July 24 Was Another Good Day of Fishing for Tasty Tidbits.


David got a bit of a later start that morning, but the forecast called for a cooler day. The highs were only suppose to reach the mid 80’s by late afternoon. The fishing was slow at first but then things picked up. He said he got into a nice school of bluegills.

So he was able to catch six nice ones.


He also caught seven filleting sized perch.


He did not catch his limit of catfish this trip. Almost though he caught these four pan sized ones.

As it gets closer to August now, it will be time to switch over to evening fishing. He will go over early enough to catch bait sized fish to put out on his big fishing poles. He will stay after dark when the big boys start biting. So it will not be about quantity then, it will be about the size. One or two fish, around or well above the 5 pound mark, will be a good night of fishing.

Another Personal Best at Fishing Achieved

And I outfished David two days in a row!


I spent the afternoon hours catching bait fish. I did not keep track today but I caught at least 10 bluegill. I also caught a 10 inch largemouth bass. It is late afternoon see my float take a small dip then it pops back up and then nothing. I decide to check my bait.  I begin reeling it feels like something is on. I reeled in a small painted turtle. Some people call them sliders. I do not like to catch these turtles because they are just cute. They usually swim around and play with your float. It is entertaining on slow days. I was glad that David was able to get the hook out of his mouth. I was using a super small hook so it was not in very good. He was not a happy turtle. I took these photos before we let him go back in the pond.



I continued bait fishing for a little while longer. I asked David if he wanted to try for a while since I had caught a bunch. He was able to catch one good-sized bluegill. It was to big for bait purposes. He released it as we have not been eating them since we have been catching catfish and pike.

It is early evening now we have switched over to our Big Game poles. They are baited with fish and beef liver.

At 7:33 pm David decides to check his bait. He reels it in everything is ok so he casts it back out. I have a nice bite on my pole so I pick it up. I am preparing to start to reel if the line goes slack or I feel another nice bite. I don’t feel a nice bite, I feel the pole almost being jerked out of my hands and say “HOLY SHIT!” David has begun to reel in his line that he just cast out so the fish does not get tangled in his line. I keep the pole back and start reeling I can feel the fish moving from side to side in front of me. Then there is a second were it stops, I thought I lost it. I continue reeling the line goes tight again and the fish is fighting again. Now he is headed to some tall reeds to my right so I pull him to the left and reel like crazy. David has the net down, I reel and pull him over the net.David scoops him up! It is 7:37 pm.

Woo hooo! he is a big one. The biggest one I have ever caught!

He was 26 inches long and weighed 8 pounds!


Twenty minutes later we repeated the whole process again but this catfish was just a little 15 incher. Oh, and no cursing was involved in this fish fight.

After that I didn’t get any good bites just a couple of little pecks and jerks. David also had some. He also had a really good hit but the fish just stole his bait and swam off.

Suddenly I heard some splashing in the water just to the left of my chair. I picked up my flashlight and shined it beside my chair to see what was making all the fuss. It was a bull frog but as I was moving the light around I discover there were two bull frogs.


My feet were cold by 9:09 so I went up to the Rv. David followed about 15 minutes later. We stowed all the gear and came home.

I Had An Awesome Day of Fishing!

It was my day to be champion fisherman. I started bait fishing about 2:30 pm. I was fishing with a float and worm near the surface. I caught  some bluegill but we wanted perch as they seem to be the prefered fish of the really big fish. I thought maybe the perch were hanging closer to the bottom, so I removed the float put on a split shot weight and just used the slip float. This got better results, I caught 3 perch. They were eight, nine, and ten inches long. I continued bait fishing moving up and down the bank.  My final tally for bait fish was 11 bluegill and the 3 perch. That gives me 14 catches I released 10 of the bluegill, used one for bait and brought the perch home to be cleaned for a later meal.

It is getting close to 4:00 pm now. David has just had a nice bite, but he was not able to set the hook. A few minutes later I get a very good bite, I set the hook! The fight is on! It feels like a pretty good-sized fish. It is swimming to the left, then to the right, now it is coming straight at me. I finally see it coming in. It looks like a bass. David has the net down and I pull the fish into it. David lifts it up and onto the bank. He picks it up to remove the hook. It is not a largemouth bass, but a smallmouth bass. This is the first time we have seen a smallmouth in the ponds.

It is a personal best record bass for me. I catch little 8 to 10 inch largemouth all the time. I was so excited that I had caught such a big bass even if it was a smallmouth.




When it got closer to dark I switched over to catfishing on the bottom with liver. I manage to catch 3 of them. We released the two smaller ones and brought the other one home to be cleaned for a later meal. I was now getting cold so I relinquished the liver pole to David, packed up my stuff and went to the RV. He was able to catch 7 catfish but they were all little punks so he released them all.

So the totals for this Thursday Fishing Trip:

Arlene Caught

11 Bluegill

3 perch

1 smallmouth bass

3 catfish

of these the perch, smallmouth bass and one catfish were brought home.

David caught

7 catfish all were released back into the pond.

So I was the Champion Today!


A Tale of Two Frogs

And Cold Feet!


Yesterday was a very slow fishing day. We arrived at the pond  around 2:30 pm. I began by fishing for bait fish. It took me well over an hour just to catch two teeny tiny perch. Then I caught a small bluegill. David used this to bait my Big Game pole. It sat there for a couple of hours not getting even the tiniest nibble. Well during this slow spell I saw a green headed bull frog down the bank sitting on top of the moss bed. I know how good  they are at modeling and holding a pose so he was my photo subject for a little while.

He was not as large as the other bull frog I photographed at night.  This one was probably about 3 inches long.

All of these photos were 21 to 32 x zoom. I think he is probably an adolescent bull frog because he has no spots or it might be a female. I don’t know that much about frogs. I just refer to them all as he’s.



David started out fishing to the  right of me. He at least had  a small nibble and later a good bell ringing bite. But things were slow for him too so he decided to move down the bank to my left.

It was along dusk by than. I decided to try to catch some more bait fish. They were a bit more active now. I was able to catch 5 more blue gills and one more perch. While in the middle of this busy spell I saw another littler bull frog. So now I am trying to reel in bait fish and take photos of this new little bull frog. He was only about an inch and a half long. I again used 21 to 32 x zoom. He was a bit more skittish then his bigger counterparts. He soon swam under the moss bed while I was going back and forth along the bank putting bait fish in the bucket.



It being late in the fishing season evening fishing is getting a bit cold. I decided to pack up my stuff around 7:30 pm. My feet were cold because the bank was a wet, squishy, squelchy, mucky, mossy, mess. I finished putting my stuff away and David is at the door of the RV with some of his stuff, his feet had gotten cold finally too. So we headed home with 10 bait fish in a bucket and two bull frogs on the camera.  🙂

He Can Hold A Pose


Fishing was really slow last night. I caught 2 bait sized bluegill, a six-inch bass that was released, and a tiny perch that was used as bait also. Those were my catches for the night. I did not have one bite, not even one tiny nibble, on my new pole that was baited with fish. David was not having much better luck then I. He was at least getting a couple of bites here and there. He had a really good bite on his pole with live bait and a float. He was unsuccessful at setting the hook so it got away.


So it was a good thing that this bull frog showed up to keep me entertained for a while.

We fished at this spot until 10 p.m. We moved to one of our other favorite spots that has always had good activity. I did not feel like dragging all my stuff out again so I just sat with David while he fished to keep him company and man the net if need be.

He was getting many bites on his medium pole that was baited with liver. They were little catfish that were just picking it up and pecking at it to get the bait off. It is hard to set the hook when the fish won’t leave the bait in its mouth long enough. He also had his new fishing pole out with a chopped up blue gill on it. The line on it would go slack but nothing else happened there.

I started to get tired about 11:30 p.m. so I went up to the RV. I took off my jacket and my boots, laid down on the couch and curled up under the fuzzy comforter. I heard David come in a couple of times to dump fish in the fish bin.

I woke up as David was bringing in his stuff to go home for the night. It was 2:15 am. We got everything situated and came home. David put the bait fish that were still alive in the stock tank. He added fresh water to the fish bin in the RV for the catfish. So at least one of us caught some fish last night.