I Think It Is Feeling a bit Like Spring!!

We are still here in Nebraska at our home base. It was 50 degrees at 6:30 this morning and the forecast calls for a high of 74 today with a light wind 5-15 mph. Sounds like a laundry drying kind of day to me! So I hung a load of shirts out to dry.

It is also a good day to start doing some of the spring cleaning yard work. Dave got out a rake and worked on this area of the yard. I helped move obstacles around so he could get under them. Then we moved the old awning off BOB to an older spot of the garden area. We rolled it out and placed tires on the ends to keep it in place. The bind weed is bad here so we hope to starve it out. This will also attract fishing worms.  🙂  So we can peek under it every now and then for them. Oh, need to get those fishing licenses too!

We also need to deal with all the gopher and mole mounds.  We have had some busy ones. They put a large stock pile inside the bottomless old goat house.  Dave will move the dirt to the new garden area he wants to start.