David’s Kindle Klearing #1


David got bored one evening when there were no sporting events to listen to on the radio. We live in the country and  opted not to get satellite tv. Since there was a dvd rental store in town or if it was a movie we really liked we would buy the dvd. Besides you get a bunch of channels and there is nothing on. Our way we got to see what we want. 🙂 I digress, so any way I let him borrow my Kindle. Now he reads it more than I do. I have fun though going through the Best Sellers Free list looking for books he might like. Now it has lots of science fiction, space alien, outer space stories. He also likes adventures that have to do with archeology and police/detective stories and thrillers and suspense. Sometimes he surprises me and reads a book I picked for myself without his interests in mind. lol

Since I got my Kindle Keyboard I have downloaded well over a thousand books onto it. Sometimes I catch some books on a free day that later are paid books. For example I have gotten a couple of books by  the popular author James Rollins for free. Of course they were some of his early releases, but hey, can’t complain. I also get emails about books and sometimes I will run across some free promotions there too. Some of my crochet books were found in free email promotions. I have purchased a few books that David said he would be interested in reading if it could be found for the Kindle. I have also purchased the sequels of some free books that he just had to read the next installment of. One of the purchases I made for myself was the Hunger Games Trilogy. They were on special sale after the first movie was released. I got the whole trilogy for $ 5.00 rather than the $4 to 6 dollars for each book. Just checked and the trilogy  set is now $19.97 for the Kindle edition. I knew I scored when I purchased it!

The other day I posted about not having fishing or gardening stories to post right now. I have my crocheting I do to keep busy. I said David mostly does his Castle Age game and reads on the Kindle Keyboard. I said that I really couldn’t post much about his game other than he makes progress. I half jokingly said I could post the titles he finished reading on the Kindle.

Well I guess I was not joking after all. I think I will check the Kindle on Thursdays and post the titles on Friday. Here is the list of books he had finished as of Thursday December 17, 2015. All the books were free at the time they were downloaded.

Enemy in Blue by Derek Blass

The Bone Polisher by Timothy Hallinan

Skin Deep Simon Grist #3 by Timothy Hallinan

Incinerator Simon Grist #4 by Timothy Hallinan


Eden’s Ore – Secrets by B.V. Bayly

Screen Capture

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