A Little Bit Of This and That


I have been spending a lot of my time this month getting my music library organized on my laptop. The weather still doesn’t know what it is going to do so it was a thing I could do inside when I was not in the mood to crochet. When I was in the mood to crochet I worked on the bathroom floor rug. I had a little help on one of the last days before I finished it. Little Kitty thought she needed to hold it down while I was taking a break. She is just so stinking cute I could not ask her to move. So I went back to organizing my music.



That’s what I did on May 5th before David got up.

When he got up he decided he had a spring cleaning bug.

He wanted to clean up the pantry shelves, so we could put all the canned goods from the spare bedroom back in the pantry.

The Pantry is now fully stocked and organized.



Then he started pulling out everything else from the spare room. He wanted to reorganize it so he could move all his urban prospecting inventory and tools back in it. Little Kitty was happy with the newly organized spare room too.


This would give me back my living room. We toddler proof it for my younger grandson. The grandboys would have more room to play. We got all but a few smaller items moved over the first two days. David moved them over the course of the rest of the week. We got it all back together just in time for a good Mother’s Day Weekend.

Yippee! It’s a living room again!


My daughter, son-in-law, and the grandboys came over on Saturday. My daughter made a big dish of lagsana. It was yummy! I played with the grandboys until they wore out this grandma. This is what they gave me for Mother’s Day. It is a cute little hedgehog planter with a calandiva plant.

I will just squeeze in between these two plants.




Monday (May 13th) was actually a very nice day so everyone went outside to do some work. I tackled the leaf pile I made behind BOB. David wanted it moved so the grass could continue to spread into the bare spots and crowd out the weeds. I first had to put some air in the wheel of the wheelbarrow. I used my new little rake and the big leaf rake like salad tongs to place the leaves in the wheelbarrow. It took me six loads to move it over to the compost pile along the south fence.


While I was busy doing this, David and Nick were busy painting roof coating on BOB.


This is only one of the projects that will be done on BOB over the summer. We are getting him ready for the drive down to the Texas coast. We are planning on staying the winter of 2019 there. This was another reason the spare room was reorganized. So that things we need in BOB for the trip were readily accessible when it was time to pack up and hit the road.


Tuesday I first went out to feed and water Milly.
She was more interested in me giving her some pets.
So I obliged her After a couple of quick photos.


Then I went out to do some mowing. I did the section directly in front of the house between the deck and the back stairs. Later in the day, David moved BOB into this area. This will make it easier to continue his repairs. I took the photos the next morning before starting my next section of mowing.


I also happened upon the johnny jump-up in the west flower bed. This just goes to show you how cool and wet this spring has been. These little guys like it shady and wet. They usually have not jumped-up until I have begun regularly watering the beds.

Look at me! I am an early jumper!



Wednesdays section was rather large. I started at the west tree over to the east end tree that holds the clothesline. I finished that then just kept on going east until I reached the fence. I worked my way back towards the north over and around the wood pile, the burn barrel, and in front of the shed.



I paid for doing such a large section, on Thursday morning my hips were pretty stiff and sore. I go to hang with my daughter and grandboys on Thursdays, so no yardwork was done that day. I was starting to feel fairly good by the afternoon. Then my granddog, Buck was doing his zoomies around the yard. I just happened to be standing in one of his zoom paths. He came zooming by and crashed into my butt knocking me to the ground onto my bad left hip.

My daughter yelled at him because she thought he jumped up on me and knocked me down. After I calmed down and got myself off the ground I explained that he was doing his zoomies and did not do it on purpuse it was an accident.

I spent most of Friday lazing about in bed resting up from my dog collision. I would not have been going outside anyway as the weather decided to get cold and wet again. It was a cold, cloudy, foggy, misty, drizzly day. A perfect day to spend in bed watching dvds. The day’s show to watch was Criminal Minds Season 1.

Saturday was like Friday but not as wet, so I spent the morining playing games on the computer. My daughter’s family came over in the afternoon. We got to see their new family vehicle. It is a 2001 Dodge Durango. They have been needing a new one. Their old car was a Audi sedan. It had two car seats cramped in the backseat with a bit a room for the dog. Now the dog has the whole back section to himself and the carseats are not crowded together.


And here we are on Sunday morning typing more to this post.



Sully Saturday # 21 “March Madness”


No, its not the college basketball tourney thingy. Mom has mentioned it in the past so that is how I know about it.

I have the let me out of the house, I am sick of winter, cabin fever kind of March Madness. I have been doing my usual eating, sleeping, eating and napping. I have been playing with my little sister, Little Kitty. I was chasing her back and forth through the house.


I have helped Mom with photo shoots of her crochet items.


I even played make the bed with Mom. I thought she was done, so I decided to lay down to enjoy the sunshine on the end of the bed. Then she goes and throws the afghan on me. She tucked it around my face and took photos. Oooo and awwwing how cute I looked.

Note from Mom: When I am wanting to take actual photos of just him he acts all mad and bothered by it. But if I am down on the living room floor doing a crochet project shoot he is all up in the camera. CATS! Gotta love ’em!  😀


None of this seemed to help with my cabin fever. I continually begged Mom to go outside. She did take me out a couple of times, but I didn’t stay out long because it was a bit chilly or the wind was blowing to hard for me. Then one day I decided to beg my older human brother, Nick to go outside. This was just a couple of days after the winter storm Ulmer. He let me out but he did not put on my jacket or leash, because he thought I would just sit on the step. I had not seen so much snow in a very long time. My cabin fever had been so great that I mustered up my courage to leave the steps and explore the front yard a bit. Once Mom saw that I was not going to stay on the steps she followed behind me. She took these photos of my snow adventure.


Thanks for sharing my adventure and remember to stop and smell the catnip

even if it is buried in a snowdrift.




Snow, It Begins!


I woke up late this morning for me at 7:10 am, I looked out the window to see how this blizzard was doing. Well it had just started to snow. There was just starting to be a light covering. This was after the rain that had started falling around 4:00 am. My son, Nick  was up at that time so he told me about it. David also said it was still raining at 5:00 am when he got up to use the facilities then returned to bed.

I was thinking maybe this storm is not going to live up to all the hype at this time. Boy oh Boy what a difference an hour makes. The snow was coming down now. The fog had rolled in too. I could just make out the row of trees at the far end of Mann field. I decided to take the broom and sweep off the back landing just to see how bad the ice build up was under the snow. It was about a quarter-inch like the weather man said it would be. The snow was also only about a quarter of inch at this time.

Well by 8:50 am the storm was now in full swing. I opened the side door to take this photo. I think I will take hourly photos and post the whole storm tomorrow. That is if the power doesn’t go out.

Winter Is Coming! In The Form Of A Blizzard, Not White Walkers

The weather man has predicted one heck of a 2 day blizzard for my region starting late tonight, early Wednesday morning until Thursday evening.

It is going to start off as rain switch over to sleet, mix of snow and sleet, then rain and freezing rain. We could have a about an inch of snow and sleet, and a quarter-inch of ice by Wednesday morning. Then things really start to pick up for Wednesday afternoon.

It is gonna be like we are in a snow globe. Not the peaceful floating scene, but the upside down violently being shaking snow globe. There will be blowing snow, patches of fog, and wind gusts that could possibly reach 60 miles per hour! The visibility could be as little as a quarter-mile or less at sometimes throughout the afternoon and evening.

The snow is going to be really heavy at times. So the accumulation could be as much as 11 to 13 inches by the end of Wednesday.

The snowing part of the blizzard should be pretty much done by Thursday, but the wind is still going to be causing blowing snow. It will still be blowing 40 miles per hour with gust up to 60. That will decrease by afternoon to just 20 to 30 miles per hour with gust only up to 50 by the afternoon.


It is a good thing David went grocery shopping yesterday and we are well stocked. Nick will probably stay home from work on Wednesday for sure, and most likely Thursday too.

I guess we will see if Old Man Winter agrees with the Weather Man and decides it is our region’s turn to have a good old fashion dose of a real winter blizzard.

Photo from istock.com


Photo from dreamtime.com










A Short Winter For The Mini Rosebush

This is going to count as my first gardening post of 2019. So There! 😛



I won’t be able to get out to do some real gardening for another couple of months.

So this will have to do until then.


As you can see from the photo the leaves were not looking too good at this point.

I let these last five blooms dry up. I decided to let the whole plant dry out and die back.

I decreased the amount of water and how often I watered. I did this for about two months.

Once almost all of the leaves were brown, dried out, or had fallen off.

I pruned it back and mulched the flower-pot.

This is what the mini rosebush and I would have done if it was planted outside.


My daughter, who gave me the mini rose-bush, asked if it had died when she saw that I had pruned it.

I said that it was not dead as long as the branches  were still green.

This was a couple of weeks ago before the new growth was visible.


This is what it looked like yesterday.

He is now back to his regular watering schedule and will be given plant food once a week also.

It won’t be long before he is blooming again.