A Huntin’ I Did Go, A Huntin’ I Did Go, Hi Ho The Derry O! A Huntin’ I Did Go!

( I bet you sang that, didn’t you?)


While out doing my spring cleaning on Sunday (03/19/2017) I saw that there were castings on the ground. Well if there were castings it must mean that the frost is out of the ground. So I will be able to start digging my flower beds to get them ready for seeds and bulbs.
David and I have both been watching the ponds itching for the ice to go out. Well it has gone. We are going to get our fishing licenses on Saturday when we go to town. You may be wondering if I am getting a fishing license why am I going on about hunting?
Well with fishing there comes a bit a hunting. You need some bait right. So when I saw those castings on the ground I knew it was just a matter of time. Yesterday it was drizzly raining on and off most of the day. Perfect conditions for an earthworm hunt! So last night with bucket and flashlight in  hand I went a huntin’!

I bagged these beauties. It was easy pickings.

I approached my first target slowly and silently. I had to be light on my feet. I reach, make the grab, and gently pull. It was barely in its hole so it came right out. Most of them were bagged this easily. I need not have been so concerned about being stealthy. They were a bit slow and sluggish as the temperature was only between 35 and 40 last night around 8:45 pm. Later in the season this will not be the case. They will be quick to retreat into their holes at the slightest change in lighting or the merest tremble of the ground from your footsteps. That is why it is best to hunt while it is raining, your footsteps are masked by the rain if you move slowly and softly.

I did not bag every one I saw as they still had some growing to do. You don’t want to deplete your supply when you have a whole fishing season ahead of you.
I didn’t even have to go around the whole yard. I went from the deck steps over to the back door steps. Most of them were right of the edge of the grass along the side of the house. There is plenty of hunting grounds so we don’t over hunt an area.

The best things about earthworm hunting it only took about 15 minutes to get this dozen and a  1/2

and  you don’t have to pay $ 3.00 for a dozen.

I just saved three dollars and some change. 🙂

Sully Saturdays # 4


Sully saturday bannerWhen I left you last time I told you about one of my hunting adventures. I know it didn’t end well, Mom didn’t approve. I was just showing her how well I was doing in my hunting lessons with Punky.

I didn’t always know how to hunt I was just a little kitten when I arrived at Mom’s home. When I would play outside, the girl’s cat, Punky was a lot nicer to me. She would play chase with me. One day she saw me chasing bugs around, pouncing on them, and eating them. She said I was doing pretty well with hunting bugs, but could I catch mice. I said no never caught a mouse. So she decided to take it upon herself to teach me to hunt “big game”.

So I started to follow her around outside at first I would just watch from a distance. She would catch a mouse or bank vole. They are similar to a mouse but have short tales. They lived by the creek that ran behind the house. She would bring it to me alive, so I could practice chasing, catching, and releasing it again and again. That is what kittens do when first learning to hunt it is a game to them.

Punky continued to teach me everything she knew about hunting even the part where you eat your kill. Once she was confident in my new-found hunting skills, she retired. She left all the hunting to me. She took to just relaxing in the sunshine on the porch. She passed away in 2011. I miss her from time to time she was a good teacher.


Punky on the porchPunky relaxing in the sunshine.






Earthworm hunters

Yesterday’s fishing trip depleted the worm supply. The fish were very good at stealing worms. It was like we were at the “How to steal a worm without getting caught class in school. ” We must have gotten the advance students. 😀

So last night David and I went earthworm hunting during the rain we got last night. We did pretty well. We caught 67 worms of those I caught 8. He out hunted me as well as out fished me.

I got distracted by this fellow hunter. He thought the weather was prime for earthworm hunting too.