.
My eyes are happy and kind.
But my hair has begun to thin,
My front has begun to sag.
My middle has a spare tire, which cries out, LIAR!

The junk in my trunk has sunk.

My back is on the attack.
My hips and knees beg me, PLEASE!
My feet and toes try to take up the slack.
But my life is full of laughter.
My heart is full of love, now and ever after.

My mind does not feel forty!

Author Notes

I recently hit this milestone birthday. And was in a bit of a sour mood the other day. When this came to me.

© Arlene. All rights reserved, 7 years ago

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