Really, You Say Its November?

Tell that to my flowers.

I have been out raking leaves and cleaning out the flower beds this week. Most of the flowers are done doing there thing. Growing , Blooming, looking pretty, and repeat the a fore mentioned steps then dropping their seeds everywhere.

Our fall has been pretty nice with daily highs still in the mid seventies. Why, just two or three days ago the high was 78 and the low in the mid 40’s. This is unusual for this time of year in my neck of the woods.

So you can see why some of my flowers are a bit confused and are still doing the growing and blooming.


This is the flower bed on the south side of the house. I have a couple of marigolds hanging in there. The other flowers are the helichrysums. As I was raking this bed out I pulled three very small carrots out. Later that day I was doing something else outside and notice the tops of some larger carrots above the ground. I decided to pull those ones. Well the leaves snapped off, so I had to dig them up. I thought I might as well dig them all up, just to see what I got.


I was pleasantly surprised with these. They almost filled a quart storage bag. They were put in the turkey soup I made the next night for supper. They were good! They all may seem small, but this was a variety that was only suppose to get 6 inches long anyway. 😀

Fruits, Flowers, Flutterbies, and a Toad

Well all our hard work is starting to bare fruits.

The strawberries are June barers so they have been producing flowers and fruits for sometime now.

The next plant that is starting to bare fruit is the butter bush squash.

This variety is similar to the butternut squash, but the plant is staying more bush like rather then vining out. The squash are going to be a bit smaller too from what David read about them.

2016 Garden123

                                                      The start of a butter bush squash.


This is where a good-sized toad has taken up residence in the hill hole of one of the plants. It moves around to different spots and buries itself. It has been there for over a week now. I am wondering if it is a female burying her eggs there because we are keeping the soil there fairly moist. This is ok with us all bad bug eaters are welcome in the garden. If it is a she laying eggs we will have an army of toads for pest control. 🙂

The tomatoes have begun to produce also. These were just a little bigger than peas.2016 Garden128

The original Johnny Jump Up is still alive but he is no longer making flowers.

The little Johnny Jump Ups are doing well.

One is right up against the house skirting.

The other is out among the grasses.

The marigolds out by the yellow summer squash are beginning to flower. They are a bit stubby. They get direct sun most of the day and the soil may not be the best for them, but they are still growing.

On the 23 rd I removed all the radishes as all they did was go to seed.

I turned the soil again, raked it out, and planted the last of my gladiolus bulbs there.

I also weeded and turned the soil in the carrot patch.

I then planted more carrots in rows and covered them with wet pine shavings litter.

The marigolds in this area are growing big and bushy, but have not started to put on flowers yet.

The helichrysum are starting to bud, no full open flowers yet.

There are many different flutterbies in the garden.

I have not been able to get photos of all of them.

They just don’t sit still long enough.

I got some nice shots of this orange one the other day.

These  photos are from the past but these types are still coming to the garden.

We also have some little white ones, which David calls cabbage butterflies, because the were around the cabbage we grew many years ago.

There are some little yellow ones too. I saw about six of them today sucking up water after I watered the yellow summer squash.

These and the white ones are the ones that won’t sit still for a photo shoot.

Gardening, Yard Work and Fishing!


When I left you yesterday, I was going to do a “quick” check of

Facebook then get started on gardening/yard work.

That quick check was about an hour. So I got outside around 9:30 am. I also took Sully out with me so he could eat grass and smell the catnip.

I started off by raking the area around the back steps.

2016 Garden41

I then moved on to placing a coffee can in the holes, packed dirt around the cans so there would be a space to transplant the acorn squash. Well I thought I was doing pretty well. David came out and said those look nice, but you need to build a mound in the hole around the coffee can,not flat even with the ground. Dang, I had to do them over.

We only had enough baby acorns to do two of the hill holes. We have some more planted in the house but they have not sprouted yet.

2016 Garden48

David then dug a hole for the butter bush squash behind the close line near the fence.

I again made the mound around the coffee can. David did the transplanting.

We only had enough babies for one hill hole.

2016 Garden49

We then moved over to the east end of the yard to plant the six hill holes there with butternut squash.

Yep, you guessed it I did the mounding and David did the transplanting.

Why change a good system. 😀

After all this transplanting we took a break for some lunch.

David went out back I thought he was just going to clean the fish tank out.

THe metal fish tank.

The metal fish tank.

He just kept on going. He dug out the soil from a spot where a compost pile was. He put that in the wheel barrow. He then dug out the grass at the end of the strawberry patch and transplanted it where he just dug the soil from the old compost pile. He then put the compost soil where he dug out the grass. This is where he plans to put the tomatoes this year. He also placed and buried the boards to keep the grass from spreading back into the tomato spot.

David surveys his work for the day.

2016 Garden57

He also mowed the west end of the yard and back filled around the shed stairs retaining wall.

Well David was busy with that I found a few more little projects to do.

I went ahead and transplanted the Helichysum sprouts into the carrot spot.

After those were planted I scattered some marigold seeds between each helichrysum plant.

Then covered with pine shavings litter and watered.

I also picked up a pile of leaves in the backyard. I raked up sticks on the west end of the yard.

I then called it quits for the day!

2 fish tails feature photo

After all that work yesterday, David said it was time to take our fist fishing jaunt to the ponds.

So today just before noon we went fishing !

David caught the first fish of the season!

I, again this season, am the best at catching bait fish.

I caught 7 bluegill, five will be used as bait.

I released the other two.

Even though we used our umbrellas we both got a bit burnt.

It was probably because the high for today was 90 degrees!

My face is just a bit pink, but my arms are really pink.

We came home around 6:30pm.

David says we will stay home tomorrow and take a break from both gardening and fishing.

We are just cooked.

Can We Plant Now!?


We have been having lots of wet and cold days. David and I are both anxious to get the garden planted. Well it has finally stopped being rainy and last night the low was 46 degrees. It looks as we are now past the danger of having frost. So today we will be starting some of that planting!

David and I have been taking the occasional nice day here and there getting places ready to plant the baby plants that we have been growing inside.

These are David’s squash plants that he has been growing in peat pots with potting soil.

He has acorn, butternut, and butter bush varieties. They will be going outside today.

2016 Garden36

The acorn squash will be going in these three holes in front of the house

between the back step and the front deck.

These four holes will be the home for some of the butternut squash.

They are out past the corner of the shed and at the east end of the yard.

The butter bush will be planted along the fence line behind my clothes line,

but that area still needs the holes dug.

David has also been working on getting the shed stairs retaining wall finished.

He has the wall done.

He now has to back fill around it.

He has done an AWESOME job!

I have been working on getting a spot ready for my gladioli and one for the carrots.

( Gladiolus varieties 20 bulbs of Rainbow Bouquet and 10 bulbs Pretty Pinks)

I got the spot around the deck ready. I hope to start planting them soon.

I will be helping David get the squash planted today though.

This is the before and after shots of the spot for the carrots.

I think I will also plant my two early sprouting marigold plants in the corners.

(Marigold French Dwarf Double Mix variety will grow to 12 inches)

I also have some helichrysum sprouts that I will plant closer to the house just behind my decorative stick.

(Heichrysum Tall Double Mixed Colors variety will grow to 2 to 3 feet)

Until I am ready to transplant, the marigolds can sit on the deck and soak up the sun.

They are in the company of a couple of green bell pepper plants that were also started from seed indoors.

The peppers will be going in the backyard this year in the spot where

David thinned out the strawberry patch last fall.

It still needs more preparation before I can start transplanting.

At least I think they are green bell peppers. I also planted small sweet peppers, but my signs got wet and I moved some of the little peat pods around so I am not sure which they are.

The indoor garden.

I also have this planter of marigolds that I moved out onto the deck.

2016 Garden26

I have not decided if I will leave them in the planter or transplant them to various spots around the yard and garden spots.

I do have about ten more packets of seeds.

So I could just through those around too now that is warmer at night.

I might just stick to growing them in a planter then transplant. I am sure I would pick the thrown around ones as weeds because some of these weeds around here try to pretend they are marigolds when they first sprout.

I also found my little pansy or johnny jump up , which ever you prefer.

I weeded around him. Then put some more soil and this block of wood around him.

I think he grows there well because the corner is shady most of the day and when it rains

water seems to pool there.

He looks much happier.

smiley face

Well I will be off getting started right after a “quick” check of Facebook.