David’s Kindle Klearing # 15

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David has been working on outdoor projects and sorting, cleaning his computer parts for urban prospecting. He still continues to read, but not at the same pace. That is why nearly a month has gone by since the last klearing. He has also was reading some longer books. So with less time spent reading and the longer lengths it has taken him nearly a month to read 4 books. It seems maybe with the nicer weather to do  outside project, garden preparations, and hopefully some fishing soon I think I will make this a monthly feature for now.

So on to the books.

All Titles were on the Best Sellers in The Kindle Store Top 100 Free List
or Free Promotions I receive in my Email at time of download.
They may no longer be available for free.
All the book blurbs are from Amazon.
All book covers are screen captures from my Kindle Reading App on the Laptop.


A Psychological Mystery and Suspense Thriller


Thomas Wymark

Capture41 Inheritance

507 pages

Downloaded on December 27, 2015

Capture 3 stars

David had hard time finishing this title. He said it was long-winded and repetitive.

 After a head injury which left her having nightmares and visions, Christine is convinced that something inside her brain has broken, and that she is slowly sinking into insanity.
She is terrified of what she might be capable of. She fears that in losing her mind she will also lose her children and husband.
Christine embarks on a desperate fight to try to halt the fracture of her mind before it’s too late, and in doing so, discovers the hidden truth behind the dark horrors she is experiencing.

Capture42 Warlords
389 pages
Downloaded on April 11, 2016
Capture 3 and half stars
 David said this was a pretty good and quick read.

Betelgeuse star went supernova 640 years ago. The explosion opened an unstable wormhole to Earth. It took all those years for the corridor to stabilized. The Warlord’s Emperor sent a scout to investigate the newly discovered life forms, and to bring back specimens for their arena games. Their Antarian blood lust must be quenched…and the Antarian Boreshog beast they must face, has never been defeated.

The benevolent Eridonians’ mission is to prepare the people of Earth for the coming onslaught. Join Navy Captain Jedediah Fitz and USMC Major Race Jennings on their quest to fight Earth’s newest enemy.

Echo Volume 1: Approaching Shatter


Kent Wayne

Capture43 Echo Volume 1

143 pages

Downloaded on April 15, 2016

I waited to long in asking what this rated. He doesn’t remember it. I do know he finished it.

In the late 21st century, humanity left Earth due to multiple resource shortcomings aggravated by an acceleration in climate change. They settled Echo, a planet that was nearly a carbon copy of Earth except for being devoid of all but the most basic life forms. Fast forward 1200 years later. Echo has endured over a thousand years of dark age. Corporations and government merged early on, becoming the oppressive authority known as the Regime. Military and police merged into the Department of Enforcement, their only mission to crush the huge network of rebels known as the Dissidents. Over half the planet is covered by decaying cityscapes and the elite live high above, removed and remote from the greater populace on the moon-city of Ascension. Hope lies in one man, a former Enforcer named Atriya. But before he can break the cycle of darkness and ignorance on Echo, he has to do it within himself.

Galactic Horde


Ernest Polmateer

Capture44 Galactic Horde

270 pages

Downloaded on March 31, 2016

I also waited to long in asking what this rated. He doesn’t remember it. I do know he finished it.

Alec and Michiko had just returned from their mission on an ancient alien machine bent on destroying modern civilizations.
Now they were being thrown right back into another, even more bizarre situation.
Something had wiped out an entire civilization, but this time it was from a plague.
Who or what caused this and were they still out there somewhere?
How much information was Ray holding back this time?

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