Sully Saturdays # 22 April Attitude


Yep, I have had a bit of an attitude this month. Every day around 10 am ish I start to get antsy. If I see Mom even make a move to  get up out of her chair in the kitchen and take a few steps, I run to the front door. I want to go outside. Most of the time this month she has obliged, if the weather is nice. Which it has been except for another snow storm around the 15th and the couple of rainy days we seem to be having two days a week. I don’t think Mom will let me out today as it is only 36 degrees, cloudy and could possibly be one of those rainy days.

These two photos are from a sunny Sunday in the early part of the month.

I was having a good time trying to find some bits of grass to eat under all the leaves.


The next group of photos are from just this week. There was lots more grass available. I just laid about in the sun smelling the ground. Mom has been raking out the flowerbed around the deck. She racked out under the steps so I was able to get under them to look for sprouting catnip. None yet.

While I was laying in the grass enjoying the sun. Mom noticed a black spot in the tree farthest up the driveway. She says, That it is the neighbor’s cat “Little Blackie”. We don’t know her name so Mom just calls her that. Mom was concerned that she would fall so she walked over to the tree. She talked Little Blackie down. Little Blackie thanked Mom by rubbing on her leg and getting a couple of pets. She then rolled around Mom’s feet in the dirt. Then Little Blackie  walked over to that shady spot in the driveway and laid down like nothing even happened.


I didn’t have any chance to help Mom with Crochet photos this month. She has been making squares, working on a bathtub floor rug, and a sock for her brother. She doesn’t really need to put them down on the floor to take photos. I did miss two opportunities though. She had the rug down once and she had laid out the squares on the floor too. Both times I was still taking my morning nap. I did get up in time to see the squares on the floor, but she was done taking the photos.  😦 Oh, well maybe next time.


Until next time, stop and smell the catnip! You know I always do!



Sully Saturday # 21 “March Madness”


No, its not the college basketball tourney thingy. Mom has mentioned it in the past so that is how I know about it.

I have the let me out of the house, I am sick of winter, cabin fever kind of March Madness. I have been doing my usual eating, sleeping, eating and napping. I have been playing with my little sister, Little Kitty. I was chasing her back and forth through the house.


I have helped Mom with photo shoots of her crochet items.


I even played make the bed with Mom. I thought she was done, so I decided to lay down to enjoy the sunshine on the end of the bed. Then she goes and throws the afghan on me. She tucked it around my face and took photos. Oooo and awwwing how cute I looked.

Note from Mom: When I am wanting to take actual photos of just him he acts all mad and bothered by it. But if I am down on the living room floor doing a crochet project shoot he is all up in the camera. CATS! Gotta love ’em!  😀


None of this seemed to help with my cabin fever. I continually begged Mom to go outside. She did take me out a couple of times, but I didn’t stay out long because it was a bit chilly or the wind was blowing to hard for me. Then one day I decided to beg my older human brother, Nick to go outside. This was just a couple of days after the winter storm Ulmer. He let me out but he did not put on my jacket or leash, because he thought I would just sit on the step. I had not seen so much snow in a very long time. My cabin fever had been so great that I mustered up my courage to leave the steps and explore the front yard a bit. Once Mom saw that I was not going to stay on the steps she followed behind me. She took these photos of my snow adventure.


Thanks for sharing my adventure and remember to stop and smell the catnip

even if it is buried in a snowdrift.




Digging Out After Ulmer Blew Through Part 2


I know I said I would just add to the other post but then I got to thinking maybe no one would go back to look at the newly added photos. So I decided just to make new posts. So here is part 2 I don’t know how many parts I will make. I will just go with the flow.

The Shed Drift



My Walk Around the House

I did a walk around the house after we finished digging out the shed steps.

Here I took several photos of wind designs in the drifts.


I still have more photos but I think I will limit this post to just these two galleries. I will continue posting more tomorrow. See ya then! 😀

My Little Gargoyle


When I let Little Kitty out of her room to run around in the morning she does just that. After awhile she gets hungry and wants me to fill up her food dish in her room. She lets me know it is time to do this by jumping up on the bookshelf. She sits there and stares down at me while I am on my laptop at the kitchen table.


I am looking at you.


Yes, Look at my face.

Sully Saturday # 17

September Stuff


The weather has been pretty nice this month yet, so I have been out and about to enjoy it. I like to lay in the grass by the house. It smells sooo good. The sun reflecting off the siding makes this a warm spot to just soak it all in.

A warm spot with fabulous smells.


I get my fill of sunshine and smelling the grass. It is now time to get my catnip fix. I head under the steps into my catnip jungle.

I will just squeeze in here. (sucking in my gut)


When I do not get to go outside I like to sit on my perch in the bedroom. It is Mom’s sewing machine cabinet which is in front of the window. I like to smell the air if the window is open. I sometimes see rabbits hopping around BOB, turkeys strutting through the yard, or little birds flitting around in the grass. I also see the neighbor’s cats or some wild stray ones. I really give them the evil eye from my perch in the window, but I don’t think they see me.

Take a photo already, I need to get back to looking for intruders!


I still like to help Mom with her crocheting and photo shoots. On this day I had to make sure she had the yarn just right so it would show off the crochet project best.

A little more to the left.


I probably won’t be getting much outside time for a little while like in the begining of the month. It has been a bit chilly the last couple of days and that white stuff was all over the ground yesterday.

It’s too early for this white stuff!


Well that is all for this month. Mom said she will try to post for me on the last Saturday of the month from now on. So there won’t be long gaps in my page. So until next time, stop and smell the catnip!