Blake Ranch RV Park & Horse Motel – Kingman, Arizona


We stayed at this park on October 25th thru 27th. We had initially were only going to stay the one day. BOB decided he was going to act up. He had squeaking fan belts, so David applied some belt dressing. Well it seems he got a bit too much. So we stayed the extra day getting that off.

This park had wi-fi hot spot which we made use of. They also could provide hook up for cable tv. The coordinates for Direct TV and Dish TV were provided on their park directory handout. Which provided a wealth of other information such as the location and numbers of nearby hospital and a seven days a week walk-in urgent care facility. The number for emergency vet services. List of the local churches by denomination. Some of the area history. A mileage chart for destinations in California, Nevada, Colorado, Oklahoma, Utah, Mexico City and of course all parts of Arizona. They also had propane gas for sale right there at the park.

The park people were helpful when BOB was acting up. They refered David to a mobile RV mechanic that made “house calls” and were going to call him for David. David thanked them, but he use to be a mechanic and knew what the problem was and how to deal with it. He just wanted to let them know that we would need to stay another day. It was no problem.

The park custodian stopped by later, riding on his little golf cart to see how things were going and if he could get us anything. David said we were good. Then they stood around shooting the breeze.
I just loved, loved, loved this park!! It had everything you needed. Friendly Helpful Staff. They were all great.
The Office was stocked with the usual tourist type souvenir items and a well stocked tourist attraction pamphlet display. It was at this display I picked up a couple of pamphlets for helicopter tours. I picked them up just because I was wondering if they were the ones flying over the gold claim we just left.

The office also doubled as a convenience store, which was nice. It had basic groceries to get you through until you cold make a trip to town. David and I treated ourselves, the two evenings we were there, with ice cream from one of the freezers. Yummy.

I made use of their showers the first morning . You had to punch in a code on the keypad to get into them. I walked in expecting a row of shower stalls ,a couple of wall sinks and a shelf or two for holding your toiletries. The door actually opened up to a short hallway with doors on either side. I chose one still expecting the above set up. WOW, was I surprised! The door opened up to an actual bathroom you would find in any house. A sink in a cabinet, next to that there was a bench to sit on. There was a regular sized flushing toilet and a large shower stall with soap dispenser and shelves for your shampoos. Oh, and you could turn on the heat so you would not get a chill while towelling off and getting dressed. And it was so clean and well stocked.

Now that David and I were all cleaned up it was time to do the laundry. The laundry room was just as awesome as the shower rooms! They had several machines for washing and drying. All were well maintained and clean. While waiting for the laundry we visited with other guest doing the same. We visited with some very interesting people.
This is also a horse motel. We didn’t have a horse so of course we had no use for that part of the park. I did take a walk around the park and did see were you could bunk your horse if you did have one. From what I could see from the sidewalk, it was clean and tidy too.

They are also pet friendly providing a pet/dog walk. I didn’t take Sully over he freaks at all the new sounds, smells, and sights. He was not a well-traveled cat yet. He did enjoy when we were at gold claims, not a lot of traffic noises, he can’t hear BOB running and he is not moving. When we were moving he hid under the blankets of the bed until we stopped for the night.

About the only thing I can think of that this park did not have, was a swimming pool. I was not bothered by that as I had no interest in swimming or sunbathing.

I really enjoyed our stay here it was like a very small friendly town. I would stay here again in a heart beat!

Googled it Dave was right. — at Blake Ranch Rv and Horse Motel.

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