Sully Saturday # 17

September Stuff


The weather has been pretty nice this month yet, so I have been out and about to enjoy it. I like to lay in the grass by the house. It smells sooo good. The sun reflecting off the siding makes this a warm spot to just soak it all in.

A warm spot with fabulous smells.


I get my fill of sunshine and smelling the grass. It is now time to get my catnip fix. I head under the steps into my catnip jungle.

I will just squeeze in here. (sucking in my gut)


When I do not get to go outside I like to sit on my perch in the bedroom. It is Mom’s sewing machine cabinet which is in front of the window. I like to smell the air if the window is open. I sometimes see rabbits hopping around BOB, turkeys strutting through the yard, or little birds flitting around in the grass. I also see the neighbor’s cats or some wild stray ones. I really give them the evil eye from my perch in the window, but I don’t think they see me.

Take a photo already, I need to get back to looking for intruders!


I still like to help Mom with her crocheting and photo shoots. On this day I had to make sure she had the yarn just right so it would show off the crochet project best.

A little more to the left.


I probably won’t be getting much outside time for a little while like in the begining of the month. It has been a bit chilly the last couple of days and that white stuff was all over the ground yesterday.

It’s too early for this white stuff!


Well that is all for this month. Mom said she will try to post for me on the last Saturday of the month from now on. So there won’t be long gaps in my page. So until next time, stop and smell the catnip!


Spring Cleaning Continues


This week has been chilly and wet. I can not go out to do some spring cleaning so I brought it indoors. I decided that the living room needed to be rearrange. I wanted to make sure everything was going to fit where I had an idea to move it. Thursday afternoon I grabbed pen, paper and tape measurer and set to work. I measured all the furniture. I got David’s 100 foot tape measurer from the tool chest on the deck to measure the lengths of all the walls.

This is the list of measurements.

I then took this list, pen and  graph paper. I graphed out the living room floor plan. Now I had a visual aide to place the furniture in before I started moving things and discovered it would not fit. Thus preventing moving heavy things several times.

The Floor Plan

The living room is carpeted except in front of the exit door.

The video case is in the kitchen at the end of the west wall. So it kind of extends that wall. Then you have the threshold between the kitchen and living room and then the built in book shelf.

The bottom of the graph is the North Wall and the top is the South Wall.

David and my son, Nick are making a trip down to visit relatives in Sidney on Friday. I thought this would be a great time to do some rearranging of the livingroom. The boys would not be in the way and I would not have to worry about waking them up by vacuuming while they sleep in.  So Thursday evening I started moving things out of the living room to the kitchen just to get ahead start. I started with the south wall it had the least amount of furniture so I could move most of it myself. I got it all moved out-of-the-way when David asked what I was going to put there. I said I wanted his computer inventory bins near the door and then the couch next to them, under the  window. His tv tray at the other end of the couch. I didn’t get actual before photos I got during and afters.


So with the couch and bins moved over to  the south wall, I could now vacuum, dust, and clean the big wall mirror on the east wall. I wanted to move all the wood paneling you see there into the small bedroom. It is left over materials from when Nick blocked off his east window and put in an air conditioner. We could not store it in the shed as it has a leaking roof even though David reshingled it last June. We decided not to store the pink foam insulation in the small bedroom as Little Kitty is in there at night and she would probably tear it up. She has not passed her shredding, biting, chewing and eat things stage yet. So the insulation stayed in the living room.

The big chair that you see beside the fireplace in the above photos was placed straight facing the west wall. This is when we decided to call it a night. I thanked David for all of his help. This put me way ahead of schedule. So Friday I would have time to attend to the details and have time to enjoy the results before the boys returned on Saturday afternoon.

I did want to put the tv stand in front of the mirror. The more I thought about it though it was fine where it was at on the west wall. Also David would be gone the next day and he did not want me to move it myself. He said I would break the legs off.

This is in reference to the time I moved a coffee table with the fish tank on it by myself. Yes, the legs broke, the fish tank dumped all over the carpeted floor, and fish were either flopping around or buried in the fish gravel. The serious tension of this situation was relieved when I cried out, ” I FOUND NEMO!” Yes, my daughter had named one of the goldfish, Nemo.

The  next morning I put the big chair at an angle so there would be room for the faux fireplace on the north wall. I moved the little seat with table, and the white chair over from the north wall. This helped get some more of David’s inventory out of the middle of the floor and at least under something else out-of-the-way. This is the east wall all finished.

With the little seat and the white chair out-of-the-way, I took all the books and videos out of the black book shelf. I then moved it further to the west. I was then able to put the faux fireplace on the east end of the north wall. With the big chair at an angle I was able to put David’s night stand and tray in front of the chair.


This is the north wall all finished.

This is the end of the North wall and the West wall. I still need to tidy and dust-up the tv stand.

Now with all this commotion going on you would think the cats would be all out of sorts. Well Sully was having no part of these doings. He went back to our bedroom to wait out this rediculousness. Now Little Kitty was a whole other story. We had to have the small bedroom door open as I was putting things in the closet in there. So she came out to see what was going on. Well she must have thought she was in kitten heaven. She had herself an ever changing obstacle course. She was zooming all around the whole evening until we called it quits and put her back in her room.

Sully came out the next morning. He gave it an older and wiser cats slow look over then returned to the bedroom. Later in the day, when I was all finished, he came out again giving his final approval. They both like that the couch is in front of the window now. They can get on the back of it to look out the window without getting yelled at and sprayed with the water bottle. They have more floor space to lounge around on or have wrestling matches.

Kay, Justin and Martin came over around 4 pm Friday afternoon. They all liked it too. Martin was a little confused at first. I could see it on his face as he looked around the living room. He also likes the couch by the window so he can look out. Before some one had to hold him up to them. It is so cute how he says window, ” andow, andow andow!”

Little Kitty relaxing on the white chair beside me this morning as I type up this post. 😀


Learning with Little Kitty #2: Healthy, Happy, and Home


Hi,  You All! It’s me Little Kitty!

I have been with my family now for 4 months as of today! I guess that makes me about 6 months old now too. I have grown alot and I am feeling great. I am all healed up, well except for the new ouchies I get playing with Sully. They are no big deal not like the ones I had when I got here. They are just some little scratches on my chin and forehead once in awhile. I have grown taller, Dad says I am going to be one of those tall slender cats. Mom weighed me on the bathroom scale holding me while she stood on it. I made Mom gain 6 pounds! I have come a long way from that bony, sickly, scabbed up, screaming kitty in The Driveway!

I have been trying to learn all kinds of things.

I have learrned my favorite toy is a pair of shoe laces that Mom tied together. I call it my string. Mom will drag it around on the floor for me to chase. I catch it with my paws. I can also catch it in my mouth. If Mom gets to busy or forgets my string in my bedroom, I will carry it out in my mouth, dragging it behind me. I like to bring it in the kitchen to pounce on it or paw at it under the chairs.

Here are a few photos and a short video of me playing with, and pouncing on, my string.

Mom thinks I am so cute when I drag it around in my mouth.


I am having a hard time learning what things it is ok for me to climb around on.

I can sit on the chest freezer to look out the window.

I can sit on the seat of the chairs but I can’t sit on the backs to sharpen my claws.

I can sit on the couch. I also can sit on the cat tower, it is ok to sharpen my claws on it.

I can’t get on the counters to lick the grease out of the pans that were used to cook supper in. I have not decided which is my favorite yet, bacon, hamburger, or chicken grease. Lately though Mom has been making sure to wash the pans before she goes to bed that night instead of waiting until the next morning. This is what lead me to learn that I am a kitchen sink cat. I sit it in now, when I can’t find some pans to lick. I don’t know why, I just like to sit in it to think or stare off at far away places.

I have learned that some of these things are considered being naughty. They will get me squirted  with the spray bottle.  I have learned to run from the spray bottle. Mom doesn’t even have to spray me now. I have also learned I have a nickname for when I am being naughty. Mom calls me Little Stink, but it is still said with a laughing  affection in her voice.

I am pretty good at parkour.( wikipedia link for those not in the know 🙂 ) I can run across the freezer, jump from one kitchen chair to the other. Sometimes I will run through the kitchen, jump onto the cat tower, leap off of it, knocking it over. It makes a cool thump noise which scares Mom. I continue running into the living room jump from the big chair to the couch, then run to the other end of the house, just to do it all again. Mom says I am doing laps.

I will somtimes jump off the cat tower onto my brother, Sully’s head as he walks by. This is the start of some great wrestling matches. He will eventually hold me down to give me a few bites, but I get my kicks in. He will wrestle and play for a while then he likes to lie in the big chair to rest. I will go do other stuff for a bit, then I get bored and want to play with him again. So I will go over to the big chair and paw at him around the arms. He wakes up and paws at me and makes this really strange noise. I think he likes me pawing him this must be his way of saying to keep pawing my head. I keep at it, but then he gets up and runs away. I give chase the whole time he is running and making that noise. Mom will say he is being grumpy and having a hissy fit. She aids in his escape from me by letting him in her bedroom and closing the door so I can’t keep pawing his head or attacking his tail. I really like to get his tail.

Oh well, I guess I will go do something else until he decides to come back out to play again.

Now where is my string!

See you all later and keep on learning!

Little Kitty

Christmas Cowls for the Kitties

It is that time a year, I have to make the kitties look festive.

Tornado Drill!


Yesterday we had some storms rolling through and David was keeping a close eye on them, checking the radar often. The first one was a bit south of us. It developed a small hook shape on the end on the radar. David says that is a classic shape for forming tornadoes in a storm. The weather service did issue a tornado warning  for that one. If the ridge to the south-east of us had not been in the way we could have seen some of the twisters that formed. Several Facebook friends were able to get photos of them as they were driving along the highways. This area was a lot of wide open spaces so no damages were reported.

It is now late afternoon David is keeping his eye on the next storm. It popped up just to the west of us this time. David said this one looks like it could be headed to go right over the top of us. The weather service said it could have 60 mph wind gusts, drenching rains, and ping-pong ball sized hail. David says start gathering things and put them in BOB I think we will head about 6 miles south to wait this one out.

So I grab all the crochet projects I have done, and the 3 that I was working on, my jewelry boxes and the kindle. I then grab Sully’s litter box and food. I also have gone and gotten Milly from the shed and put her in BOB. David has taken Sully out to BOB and started BOB. I pack up the laptop and tell Nick to come on it is starting to hail.

We are all loaded up and head south on the county road, Nick following behind in the Ranger pick up. We drive down to the intersection to get on the highway. We drive south until we find a nice wide shoulder we can pull BOB over on. Nick pulls over too and then gets in BOB with us.

The cats are handling this adventure well. Sully is out for a bit then he decides that the semi trucks going by are too scary, so he hides  under the blankets on the bed. Milly comes out of the litter box once we stop. She lays under the table and does her cutesy roll around thing. So we sit and watch the storm and wait for it to pass. Thirty minutes go by and things look clear for us to return to the house.

We thought we would see wet roads and some damage as we traveled back to the house.


We unpacked everything and brought the cats back in.

David got the laptop back up and running.

He checked the radar again.

He said that the storm shrank up and just slid between our house and town.

Town being about 6 miles north of the house.

So, I guess it was a practice tornado drill adventure.

BOB did great in his first drill for which he is named.


BOB and Ranger back in the driveway after the tornado drill.

BOB and Ranger back in the driveway after the tornado drill.

Sully Saturdays # 7

Silly Sully Photos


Sully saturday banner


Mom has been a little photo happy the last couple of weeks. Every time I would come and hang out with her she would take photos. Some of them were pretty cool, others ehh, not so much.

So here they are.


This set she was using the low light setting on the camera. It was night-time and she had the electric lights on. That is why these look orangey. I guess she was practicing extreme close-ups or she really thinks I have a very handsome nose. She might have just been trying to get a nice eyes wide open shot too. I have a nice smile in the extreme close up of my nose though.


This set she didn’t use the low light setting and no flash. I think it was early evening so there was still a bit of sunlight coming in the windows.

The first photo she caught me being lazy after my bath. I forgot to pull my tongue in. The rest are just nice photos of me staring off into space or staring Mom in the face wondering why she is taking photos again.


I was napping on Mom’s lap on this sunny afternoon.


I was trying to get Mom to pet me but she wouldn’t. She was working on a new coozie frisbee so I started messing with the yarn. Instead of petting me and giving me skritches she put the frisbee on my head. I guess she thought it would make me a nice little hat.

I was not amused.

She  knows I don’t like to model hats, so I ran to the end of the bed to lay down and pout.

Crazy for Cat Cowls


As you know I have been making  Sully some Cat Cowls. I decided to make some for my daughter, Kay’s two kitties, Mina and Larz. I knew the exact colors I would use for Mina’s cowl. I was not sure about the colors for Larz. I decided to just make up a few in different colors and then let Kay pick one for Larz.

We went to her house yesterday and she picked one that was striped with two shades of orange for him. I put it on for him. He just loved it! He walked around rubbing on everything. He was acting all sexy in his new cowl.


Photo provided by Kay Thank you.

Photo provided by Kay, Thank you.

Two shades of scrap orange were used.

Hook size: G/6 – 4.25mm

Stitch: Single Crochet

11 x 2 inches


Now Mina is a different story. She does not like to wear collars. Kay says she usually has them taken off within a day or two, so she doesn’t try to keep one on Mina. I thought maybe a cowl would be different. Kay did manage to get Mina’s cowl on her, unlike Larz she ran and hide. Her’s was Bon Bon Print with black trim. You can’t even see the trim, it blends in so well with her fur. She is not an all black kitty. She does have patches of white fur on her chest and her feet.

 Black and Bon Bon Print

Hook Size: F/5 – 3.75 mm

Stitch: SC and DC alternating on same row.

9 x 1 1/4 inches


So I still have eight Cat Cowls. I have been taking photos and captioning them for use on Ebay. I think I will sell them individually rather than as a lot of 3 or 4. This way the person can get the one they want.

Photo Gallery of the other Cat Cowls


Sully Saturdays # 4


Sully saturday bannerWhen I left you last time I told you about one of my hunting adventures. I know it didn’t end well, Mom didn’t approve. I was just showing her how well I was doing in my hunting lessons with Punky.

I didn’t always know how to hunt I was just a little kitten when I arrived at Mom’s home. When I would play outside, the girl’s cat, Punky was a lot nicer to me. She would play chase with me. One day she saw me chasing bugs around, pouncing on them, and eating them. She said I was doing pretty well with hunting bugs, but could I catch mice. I said no never caught a mouse. So she decided to take it upon herself to teach me to hunt “big game”.

So I started to follow her around outside at first I would just watch from a distance. She would catch a mouse or bank vole. They are similar to a mouse but have short tales. They lived by the creek that ran behind the house. She would bring it to me alive, so I could practice chasing, catching, and releasing it again and again. That is what kittens do when first learning to hunt it is a game to them.

Punky continued to teach me everything she knew about hunting even the part where you eat your kill. Once she was confident in my new-found hunting skills, she retired. She left all the hunting to me. She took to just relaxing in the sunshine on the porch. She passed away in 2011. I miss her from time to time she was a good teacher.


Punky on the porchPunky relaxing in the sunshine.