Digging Out After Ulmer Blew Through Part 3


This gallery includes photos of drifts around the vehicles and the finished side steps.


The Deck and Driveway


And that concludes my digging out after Winter Storm “Blizzard” Ulmer photo galleries.

Digging Out After Ulmer Blew Through Part 2


I know I said I would just add to the other post but then I got to thinking maybe no one would go back to look at the newly added photos. So I decided just to make new posts. So here is part 2 I don’t know how many parts I will make. I will just go with the flow.

The Shed Drift



My Walk Around the House

I did a walk around the house after we finished digging out the shed steps.

Here I took several photos of wind designs in the drifts.


I still have more photos but I think I will limit this post to just these two galleries. I will continue posting more tomorrow. See ya then! 😀

Digging Out After Ulmer Blew Through


I have taken over 50 photos of the digging out process. Although some are not about the digging. I took a walk around the house just to see what drifts had formed where. I took a few photos of the drifts because I like the patterns left in them by the wind. I have arranged the photos in several galleries by different themes. I may not get them all posted or captioned today. So I will be editing this post until they are posted and captioned, so you know what is going on in each photo.


We began the dig out early in the morning it was still cloudy and grey.


David made it to the ground. Doing some detailed scooping on the steps.



This next group was taken as I carefully walked over to the shed, so I could check on Milly. I used a shovel as a walking cane to get there. There wasn’t a big drift to shovel through. Earlier in the week the snow from the last to smaller snows had started melting and then froze into a nice patch of ice along the path to the shed.



The path to the shed close up, by BOB.


It Just Kept Snowing And Blowing!


I learned this morning checking my local radio stations web page that this winter snow storm had been named Ulmer. So here are my photos of Ulmer. I didn’t get one every hour like I said I was going to. It was not practical opening the door every hour letting out the heat and the cold in. I stopped taking photos at 6 pm.






When taking this final group, I bravely stepped out on to the landing to get the photo of Nick’s truck.


I will probably venture out later this morning when the sun comes up to help with the scooping. I will take before and after scooping photos. I will post those later today or tomorrow.