I Had A New Crochet Assistant Trainee

David was cleaning and organizing his computer and electronics scrap in the spare room yesterday. He did not want to step on Little Kitty, so he brought her into the our bedroom. She spent the afternoon with me. She was trying her best to help me crochet. I got out my camera and took some photos of her on my chest.  I decided I was not going to get much crocheting done with her attacking my yarn with here tiny little sharp claws. She even attacked the camera lens in one photo.

You can also see that big brown scab fell of her nose during the night. She has a pretty little pink nose now. She continues to get better each day. I weighed her on my little kitchen scale, that I use to weigh my finished crochet projects, she weighs just a little over 3 pounds. So tiny! 😀

Look, Who We Rescued!

On November 21  David and I were getting into the truck to go to town when we heard this little meowing noise. I look to see a little orange kitty running to me from the neighbors’ porch. I picked her up and petted her then I brought her into our house so my son could watch her while we were in town, it was a bit cold out and I didn’t want her to decide to run off. I thought the neighbors just newly adopted her and left her out while they were at work. When we got back I took her back outside I put some food on the neighbors’ porch for her, beside the bowl of milk they left for her (I know milk is bad for little kitties). It was still chilly out so I sat on our porch to keep her company. She curled up on my lap and took a nap. I waited until just before dark, then brought her in with me. I soon saw the neighbor return home. So I took the kitty out and asked if they just adopted her. She said no. The kitty just showed up the evening before and her husband would not let her bring the kitty in. We asked the lady who gave my neighbor a ride home if she could take the kitty. She said she could not. They both thought that maybe a coworker might take her, but they would have to ask him. We have had cougar sitings near our homes, so I brought her in and fixed up a spot in the spare room. I also cleaned her up a bit. She had bad ear wax build up probably from ear mites. I cleaned that out with some cotton swabs. I then swabbed them with rubbing alcohol and then some coconut oil. She had scabs on her back feet which I  dabbed  with Hydrogen peroxide. You can see her nose is a bit messed up, I wiped it and her eyes with warm water. I then dabbed some coconut oil on her nose. I really think someone tossed her out of a moving car as they drove down our county road.

I took these photos of her the night I brought her in, after I had cleaned her up.


David said we could not name her. I call her Little Kitty, that is a name. 😛   We were feeding her just cat food at first, that was all we had at the time and it was giving her runny green poops. David was wondering about this, so he took to Google. He typed in “Why does my cat have runny green poop? or something along those lines. He learned that it could be a number of things. She could have parasites. We saw none in the poops. She could have liver problems or cancer. She could also have issue with just the food we are feeding her not being able to digest it properly, it is going through too fast.

So Monday David got her some kitten food. That was the easiest thing to adjust for now.  Today she had solid poops. 🙂

Well she has been here a week now and is looking better and better.

I just love her dark yellow/orange eyes.

Yes, I made her a little vest. 😀



We have been keeping her mostly separated from Sully for now. He has seen her, but doesn’t know what to think. It has been a long time since he has seen a kitten this small. She wants to be friends though she has gone up to him and given him kitty headbutts and rubs. He was just too surprised at the time to react. 😀