It’s Thursday, So I Thought I Would Do A Throwback

This was my very first post.

A lot has changed since then

but we are still retired

and enjoying it!


December 4, 2014

And So It Began

I was born with out hip sockets they were there but just cartilage. So I have had pain in one form or another because of this. I was told I would probably have early arthritis and would need hip replacement someday. I also had become overweight so that didn’t help with the pain.  I changed my diet and lost 30 pounds. I was not in pain all the time. So with this new pain-free life, I didn’t want to spend it working. So I decided to retire and begin a new adventurous retirement life. My husband was in total agreement as he had changed his diet too and was feeling better too. So what to do?

First step was to buy an RV. When you retire that is what you do right? It took us about 4 months to find the one that called out to be our RV. His name is BOB which stands for Bug Out Buggy. I wanted to call him Hank because he is a beast of an RV. He is 28 ft long and has a big engine. But BOB just fit better and has stuck.

We spent the next 6 months getting BOB road worthy. He needed some engine work. He had been sitting in a barn for sometime before we bought him. We had to replace his pip sensor. Change his oil and other routine maintenance. We also ended up doing some remodeling to the coach. We totally remodeled the bedroom and bathroom. replaced the plumbing system and removed the refrigerator, and the heating furnace.

We took it for some test runs before we went south for the winter,an overnight trip to the in-laws, a week-long trip around the panhandle of Nebraska and an overnight stay at a nearby lake.

Our trip to Arizona was supposed to be a stay for the winter, but it turned out only lasting a month as the weather turned unusually cold even down south. This when we discovered that we needed to put in a ventless blue flame heater. 🙂

So we returned to Nebraska with a better idea of what to do for our next RV adventure. We are planning to go south again but this time we are going to southeastern Oklahoma.

I will probably post some of my Facebook status of our Arizona RV adventure at a later date.


One of the changes since then is we have a grandson now and want to spend lots of time with him.

He was born on my 48 th birthday, so I want to build a great bond with him before we head out on another extended journey in BoB.

We want and need to do more work on BoB’s coach

and of course you need moneys for that.

So on that front we have been staying close to home to save money.

We have been doing our garden, a few photos from last year’s.

and fishing to cut down on the grocery bill. Some of last year’s catches.

I have been crocheting trying to sell my items and some paperback books on Ebay.

David will be ramping up his urban gold mining this spring and  summer also.

The trip to Oklahoma is still on hold for now.

The Journey Home to Nebraska Facebook Posts and Photos

POSTED ON NOVEMBER 9TH, 2014 Well ladies and gents, I am back in Nebraska. David and I really enjoyed our trip to the south. I know you are wondering why we came back sooo soon. Well with the Rv needing repairs and gas prices, it was a little more expsensive then we were prepared for.That and a big cold spell is coming. We took the heater out of the Rv cause we thought it would be WaRM in the desert. It was a fun learning experience. We were glad we went. So now we have a better idea if we decide to give it another go. Our plans now are to work on building up funds again by doing our Urban gold refining and listing our many books and video tapes on Ebay. Here is the link to David’s Ebay listings. I have also put it in the Blog Roll.

Kingman, Chino Valley, and Cleater, Arizona Facebook Posts

A few photos on the road to Kingman.

October 25

We have made it to Kingman Arizona. We are at a nice RV park here. I have posted several more pics to the going south 2014 album. I will not add a status right now as I took so long to do the pics. Just look at them and they will tell you mostly what we have been doing. I might post more in the morning if I have time before we head out again in the late morning. Oh I forgot to mention it took us an hour and a half to drive 12 miles to this RV park. They were doing road construction both lanes of the east bound I-40 were backed up for all that. So it was like very slow going. I will never complain about road construction around Chadron again! At least I found a good oldies station on the radio to jam through the traffic jam. lol

october 26
Well we got all ready to go this morning and when David started the RV it was making more horrible squealing noises then before. So we decided to stay here another day until we get it all straightened out. I don’t mind it is a nice little park. I will now go post some pics to show you around the place.

October 27

We left the Rv park in Kingman. Made it to an Autozone in Chino Valley, Az at about a quarter till noon. Got some new belts for the RV. We got them changed out by 1:38pm. Continued on down the highway. Stopped at a really cool rest area called Sunset Point Rest Area. We made it into Rock Springs, Az found two of the gold claims but could not get the RV in to either one. Stayed in a parking lot behind the 76 station, Bed and breakfast and cafe for the night.

October 28

Made it to another claim site by Cleater, Az. I called this the Bullet Shute Site. Again the Rv would not make it down to the actual claim so we camped up top. David  walked down to the claim twice. THe first time was to see if RV would make it. He said that the RV wouldn’t, he said I probably could make it down but coming back up was really steep. Steep climbs still bother my hip. So he went down a couple of days later, he said it was to quiet and creepy by himself so he came back up. He did run into one of the local residents. A big brown tarantula spider!!!! He got a pic of it on his cell phone. We spent a few days here and decided to head else where on the 1st.

See more photos of Sunset Rest Area , Rock Springs and Cleater Arizona in the photos tab.

Gold Claim # 2 : The Chopper Site Facebook Posts

October 19

We made it to a new site on a new claim. It was down Gregg’s Hideout Rd. We took the wrong fork and ended up at a wide gravel area with 3 large storage tanks with hoses attached.  There was a chain gate across the entrance. Dave unclipped it so we could go in to turn around the road was too rough to reverse the RV back down. We got turned, got on the right road, and  found a level spot just off the road to park. Dave wanted to walk the rest of the road to see if the RV would be able to get further on the claim. As he was getting ready to go a guy pulled up in his car and told Dave that it was just a mile down the road and there was another large camper there. So Dave headed out saying he would be back in about a half hour. He was late. As it turned out it was two miles to the camp. I was freaking out cause he was late. Then I see 2 helicopters fly in the direction he went. That freaked me out more. Then about 10 minutes later 4 more choppers land at the place with the tanks. Ahhh Ha it is a refueling station for the tour choppers. So this was named The Chopper SIte. They would fly in the mornings and at about an hour before sunset. At one time there were about 18 of them. Anyway I was worried about Dave so I grabbed some water to go find him. I met him at the top of the little hill. He was safe and sound and glad I brought the water.

Two choppers at the fuel tanks.

Two choppers at the fuel tanks.

Close up of a chopper.

Close up of a chopper.

Close up of chopper with passengers getting out to stretch their legs.

Close up of chopper with passengers getting out to stretch their legs.

October 20

Today we got up and out early before it got to hot. We walked a wash for 2 hours with our detectors. David was the first to have a beep. It was an old bullet. So our finds for the day Dave 3 tacks, a screw, and 2 nine volt batteries. Me one bottle cap and an aluminium can. We found several more on the walk back just lying around. We picked them up at least we can turn them in for some change. Dave later hiked over ridges and washes to a claim marker and scouted new places to go detecting. lt got really windy during the night. Laid awake and prayed the Rv wouldn’t blow over and slide into the ravine. Dave took me an a date tonight. He invited me out to go star-gazing.

October 21

Dave was still pretty sore from all his hiking yesterday so we decided to not go detecting. Dave had the door open so I could clean Sully’s litter box outside. Well Sully sees the open door and out he runs. I ended up following him down the side of the wash before he decides it is too big and scary out there. He then climbs back up so I follow him. I am calling him and telling him to stop cause I think at any moment he is just gonna run like hell and I would never see him again. He gets back to the top of the wash Dave whistles and calls him. Asks if is ready to come in and he runs up the steps into the RV. Little shit! He had to wear his jacket the rest of the day and he hid in the blankets. I took him out on his leash after lunch to sit with us in the shade. Maybe he was getting a little stir crazy and needed to liven things up.

October 22

Went detecting for 2 and a half hours this morning.

Aluminum cans. Wire, Gate hinge, Nails, Wire. Bungie hook, two pieces of metal and a washer. I collected the rock because it looked nothing like any other rocks out there.

Aluminum cans. Wire, Gate hinge, Nails, Wire. bungee hook, two pieces of metal and a washer. I collected the rock because it looked nothing like any other rocks out there.

I did find some nuggets today. Rabbit nuggets. :)

I did find some nuggets today. Rabbit nuggets. 🙂

Later in the morning we went down to an old dump site and collected aluminium cans. It was a slow kinda day.

October 23

Another slow kinda day.

David found an old sardine can and its key.

David found an old sardine can and its key.

October 24

We went and collected a soil sample today. Dave ran it through his screens and pans. No gold. That tweet in the belts was back so Dave tried the old soap trick. Those belts were hungry took the whole bar right out of his hand. Water and cigarettes running low so off to Kingman, Az. in the morning so batten down those hatches.

See more photos from The Chopper Site in the Photos Tab.

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