One of My AllPoetry Poems

Forty Body Talk

My mind does not feel forty.

My skin has a healthy glow.
My eyes are happy and kind.
But my hair has begun to thin,
My front has begun to sag.
My middle has a spare tire, which cries out, LIAR!

The junk in my trunk has sunk.

My back is on the attack.
My hips and knees beg me, PLEASE!
My feet and toes try to take up the slack.
But my life is full of laughter.
My heart is full of love, now and ever after.

My mind does not feel forty!

Author Notes

I recently hit this milestone birthday. And was in a bit of a sour mood the other day. When this came to me.

© Arlene. All rights reserved, 7 years ago

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