The Northern High Plains Bigfoot?


As my son and I were driving south on our way home from town the evening of June 28, I looked to my right( I was the passenger) and saw these shadowy figures. I hurriedly took out my camera and snapped this photo.


It was the best I could get as we were moving and they were moving.


I had heard stories and rumors of them ever since we moved to this part of Nebraska in the late 90’s. They usually kept to the forest in the area. In 2006 and 2012 the forests in the area suffered from two huge fires. So they have had less forested territory. That being the case there have been more sightings of them. I think this group is heading to the Black Hills. They may have not been relocating to the Black Hills, maybe it was just a family vacation to see Mount Rushmore.
They misjudged their timing for moving across this field when it was just still light enough to see them. They also may have not realized how populated this area was as the made their trek north.
I can her the wife telling the husband,” GRRr roar gggrrr grunt ugh ugh grunt GRRR.”
Which translates to “I told you to stop and ask for directions!”

Seriously though, a home owner with a large field just outside of town has a great sense of humor. He put out this family of bigfoot cut outs.


New Feature Photos


I have been making new feature photos. The old ones were soooo 2015. I also updated the About photos for each of us. I thought about going back and replacing  a lot of the old ones, but that would have taken a while and some of the new feature photos are dated so that would not look right to have a 2018 date on a 2015 post.

I will show you my new feature photos in the following gallery so you don’t have to go wandering all over the blogging place to find them. If you prefer to wander or want to liken it to an Easter egg hunt for the new feature photos do not scroll any further. 😀









These are the new About photos for each of us.


A Weekend of Yard Work


David and I each had a productive day. Let’s start with Saturday. I spent the morning cooking a nice chicken dinner in the crock pot and some butternut squash in the oven to have when Kay, Justin, and Marty came over. I did some computer stuff and probably some crocheting.

David spent his morning tackling the backyard.


Saturday afternoon he had the help of Justin.

So he got on BOB the Rv to caulk and spray the holes in the roof that leaked over the winter.

So that concluded David’s productive day.


I spent my Sunday morning digging and raking out the flowerbed around the deck after I got my peppers started in this little heated greenhouse, we received from my brother-in-law. I started them in the Jiffy Peat Pot kit which I then placed in the little greenhouse. The ones with the toothpicks are green bell peppers and the others are small sweet peppers.

The afternoon and early evening was spent eating, relaxing, and visiting with Kay, Justin, and Marty. Marty was in a bit of a grumpy mood. So Kay had him sit with her and read him his story books. He had her read the same one about five times. Then Grandpa had to read it two times. I was lucky, I got to read a different story but still had to read it twice. This helped him get over his grumpy mood. He then brought much laughter and joy to all as he was back to his happy self. 😀

It was a good thing that we got in a couple of productive days.


A Huntin’ I Did Go, A Huntin’ I Did Go, Hi Ho The Derry O! A Huntin’ I Did Go!

( I bet you sang that, didn’t you?)


While out doing my spring cleaning on Sunday (03/19/2017) I saw that there were castings on the ground. Well if there were castings it must mean that the frost is out of the ground. So I will be able to start digging my flower beds to get them ready for seeds and bulbs.
David and I have both been watching the ponds itching for the ice to go out. Well it has gone. We are going to get our fishing licenses on Saturday when we go to town. You may be wondering if I am getting a fishing license why am I going on about hunting?
Well with fishing there comes a bit a hunting. You need some bait right. So when I saw those castings on the ground I knew it was just a matter of time. Yesterday it was drizzly raining on and off most of the day. Perfect conditions for an earthworm hunt! So last night with bucket and flashlight in  hand I went a huntin’!

I bagged these beauties. It was easy pickings.

I approached my first target slowly and silently. I had to be light on my feet. I reach, make the grab, and gently pull. It was barely in its hole so it came right out. Most of them were bagged this easily. I need not have been so concerned about being stealthy. They were a bit slow and sluggish as the temperature was only between 35 and 40 last night around 8:45 pm. Later in the season this will not be the case. They will be quick to retreat into their holes at the slightest change in lighting or the merest tremble of the ground from your footsteps. That is why it is best to hunt while it is raining, your footsteps are masked by the rain if you move slowly and softly.

I did not bag every one I saw as they still had some growing to do. You don’t want to deplete your supply when you have a whole fishing season ahead of you.
I didn’t even have to go around the whole yard. I went from the deck steps over to the back door steps. Most of them were right of the edge of the grass along the side of the house. There is plenty of hunting grounds so we don’t over hunt an area.

The best things about earthworm hunting it only took about 15 minutes to get this dozen and a  1/2

and  you don’t have to pay $ 3.00 for a dozen.

I just saved three dollars and some change. 🙂

Pet Sitting the Furgrandson

Photo taken by Kay

Photo taken by Kay

My furgrandson, Buck is staying the weekend whilst his mommy Kay, daddy Justin, and baby brother Marty are down in Sidney, Oktoberfesting with Uncle Jay. He was barking at the wind alot. Dave was outside and said he would also bark at my bedroom window. So I played some ball with him and gave him one of those left over steaks. He enjoyed that. We went for a walk down the road at 3:30 pm. He did well and did not drag me. I took him down to the bridge where the creek runs under. He really wanted to go investigate that creek. On the way back to the house he kept coming up to me all happy and jumpy. When we got back to the yard he didn’t want to chain up by BOB . He wanted to come in. I think he was looking for mom and dad and wanted to see if they were inside. He looked around a bit then I put him in his kennel with some water. He lapped it right up. He laid in there for a while then about 6:30 he started to whine. I took him on his leash for a walk around the house. He found one of Dave’s squash holes that had a fresh gopher mound in it and tried to dig it out. lol I had to give him a good tug to get him to continue the walk around the yard. We made it round to the back yard and he wanted in the back door. I said we needed to continue around to the front door to go in. He stopped at the big tree there and did his number 2 business. We came to the front door and he did well coming in the house with me. He had to run around the living room for a few seconds and I had to tell him twice to get in the kennel but he went. He was fine for about an hour. He was getting bored but now it was dark so no going outside. So I just covered up the cat food and shut the bedroom doors and let him loose . He went around sniffing, checking things out, swept the kitchen floor of crumbs and is now laying quietly on the floor beside me as I type this up. I will put him back in the kennel for the night just before I go back to my room for bed.

My Followers: How Active Are You?


I started going through My Followers List last month and today I finally finished.  I wanted to see how active all of you are. So I visited each one of you  to see when was the last time you posted. I broke the list down into eight different categories.

First up is the Mutual Category with 72 followers. You were placed in this category if we follow each other. Most of you in this category are pretty active and current in your postings.

The next two categories are for the year 2016.

January through June Category has 29 followers. These are the followers that your most recent post falls in this time frame.

July through Current Month Category has 77 followers. These are the followers that your most recent post falls in this time frame. Most of you in this category fall in the current month or last month. A few of these were businesses, Advertisements or Survey “blogs”.

The Inactive Category was for the 21 followers that their most recent post fell in the year 2015.

There were 10 No Link Category followers. These were blogs listed with no clickable link.

Expired Or For Sale Domains had 5 followers.

Four links when clicked took me to a NOTHING FOUND message page.

Finally 3 followers had Protected Blogs. These were blogs that you had to send them a request to become a follower of their blog, so I don’t know how active they are.

If I tally up Mutual followers and both 2016 followers categories,  178  of you are active followers.

Thanks for being my follower and stay active. 😀




I Finished!

It only took me 5 days. I got my People I Visit list tidied up. I went from following 251 people down to 159. I think this is a more manageable number for now. I removed a lot of blogs that were deleted by the authors and a few that had not posted any thing for 2 years. Speaking of the ones that have not posted in 2 years, the most recent article was the one I read that made me want to follow it in the first place. I felt like, Oh I like that article and followed and they never wrote again. What is up with that? lol

I will be honest some of the blogs I unfollowed because they were some that I just followed because they followed me when I first started out. I didn’t really read more than one of their posts. I also removed ones that no longer held my interest as they had change what they were posting or  my interests have changed. Some I removed because they changed from actually written stuff to a bunch of videos, GIFs and links. Some I just found annoying in some form or another.

I am happy with the results. Today I actually had blogs show up on my reader that I actually did not have to scroll through 5 pages to find them.

I am followed by 213 people, one of those is actually my other site, Skrappy Skarves so really 212 followers.

I follow 70 of those followers. So I think that is a pretty good ratio of mutual following.

I also checked on some of these followers and again some people have not posted since they started following me 2 years ago. Some are defunct domains up for sale. There are also those blogs that are nothing but ads and links. I don’t care for those that is the reason I didn’t follow those back.

I clicked on one that was just this ad. Now this one could have been an actual blog 2 years ago, but now, huh?

FREE! Discover My Shortcut To Over $10,000 Per Month!

(Yes It’s for Real, Pay Very Close Attention on the Next Page!)

Hurry, Expires: August 20, 2016

I have also come across this message a few times:

Nothing Found  It seems we can’t find what you’re looking for. Perhaps searching can help.

I am also being followed by a bed and breakfast in New Zealand, a real estate firm that has not posted since July 2015, and a home interiors blog which has not posted since January.

Going Through The People I Follow List


My list had just over 250 people I follow. I am checking each one. Some of them have not posted anywhere from 2 months to 2 years ago. Others have let their domain expire or deleted the site themselves.

I think it is time to do some unfollowing of these non-functioning and forgotten blogs.

If they have not posted at all this year I think it is time to let them go also.

Update and tidy things up a bit.

Yep, We Live In The Middle of A Horse Pasture.

Our Pasture

The Map of Our Pasture.

Nope, it is not to scale or anything.

It is a very loose representation, but you get the idea. 😀


This is the horse that lives in the pasture, his name is Corky.

He belongs to our landlord. They use to keep him here all year round.

He now only spends the summer and early fall here.

They have another property the keep him at during the winter.

He is a Belgian and I believe he is  30 to 35  years old.

He is retired now. All he does is eat, sleep and poop.

He eats a lot.

Sometimes he sleeps lying down.

It freaks me out when he does this, because he lies on his side with his feet sticking straight out.

I think he has died when he does it.

On occasion he has been seen rolling in the pasture.

Guess were his favorite place to poop is?

As close as he can get to the north fence by our back door.

Which explains the numberous flies that buzz around and find their way into the house.

Capture fly

David’s Kindle Klearing #1


David got bored one evening when there were no sporting events to listen to on the radio. We live in the country and  opted not to get satellite tv. Since there was a dvd rental store in town or if it was a movie we really liked we would buy the dvd. Besides you get a bunch of channels and there is nothing on. Our way we got to see what we want. 🙂 I digress, so any way I let him borrow my Kindle. Now he reads it more than I do. I have fun though going through the Best Sellers Free list looking for books he might like. Now it has lots of science fiction, space alien, outer space stories. He also likes adventures that have to do with archeology and police/detective stories and thrillers and suspense. Sometimes he surprises me and reads a book I picked for myself without his interests in mind. lol

Since I got my Kindle Keyboard I have downloaded well over a thousand books onto it. Sometimes I catch some books on a free day that later are paid books. For example I have gotten a couple of books by  the popular author James Rollins for free. Of course they were some of his early releases, but hey, can’t complain. I also get emails about books and sometimes I will run across some free promotions there too. Some of my crochet books were found in free email promotions. I have purchased a few books that David said he would be interested in reading if it could be found for the Kindle. I have also purchased the sequels of some free books that he just had to read the next installment of. One of the purchases I made for myself was the Hunger Games Trilogy. They were on special sale after the first movie was released. I got the whole trilogy for $ 5.00 rather than the $4 to 6 dollars for each book. Just checked and the trilogy  set is now $19.97 for the Kindle edition. I knew I scored when I purchased it!

The other day I posted about not having fishing or gardening stories to post right now. I have my crocheting I do to keep busy. I said David mostly does his Castle Age game and reads on the Kindle Keyboard. I said that I really couldn’t post much about his game other than he makes progress. I half jokingly said I could post the titles he finished reading on the Kindle.

Well I guess I was not joking after all. I think I will check the Kindle on Thursdays and post the titles on Friday. Here is the list of books he had finished as of Thursday December 17, 2015. All the books were free at the time they were downloaded.

Enemy in Blue by Derek Blass

The Bone Polisher by Timothy Hallinan

Skin Deep Simon Grist #3 by Timothy Hallinan

Incinerator Simon Grist #4 by Timothy Hallinan


Eden’s Ore – Secrets by B.V. Bayly

Screen Capture

from Amazon