I Sold A Crochet Item Today!

I didn’t have to wait several times of listing my items this selling season!

I sold the sparkly white and blue belle scarf. It had a watcher yesterday and it was due to end this morning. I am so glad that they decided to buy it. It will be on its way to Louisiana tomorrow morning!

15 Sparkly White and Blue Belle SOLD

Today’s Featured Ebay Listed Item

 is this cute little pink wallet.  Which is No Longer Available For Sale. Explaination below.

It holds folded bills in one pocket and credit cards in the other. Or all bills or all cards whatever you fancy.

I used this pattern CASH N CARDS CASE (c) WALLET By: Suzetta Williams from Suzie’s Stuff

If you would like to see  my Ebay Items just click on the Ebay link in My Blog Roll.

I thank you and happy shopping! 😀

This item is no longer for sale. I was checking out all my patterns  designer links when I came to her blog for this pattern she had this on a side bar:

My life long fiber addiction started as a child in Southern California. Yarn isn’t my only craft just my favorite. All patterns posted on this blog are copyright protected by Suzetta Williams. Please respect the copyright. Just because they are posted here for free does not mean you can post them in whole or part else where. Do not offer items made from these patterns for sale without asking permission.  Permission for online sales will not be granted.

I removed her email address in the above. I don’t recall seeing this when I went to her blog for this pattern back in May of this year. She is only the second designer that I have come across that does not want you to sell items made using her patterns. Most designers just want you to make sure you link back to where you got the pattern you used to crochet your item.  I can understand not selling the patterns, but not the items made from them. I guess you can sell them  at craft fairs, your physical store if you have one, or your yard sale, if  you contact her for permission. You absolutely can not sell them online. Permission will not be granted.

She has a link to an Etsy shop so I checked it out. She sold 3 crochet books and currently has no other listings. She has been on Etsy since 2008 which is also when this pattern was published on her blog. Her blog is not active either. Her last post was March 2015 the post before that was August 2014. She also has a Ravelry page which is inactive. She post her patterns for free there with links back to her blog. That being said I wonder if her email address is even active?

Did she really think other people selling items from her patterns online would have hurt her Etsy sales if she actually sold her own items. Who knows. I just took this item from sale just to be safe.

Hook Used: G/6 – 4.25 mm
Stitches Used: Single crochet and Single crochet back loop only
Colors Used: Unlabeled balls of yarn in light pink and purpley pink.
Measurements: 3 inches by 3 1/2 inches

It Only Took Four Months But I Finally Sold an Item In 2016!

It was this book.


Wicked Resurrection the final book in series

                                                   Wicked Resurrection the final book in series

I wish it would have been a crochet item, but hey, a sale is a sale! 😀

Slow Sales and A Beanie for My Oldest Brother

Sales were really slow in January on Ebay as of today between myself and David’s listings we have sold 6 items. The one item I sold was not even a crochet item it was a book. David sold 3 books, a vhs box set of tapes, and one other item. I have 64 crochet items listed. I thought sales would pick up once winter really took hold. Well I am not going to add to the inventory. I have decided to work on gifts for family members for a while. First up was this beanie for my oldest brother, Jay. If you recall I made a similar beanie earlier. It was supposed to be for Jay but it turned out too small for a man. So I wore it for a while then put it up on Ebay. This was my second attempt I think it turned out well. I hope he likes it.
Pattern used: Crochet Rainbow Ear Flap Hat by Amy Lehman from Crochet Jewel Amy’s Creative Creations
I wanted to make a men’s beanie. I was familiar with this pattern. So it was easy for me to make alterations.
I used the K hook to achieve the larger size for the crown of 6 rounds with 72 stitches.
The sides were *6 dc of MC 0387 Soft Navy (Dark Blue) Red Heart Super Saver Jumbo
6 dc of CC 0381 Light Blue Red Heart Super Saver Jumbo
alternating on same round for two rounds
then one round 6 dc of CC, 6 dc of MC
Repeat from *3 times for a total of 9 rounds.
I carried the yarn along and single crocheted the color change because the carried along strand didn’t fit in well when I dc the color change.
I used a new stitch for me on the edge, the reverse single crochet.
122 Jay's Beanie colored