What I Crocheted over the Summer

And Other Items I Did This Summer One of the big projects that I finished this summer was the blanket for Bob the RV’s foldout couch/bed. David was the one that had the idea for doing a blanket for Bob. I thought for sometime what I would do. I finally decided to do a granny […]

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I Have Been Gone For Awhile.

Did you notice?

We have had a family emergency situation. It is a financial type situation, so we disconnected our internet service for the time being. I will be using the library computers for the foreseeable future. So probably won’t be posting often as I like or with all the great photos to go with.

California Here I Come!

Well not me personally, but one of my crochet items sold today!


One of my long time online friends purchased it. I put a status on my personal Facebook that I had other things besides cold weather gear, like these little coin purse and other small bags and pouches. So she messaged me that she was interested in this one but she had to wait for her new debit card. Well it came today. So I packaged it up for her and David took it to town this afternoon to mail it.

Skrappy Skarves’ – My WIP’s List Just Got Shorter But This Post Kept Getting Longer.

Tuesday was another cloudy, dreary, wet day. So I busted out this bad boy. I was finally in the mood to do some sewing. I was able to get two projects finished. The first was adding the liner with pockets to the crochet fabric to complete the makeover on my crochet hook pouch. I selected […]

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She Pushed Me Over My Threshhold!

Yesterday I did an unplanned home repair project and as it was unplanned I did not get before photos. When we first moved in to our mobile home the small middle bedroom’s carpet was starting to fray. There was no threshold between it and the hallway carpet. Over the years it has frayed more.

This was my son’s room when we first moved in. I imagine that his kitty Feisty clawed it when she got shut in there sometimes.

Milly the Shed cat also stayed in it during cold winter spells, so she took her turn at the carpet.

I myself have sucked up some of the stray strands in the vacuum ripping it more.

Well now Little Kitty stays in it. She is small enough to fit under the gap of the door. Why do they do that in mobile homes, leave a three-inch gap? Maybe so the flames move faster when they catch on fire. Any way David and I cut and screwed a piece of paneling to the back of the door to stop her from escaping in the night causing havoc. We only did this after about 3 months of her pulling the towels out-of-the-way that we had placed to block the gap. Ok good now she will quit messing with the carpet, Nope!

So yesterday after my son said that we should put a board across the frayed carpet like a threshold I got right on it.

I found the piece of scrap paneling that we had left over from the back of the door. I measured out each piece. I began cutting the first piece with the jigsaw. David came in and helped finish cutting it. I make him nervous when I do things that involve using tools. I think it might have something to do with the time I beat a book shelf with a hammer.

I was going to use the staple gun but the staples were not long enough to go through all the materials. So my son found the little nails and a hammer for me. I then nailed them in place. David helped nail one piece that was really close to the wall.

Here is the finished project, Little Kitty approves.


For the Love of Books


I am now selling some of my paperback books on my Ebay listings. Some of the  authors I have are Jeffery Deaver, Maggie Shayne, Iris Johansen, Robert Ludlum, Anne Rice, and Dean Koontz. I will be adding my Stephen King books today.