Digging Out After Ulmer Blew Through Part 2


I know I said I would just add to the other post but then I got to thinking maybe no one would go back to look at the newly added photos. So I decided just to make new posts. So here is part 2 I don’t know how many parts I will make. I will just go with the flow.

The Shed Drift



My Walk Around the House

I did a walk around the house after we finished digging out the shed steps.

Here I took several photos of wind designs in the drifts.


I still have more photos but I think I will limit this post to just these two galleries. I will continue posting more tomorrow. See ya then! 😀

Sully Saturday # 14


The day she came to us. November 21, 2016

The day she came to us. November 21, 2016

Well it is winter time so I mostly sleep all day, eat, and wake Mom up at ungodly hours to fill the food bowl again. I can’t go out by the step for catnip or my daily walk around the house. It is too cold and there is snow on the ground. It makes my paws cold.

Well one day in November Mom comes in with this little orange kitten. The kitten looks a bit beat up and skinny. She had a big scab on her nose. I don’t think I have seen a kitten since I was a kitten. My older cat sisters, Punky and Fiesty, may they rest in peace, with my family were both full-grown when I came to live with them. My younger cat sister, Milly was about 9 months old when she came to live with us after being left at the fishing ponds.

Little Kitty just showed up in the driveway one day. Mom said she was going to clean her up and get her some food and wait to see if the neighbor’s friend would take her in a few days. Dad didn’t want her to come in but Mom just brought her in any way. Dad said you are not going to name her. Well Mom was just calling her little kitty in a few days the kitten was coming to Mom. So that became her name and she is staying with us.

Well at first I didn’t know what to think. Little Kitty would come right up to me and brush up against my side and give me kitty headbutts. She seemed friendly enough. Not like her older sister Milly who hisses at me and smacks me to be mean.

So over just a few days Little Kitty and I are running through the house playing chase, wrestling, and smacking each other in fun. Mom says it is good for me to do this. She has notice I have lost some weight. So I guess having a new kitten sister is a great way to get exercise to help me lose some of my extra weight. I have even been playing more on my own since she has been here.

We have been having some really cold weather here of late. So Milly has been coming in from her shed. This is the second time she has been in. She is not at all friendly. Little Kitty thought she could play with her too. Milly was having none of that she would hiss and growl low in her throat at Little Kitty as soon as she saw her in the same room.

So Mom has been rotating them in and out of the spare room. So they each  can run about the house even if I am in the living room because I get along with both of them.

Well as you know kittens are just full of energy and are into everything. So Mom has to be vigilante in teaching Little Kitty the rules of being  a house cat. She is learning you don’t get on the table, counters, entertainment center, or the plant stand. Mom teaches this with the squirt bottle. The first couple of times she actually ran towards Mom instead of running away. It was kind of funny to watch. I still get the squirt bottle myself, Mom uses it on me when I get a bit to rough in my playing with Little Kitty and when I forget I am not suppose to get on the plant stand to look out the window. 🙂

Another thing she needs to learn is not to jump on people. She has jumped up on Mom’s legs several times claws out. Mom screams, OUCH! then grabs Little Kitty by the scruff and prys her off. This is what her cat mom would have done to show her she was being naughty. She has gotten much better, she did relapse yesterday and jumped up on Mom’s back while she was doing something at the kitchen counter. She was just really curious to find out what Mom was doing and just had to see.

All in all Little Kitty is a good kitten and I think she will be a good kitty once she is all trained up. Oh, she does have this one weird thing she does. She likes to move my water bowl away from the wall each time she gets a drink. Mom has to move it back. Little Kitty has moved it out in front of the refrigerator several times.

The photographic evidence.

The photographic evidence.


Sully Saturdays # 13

Sully saturday banner


You may be wondering where I have been? Well, about three weeks ago on April 8, so Mom tells me, I don’t really have a good concept of this thing called time. I sprained my left front paw, so I have not been able to type.

How may you ask did I inflict such an injury upon myself? Well I was playing make the bed as seen in the video below. This video is from a different time I played. It is almost 5 minutes long you don’t have to watch it all.

I was all made up in the bed, I was done playing so I was trying to find my way out. I usually go out the top by the pillows. This time though I tried going out the side. Well my claw got stuck and I kinda did a flip, twisty thing before it came loose. Mom saw me land with a thud, she did ask if I was ok but as quick as I could I ran under the bed. You know us cats, we don’t like to let people know that we are hurt. I was walking out to the living room when Mom saw me. I was limping along. She was very concerned and had Dad check my leg and paw. He said that nothing was broken, that I probably sprained it pretty good. So for about a week I just slept in the  big chair in the living room as it was lower for me to get down easily. I did get up to eat and use the bathroom. Every day Dad would come over and give my leg a good massage. It felt good and helped ease the pain. After a week I was feeling well enough where I felt if I jumped up on Mom and Dad’s bed I would be able to jump down ok. So I went when Mom was just about to put down her crocheting. She was happy that I was well enough to come lay on her chest and get my skritches. I was really missing my skritches.

Sometime during the second week of my recovery Dad was doing some of his work in the shed. He brought Milly in so he could work with the door open. Well Milly smelled really nice and she was being so friendly. I just had to get down off my chair and roll around and play with her. Dad says this was good physical therapy and it got me out of the chair not sleeping all day. (Mom here, Sully is fixed and Milly is not, so no kittens will come of this physical therapy. :))

Well I am back to normal now. I am able to walk with out limping and I am more careful when I jump down from Mom and Dad’s bed. Mom was making the bed again the other day, as soon as I saw that was what she was doing I ran out of the room. I learned my lesson.  🙂