A Weekend of Yard Work


David and I each had a productive day. Let’s start with Saturday. I spent the morning cooking a nice chicken dinner in the crock pot and some butternut squash in the oven to have when Kay, Justin, and Marty came over. I did some computer stuff and probably some crocheting.

David spent his morning tackling the backyard.


Saturday afternoon he had the help of Justin.

So he got on BOB the Rv to caulk and spray the holes in the roof that leaked over the winter.

So that concluded David’s productive day.


I spent my Sunday morning digging and raking out the flowerbed around the deck after I got my peppers started in this little heated greenhouse, we received from my brother-in-law. I started them in the Jiffy Peat Pot kit which I then placed in the little greenhouse. The ones with the toothpicks are green bell peppers and the others are small sweet peppers.

The afternoon and early evening was spent eating, relaxing, and visiting with Kay, Justin, and Marty. Marty was in a bit of a grumpy mood. So Kay had him sit with her and read him his story books. He had her read the same one about five times. Then Grandpa had to read it two times. I was lucky, I got to read a different story but still had to read it twice. This helped him get over his grumpy mood. He then brought much laughter and joy to all as he was back to his happy self. 😀

It was a good thing that we got in a couple of productive days.



I had a little helper

while gardening today.

I was heading over to a new hill hole to plant some butternut squash. I saw some movement, it startled me at first. Then I see this cute little toad hop out of a little hole he had buried himself in. I tried to catch him to move him out of this area in case Dave wanted to mow there. He just hopped around the hole every time I got close to him. I hollered for Dave to come see my gardening helper, he was able to catch the little fella. The toad promptly peed on Dave to show how scared he was. He moved him over to the strawberry patch where he would have plenty of bugs to eat and shade.

Dave and I continued gardening. He was busy making an elevated row for the cucumbers.  As I was watering the summer squash I just replanted  by the strawberry patch another little toad hopped out of his burrow in that elevated row. It may have been the same one we freed in the strawberries earlier or an entirely different one. If it was the same one he was a quick little fellow it was only like an hour between sitings.

Dave finished his elevated row then I planted the cucumbers and watered them. That was it for the day in the gardening department.