Jets over Las Vegas

Filmed on October 14, 2014

This is the first of the videos that I took as we drove through Las Vegas, Nevada. We went by Nellis Air Force Base and the Speedway. We watched a helicopter and several jets, as well as heard the jets, take off into the evening sky.  Also the lights of Vegas can be seen.

The Journey Home to Nebraska Facebook Posts and Photos

POSTED ON NOVEMBER 9TH, 2014 Well ladies and gents, I am back in Nebraska. David and I really enjoyed our trip to the south. I know you are wondering why we came back sooo soon. Well with the Rv needing repairs and gas prices, it was a little more expsensive then we were prepared for.That and a big cold spell is coming. We took the heater out of the Rv cause we thought it would be WaRM in the desert. It was a fun learning experience. We were glad we went. So now we have a better idea if we decide to give it another go. Our plans now are to work on building up funds again by doing our Urban gold refining and listing our many books and video tapes on Ebay. Here is the link to David’s Ebay listings. I have also put it in the Blog Roll.