Pest Control Arrives with New Trainees


As I was sitting typing my flowers for the week post up on Wordpad, David says to me that there are baby turkeys in the back. I grabbed my camera and took these shots out the living room window. I was able to get a shot with one of the mommies and some of the babies together, so you can see that they are actually babies. The second one is a couple of babies. The third is just a mommy and one baby barely in the view. They were running around chasing the many grasshoppers and couldn’t decide which ones to catch.

A Poem I Wrote While Fishing Titled: I Watched, I Waited.

I Watched, I Waited.



I watched a bird overhead sail.
I watched a little frog swim into my pail.


I watched the leaves of a tree flutter all around
I watched a small bird hopping on the ground.


I watched the coots splash and dive.


I watched my bobber float. Is the worm still alive?

I watched water bugs race and dance.
I watched my bell, I waited for a chance.

I watched the little frog swim away, when I released him at the end of the day.


I watched the ground, a crawdad shell I found.


I waited for my bell to sound.

I watched my husband fight a catfish with all his might. My daughter netted it, alright!
Oh, come on now that’s not right, when am I going to get a bite.

I watched, I waited, my bell still didn’t ring.
When is it going to do its thing?

I watched day turn to night.
I watched the stars begin to twink.
I watched to see an airplane blink.
I watched the headlights, tail lights, and big rig trailer lights.
I did not get any bites.

The fishing may have not gone my way, but what a day!
I watched, I waited, did my bobber just sink?
Yes, I caught some bait, I think.

I watched , I waited.

A Couple of The Pond’s Locals

You could say they are a couple of old coots, no not David and I. Hee hee hee

American Coots are a diving bird, so it is fun to watch them when the fishing is slow.

You never know where they will pop up next.


I am sorry for poor picture quality. I had to zoom in to 32x and they didn’t stop swimming. The second two photos are a bit better as they were closer to me that day. Oh, and let’s not forget the wind making all those ripples and waves. 🙂

It Was A Mommy!


Do you remember that downy woodpecker I mentioned a couple of weeks back?

No, then click here for the reminder. 🙂

Now back to yesterday. I was looking out the kitchen window and saw the downy woodpecker.

I continue to watch when a second woodpecker comes hopping around the side of the tree into view.

The first woodpecker would peck at the tree bark then the other one would copy it.

The second one was slightly smaller, so I think it was a mommy and baby having finding food lessons. 😀

Recent Critters Around the Yard

We have had some nice visitors to the yard in the past few weeks also, not just that murderous raccoon.

First up is this little bird. He was hanging out near the trees that my clothesline is on. I never was able to identify him for sure, but I think he may be some sort of small wren. He also would hang out under the wood pallet that David has over near the burn barrel. He moved in the first photo, little bugger. 🙂

Next we have this cute little moth. I saw him on the window one morning when I looked out.

Moth on the window

One morning I heard this fella tapping out a beat on the tree.

I nice little Downy woodpecker.

I still am hearing him so he is staying around.

Downy woodpecker

Last evening as he was getting his bicycle off the deck to go for a ride, my son, Nick saw this guy slither under the car ramps we have by the deck steps. So if you have a thing with snakes don’t look at the next two photos.

He is a very good-sized bull snake. He probably is over 4 feet long. I took the second photo as he was slithering along the house. I was standing on the back steps as he slithered out from under them. I almost didn’t get his full length, he was moving pretty fast. He then continued around to the back yard along the house. We have an old cat carrier sitting up against the skirting blocking a hole. He slithered into the carrier and David shut him in. David went out later to let it out but it had all ready found a way out. There must have been a hole in the carrier that it found after it calmed down and we were not chasing it.

And those are a few of the critters that we meet in our yard.