Where Have I Been?

No where really.


I am still here.

Just not much happening. I have been spending most of my time crocheting now that it is full on winter. So that relates into doing more of my blogging over at my sister site Skrappy Skarves. I have been doing at least 3 posts a week over there. Wednesdays are for posting works in progress, I started a Throw Back Thursdays using crochet posts from this blog, and on Fridays I post about any projects that I might have finished that week.  So if you want to keep up with me you can head on over there if crochet talk does not bore you too much. 😀

I don’t go out much because it is cold. I have no yard or gardening things to do.

I have done a bit of snow shoveling.


I do go out once a day to check on Milly the Shed cat. I make sure her food is full and her water is not frozen. I remove the ice if it is and give her fresh water.

It has been unseasonably warm for the last week and a half so that has made Christmas Shopping more enjoyable.

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I also have been staying cozy in bed watching dvds I have been borrowing from the library. I have been watching Arrow. I had borrowed Season Four two weeks ago but did not finish it. I could not continue on after they were going to bring a character back to life that had been dead and buried for I think at least 3 months. I feel it is hard to tell how much time has passed sometimes in a series from one season to the next let alone from episode to episode. I really think my problem with bringing this character back to life is I didn’t really care for her and was not too upset by her passing. They brought another character back using the same procedure after she had died but I liked that character. I don’t even think she was actually dead yet, she had been on life support in a hospital when they flew her to the place to be “cured”. I guess depending how long the flight was, if she was dead it was at least less than a day but not much more than that. So I thought I would take a break from Arrow.

I have also been watching The Flash as it is a spin-off/crossover from Arrow. I think I am actually enjoying it more than Arrow. I am glad that I am watching them both at the same time because of this so when The Flash mentions someone or something from/about Arrow I am not totally in the dark. It is also good that I have watched more seasons of Arrow for the same reason. I just finished Season Two of The Flash. I will probably borrow Season 3 of The Flash after the Holidays. I will also give Season 4 of Arrow another try. Now that I have cooled down about the bringing a certain character back. I also went to IMDb to read how the season played out, there was a lot more exciting things going on later in the season that I would actually care about. Yes, another character is brought back from the dead, but I liked him and his rebirth seems plausible. I know these are all based on comic books from back in the day, so people were always dying off and coming back in some fantastical way. I just feel some of them make more sense to me then others.

I was finally able to borrow the 3rd Season of Outlander. This is such an awesome series based on the book series of the same name by Diana Gabaldon. I have only read one book in the series, “A Breath of Snow and Ashes” it was the sixth book at the time I read it. Her books are not short either each one is around a thousand pages or more. So I was glad to get into the tv series from the start. When you read the sixth book in the series first you really don’t feel like going back to the beginning book, well at least I didn’t. Besides she gave enough background and flashback type scenes I didn’t feel I really needed to go back.

I also borrowed the first season of Ash vs. Evil Dead. I liked it. It teamed Bruce Campbell with Lucy Lawless again. It also stayed true to the movies.

I have also thrown a few movies into the mix of dvd watching. Some newer titles and some older ones. The newer titles included Spiderman- Homecoming, Black Panther, Ready Player One, Kong: Skull Island and The Avengers: Infinity Wars. The older titles included Die Hard 4 film collection,  The Flight of the Phoenix, Aliens and Cowboys, and How The West Was Won.

I am hoping that the library will be starting their Adult Winter Reading Program after the holidays. I will then be doing more reading than crocheting. I want to continue reading a series I started on my kindle app. It is by Jeffery Archer. I also may read a few books in the Lincoln Rhyme Series by Jeffery Deaver.

Well for not much going on I sure have blabbered on for quite a while. 😀

David’s Kindle Klearing # 16

Well David has only kleared out two items on the Kindle. Even though we have been keeping busy with gardening, fishing, and home improvement projects I thought he would have more than that by this time. He was also playing Cribbage when I would see him with the Kindle. Although in actuality he read seven books as the two items he cleared were box sets. So I guess it was not as bad as I thought.  There will be no stars or one liner reviews this go around, just the books ma’am, and the blurbs.

All Titles were on the Best Sellers in The Kindle Store Top 100 Free List
or Free Promotions I receive in my Email at time of download.
They may no longer be available for free.
All the book blurbs are from Amazon.
All book covers are screen captures from my Kindle Reading App on the Laptop.


The Chaos Chronicles (Books 1-3)


Jeffrey A. Carver

Capture46 The Chaos Chronicles

1012 pages

Downloaded on May 30, 2012

An omnibus of three novels: Neptune Crossing, Strange Attractors, and The Infinite Sea. When John Bandicut encounters alien sentience on Triton, his life changes forever—from sacrificing everything to save Earth, to confronting a malicious entity at the edge of the galaxy, to fathoming the abyss of an alien ocean.

Contamination Boxed Set

(Books 0-3 in the series)


T.W. Piperbrook

Capture45 Contamination Boxed Set

465 pages

Downloaded on December 11, 2015

The infection has begun, ravaging the American Southwest and leaving a chaos in its wake. In this new world, there will be last meal, no dying wish. The only reward left is to survive another day…

David’s Kindle Klearing # 8

Davids Kindle Klearing banner

David found some longer books this week. He started one title but did not finish it.

As suggested by fellow blogger,  helbergfarmstories

David will now give a 1 to 5 star rating and a very brief review of each title.

All Titles were on the Best Sellers in Kindle Store Top 100 Free List at time of download.
They may no longer be available for free.
All the book blurbs are from Amazon.
All book covers are screen captures from my Kindle Reading App on the Laptop.


No Accident


Dan Webb

Capture18 No Accident

337 pages

Downloaded 1-30-2016

David’s star rating Capture 5 starsFive Stars

The book was a well written first book, smooth reading.


What if your boss secretly took out insurance on your life—then tried to kill you?
A fiery crash consumes three cars and the lives of those inside. The police blame reckless driving, but investigator Alex Fogarty suspects a celebrated CEO staged the accident and murdered his own employees for insurance money.
As the body count starts rising, and with help from the CEO’s jilted wife, Alex pursues the case from L.A.’s seamy underside to the mansions of Bel Air. If he can keep ahead of the CEO’s chilling enforcer, Alex may just discover the dark truth.

Imperium: Contact


Malek Kabbabe

Capture19 imperium contact

473 pages

Downloaded 1 – 31 – 2016

David’s star rating

Capture 3 and half stars

Three and a half stars

The book had a good plot, needed to be edited better.


The Human Empire rules the galaxy with an iron fist.Using their superior technology and the largest military machine in galactic history, Humanity dominates all other sentient life. Alien races must remain meek and subservient or face the Empire’s wrath. In a remote system however, events are taking place that may shake the balance of power and alter the galaxy forever.

Starship Delirium

(The Snake in the Grass Book 1)


M. R. Holman

Capture20 Starship Delirium

413 pages

Downloaded 1 – 31 – 2016

David did not finish this book.

He said it did not keep his interest that it was boring.


Mosby Tomlinson was paranoid long before he even set foot on the Chimera. His dishonesty earned him a spot as the Brig Overseer aboard a starship he never should have been on in the first place, due to his criminal past. He soon finds that trouble follows him around as the crew devolves into madness following an accident that caused two-thirds of the crew-mates to be awoken from suspended animation. They have seven years remaining before they reach Earth… How long can he last before chaos reigns supreme and the crew discovers that he is not at all who he seems to be? He has an ally in the extremely intelligent figure of Eva K. Arvid, but can she overcome her own demons to engineer a survival for herself and Mosby?
A snake slithers its way out of Mosby’s troubled nightmares and into his waking thoughts and visions. A murderous captain, one of three, is hell-bent on justice and entertainment in a bizarre melding of the two. A wannabe detective will not stop snooping until he sees those that he dislikes dragged before the makeshift court and severely punished, no matter how illogical his hatred seems to be. A doctor turns crew members into addicts and lovesick fiends willing to trade their liberties and possessions for a moment of her time. The most withdrawn captain of all is up to something sinister far away from the rest of the crew, but it could be the answer to all of their problems… A masked vigilante that some believe to be a ghost, or otherwise supernatural being, doles real justice throughout the ship, instilling hope in some and fear in others. The final captain fights against her own mind as the hopeful remnants of the crew believe that she could be their only hope for survival and sanity. All of this and much more can be found aboard the Chimera in the wake of Starship Delirium.

Capture amazon logo

Screen Capture from Website

David’s Kindle Klearing # 3

Davids Kindle Klearing banner

Happy New Year!

If you need some books to add to your 2016 reading list,

 Here are David’s titles that he kleared out this week.

All Titles were on the Best Sellers in Kindle Store Top 100 Free List at time of download.

All book covers are screen captures from my Kindle Reading App on the Laptop.

A Question of Will

(The Aliomenti Saga – Book 1)


Alex Albrinck

Capture a question of will

Downloaded October 11, 2013

The Seekers:

The Children of Darkness


David Litwack

Capture The Seekers the children of darkness

Downloaded December 6, 2015



Wilson Harp

Capture EMP

Downloaded December 18, 2015



Tim Tigner

Capture Flash

Downloaded December 18, 2015