Learning with Little Kitty #2: Healthy, Happy, and Home


Hi,  You All! It’s me Little Kitty!

I have been with my family now for 4 months as of today! I guess that makes me about 6 months old now too. I have grown alot and I am feeling great. I am all healed up, well except for the new ouchies I get playing with Sully. They are no big deal not like the ones I had when I got here. They are just some little scratches on my chin and forehead once in awhile. I have grown taller, Dad says I am going to be one of those tall slender cats. Mom weighed me on the bathroom scale holding me while she stood on it. I made Mom gain 6 pounds! I have come a long way from that bony, sickly, scabbed up, screaming kitty in The Driveway!

I have been trying to learn all kinds of things.

I have learrned my favorite toy is a pair of shoe laces that Mom tied together. I call it my string. Mom will drag it around on the floor for me to chase. I catch it with my paws. I can also catch it in my mouth. If Mom gets to busy or forgets my string in my bedroom, I will carry it out in my mouth, dragging it behind me. I like to bring it in the kitchen to pounce on it or paw at it under the chairs.

Here are a few photos and a short video of me playing with, and pouncing on, my string.

Mom thinks I am so cute when I drag it around in my mouth.


I am having a hard time learning what things it is ok for me to climb around on.

I can sit on the chest freezer to look out the window.

I can sit on the seat of the chairs but I can’t sit on the backs to sharpen my claws.

I can sit on the couch. I also can sit on the cat tower, it is ok to sharpen my claws on it.

I can’t get on the counters to lick the grease out of the pans that were used to cook supper in. I have not decided which is my favorite yet, bacon, hamburger, or chicken grease. Lately though Mom has been making sure to wash the pans before she goes to bed that night instead of waiting until the next morning. This is what lead me to learn that I am a kitchen sink cat. I sit it in now, when I can’t find some pans to lick. I don’t know why, I just like to sit in it to think or stare off at far away places.

I have learned that some of these things are considered being naughty. They will get me squirted  with the spray bottle.  I have learned to run from the spray bottle. Mom doesn’t even have to spray me now. I have also learned I have a nickname for when I am being naughty. Mom calls me Little Stink, but it is still said with a laughing  affection in her voice.

I am pretty good at parkour.( wikipedia link for those not in the know 🙂 ) I can run across the freezer, jump from one kitchen chair to the other. Sometimes I will run through the kitchen, jump onto the cat tower, leap off of it, knocking it over. It makes a cool thump noise which scares Mom. I continue running into the living room jump from the big chair to the couch, then run to the other end of the house, just to do it all again. Mom says I am doing laps.

I will somtimes jump off the cat tower onto my brother, Sully’s head as he walks by. This is the start of some great wrestling matches. He will eventually hold me down to give me a few bites, but I get my kicks in. He will wrestle and play for a while then he likes to lie in the big chair to rest. I will go do other stuff for a bit, then I get bored and want to play with him again. So I will go over to the big chair and paw at him around the arms. He wakes up and paws at me and makes this really strange noise. I think he likes me pawing him this must be his way of saying to keep pawing my head. I keep at it, but then he gets up and runs away. I give chase the whole time he is running and making that noise. Mom will say he is being grumpy and having a hissy fit. She aids in his escape from me by letting him in her bedroom and closing the door so I can’t keep pawing his head or attacking his tail. I really like to get his tail.

Oh well, I guess I will go do something else until he decides to come back out to play again.

Now where is my string!

See you all later and keep on learning!

Little Kitty

Learning Life’s Lessons with Little Kitty # 1

The Driveway

Hi, my name is Little Kitty. I am about 4 months old. I have a nice warm home with plenty of food and fresh water. I have a great human and kitty family. It was not always this way.

I don’t remember much about my life before I came to The Driveway. I mean I am sure I had a cat mom and maybe some cat siblings. I also probably had some sort of humans around me, other wise I would not have approached the ones in The Driveway.

The first lady I encountered was nice to me, she wanted to bring me inside. She said that her husband didn’t want me in the house, so she left a bowl of milk for me on the porch. I spent another night outside alone and scared. There were lots of scary noises in the outside world.

The next morning I saw some different people come out of another house. They were crossing The Driveway to get into their car thing. I started meowing like crazy. They heard me! The lady started walking towards me, I came running from under the porch to her. She picked me up and petted me. She thought maybe the other lady had adopted me and left me outside while she was at work. She didn’t want me to get scared and run away, so she took me in her house and asked her son to watch me until they got back from town.

Well when she got back from town we went back outside. She hung out with me all day. It was starting to get dark so she took me in until the neighbor lady came home. She finally did so we went back outside to talk with her.

The lady asked the neighbor lady if she had adopted me and would she like to take me in. The neighbor lady said no she had not adopted me, that I had just showed up in The Driveway last night, but her husband would not let her bring me in. We asked the lady that gave the neighbor lady a ride home if she could take me. She said that she could not. They thought maybe one of their coworkers might, but they would have to ask him. The lady said to let her know if he could and just come over and knock to let her know. So with that the lady and I went back in the house.

(Mom here, there was no way I was leaving this little kitty outside another night. Just a month before our neighbor was on his porch having a cigarette. He saw some eyes across the driveway from him near the fence. Turns out it was a cougar. There had been sightings of them all around us this summer.)

The holidays were approaching and people are busy. They may have forgotten to ask the coworker about me. I knew then that the lady that took me in the house would be my Mom.

So what did I learn from this experience? I learned that there are good people in the world, who will help you, be nice to you, and give you a home, family and love.

The other thing I learned is that there are also bad people in this world.

I listened to Mom as she spoke to the other ladies that night. They think I was dumped on their road by people who didn’t want me anymore for whatever reason. I had a big bad scab on my nose, and some wounds on my back legs. I was terribly skinny. Mom says my toes were just bones. I also had a bad case of ear mites. Mom doesn’t know how long I may have wandered down the road until I found The Driveway.

I may have gotten the wounds fighting off a wild cat. The people who dumped me may have even literally tossed me out of the moving car onto the gravel road. As for being skinny the people must not have fed me very well before they tossed me. It also could have been that I was out in the world in late fall all alone and I had no idea how to hunt. I was probably barely 2 months old. Being that young it doesn’t take long without eating to use up what little fat I may have had stored.

Mom said my ear mites were probably from being in unclean conditions. They only got worse and worse as I got skinnier and skinnier because my immune system was getting weaker and weaker.

I have been with my new family now for almost 2 months. I weighed 3 pounds and 3 ounces when Mom found me. I  now weigh 4 pounds 3 ounces. I have flesh on my toes again. My wounds have healed on my legs. My nose has healed too, but I did loose a tiny chunk of it. You have to look close to tell though. And I am almost rid of the ear mites.

Until next time, keep on learning!

Little Kitty

My First Night Home

November 21, 2016

Resting on Mom

I had been in my home for about a week and a half. You can see my scabbed up nose.

A Week Later

Playing with some string on the freezer. Mom wanted to get photos of my new Christmas Cowl.

This Week

The first two photos I am laying on Mom.

The last two I was playing with the blind strings.

Mom took it while she was crocheting on the bed. She zoomed in so I would not be distracted by the camera.

I like to stick my face right in the lens if I see her taking photos.

Wrestling with My Big Brother Sully

He is heavy, I am glad I am helping him loose weight.



Crocheting There and Back Again

Crocheting has been an on again, off again hobby for me. My first memory of crocheting is my Aunt Hulda teaching me to crochet circles when I stayed with her for a summer between the ages of seven and nine. I did not continue once I went home. The next time I picked up some yarn and a hook was when I was around 12 or 13. I attempted to make an afghan for my dolls. They turned out looking like tornado funnel clouds. I went looking through my keepsake tote. I found a funnel afghan, but no circles. I was sure I still had one of the circles. I didn’t want to pull everything out. You know how it is, I would have never gotten all back in to fit the same way. So with those attempts looking so pitiful, boys,high school years, working,and raising my daughter I laid down my hook and yarn for many years.

This is the doll afaghan.

This is the doll afghan.

My next attempt came when my mom brought a bunch of yarn and my daughter recieved a beginners crochet booklet from her Aunt Maria for Christmas. Well she took to it pretty well. She understood all that yo over the hook lingo. So she was able to re teach me. We discovered that I never added the extra loop for when you turn the article to go back the other direction. So now I don’t make tornado funnels. So during this period I made several items. I crocheted during the winter months, because spring,summer, and fall were busy with fishing, gardening and other outdoor activities. It is just too hot to have an afghan on your lap in the summer.

In the fall of 2002 I returned to the working world as a hotel housekeeper. All the wiping,lifting, and folding when I was in the laundry at the hotel made my hands cramp and hurt when I tried to crochet. So I left two projects undone. My son’s afghan for his twin bed and another queen sized afghan.
I changed jobs in 2009 but it still required a lot of wiping so my hands would still cramp when I tried to crochet. I did manage to work on my son’s afghan a bit. I had found a pattern for a winter scarf in a booklet. It looked simple enough and it would not require a lot of time. I did change it a bit to accommodate my level of crocheting skill. I can’t do all those fancy popcorn, shell, or zig zag stitches. So I figured a way to just use single and double crochet stitches. Making scarves lasted about 2 winters.

One of my first scarves. This is my son's.

One of my first scarves. This is my son’s.

So here we are this winter. I have retired and changed my diet so my hands feel pretty good. I have picked up my yarn and hook again. My hands still cramp up a bit but not like they did in the past. I can crochet for a couple of hours rather than just 15 minutes before they start to cramp up. I have finished my son’s afghan. It looks so nice on his bed. It made me feel good that I had finally finished it. I am now working on the queen size afghan. I will give that to my daughter and son-in-law.

I will also make some scarves. I think I might build an inventory of them to sell on Ebay next winter. So I might be crocheting in the spring and fall. A scarf is not big enough to cover your whole lap so it won’t be hot.

So keep warm this winter and yo over that hook.

Learning The Ins and Outs of Building this Website

I have been trying to get this website to look how I want it. It is taking alot of trial and error. The menu has been giving me the most trouble. I know where I want things it is just taking me awhile to figure out how to accomplish this. I now have a Review tab and a photo tab.The review tab will be for posting reviews of RV parks we have stayed at. Heck, I might even review other things, like a book or a movie. The photo tab is self explainitory. I finally got the proper widgets I wanted too. Which include the Blog Roll, a calendar, archive, and a follow me button. I will probably tweek it some more as I figure out what some of the other widgets do and if I want them. There is also the great possiblity that I will change to a different theme if this one doesn’t hold my appeal. Well that should do it for now. I need to reheat my soup as I let it get cold trying to build my site. 🙂