Shave and A Haircut, Two Bits!


Sunday (03/26/2-17) was time for the Peter Parkers’ and the Shreks’ annual spring hair cuts.
I do this every spring to get rid of the brown tips from the dry winter air on the Peters. The Shreks get trimmed back to their pots other wise they would grow to the other end of the house. The leaves of the Skreks between the pots and the ends usually die off so I have all these rope like vines hanging from the bookshelf and faux fireplace mantle.

The Before Photos

This photo shows Peter Parker with Peter Parker the IV and one of Shrek’s twins Stubby.

I just named him that because he hardly grows past his pot.

This is Shrek’s other twin, Stretch, I named him that because he does grow beyond his pot.

He was quite wilty. I trimmed off his long vine back to the pot and I also added more soil.

This is Peter Parker the II he was in pretty good shape just trimmed a bit of brown tips and added some soil.

Peter Parker the III needed a lot of work. He had many brown leaves.

He also had a son dangling that needed a pot of his own.

I need to think of a name for him as soon as he is on his own.

I can’t call him Peter the Fifth because he did not come from Peter Parker.

Whoa, this means Peter Parker is now a grandpa!

This is Shrek. He likes to take over the book shelf and kitchen window during the winter.

I trimmed the longer vine back to the pot and curled it into the pot and added soil over it.

The After Photos



Peter Parker the III all spruced up and his son in his own pot. The son will stay attached for a week or a little more so he can put down roots then I will cut the umbilical vine. I will move him over to the video case to sit on the other end with Peter Parker the IV. I was thinking of naming him, Venom.


These 3 photos show how I arrange everyone on the faux fireplace mantle. The Shrek twins on the ends with Peter Parker in the middle and all my nickitty nackitty stuff arrange around them.

Now that the house plants are all ready for another growing season I think I will be starting some of my flower garden seeds soon. I need to go through them as I forgot what I bought last fall on clearance.  🙂


Post Idea from A Fellow Blogger

Thank you for the idea, Paardje!!


I was reading a fellow blogger’s post. She was concerned that naming her house plants was crazy. I commented that she was not and proceeded to tell her about my leafy family members. So I thought it would make a good subject for a post to introduce my leafy family members too.

You can read her post and my comments here:

Paardje’s New Leafy Family Members post on Of Snail Mail, Books, and Vanities

Now, without further ado, here are my Leafy Family Members!



I got Peter Parker at a thrift store for one dollar. He was in one of those little plastic starter pots. That is Peter Parker’s third pot. He has died back a bit after this replant but he is making a come back.

Peter The Second has more babies hanging down but I will just leave them as they are. I would have to take him down and place the baby in a pot of soil while it is still attached to him. Spider plants are like strawberry plants in that regard, also I don’t know where I would put the baby if I gave him his own pot.

Peter the Third has not had any babies yet. He is another one that just likes to sit and not grow but is healthy.

Shrek was a gift from my mother. She had too many plants so she gave him to me. He did have a wife, yes her name was Fionna. She and her children passed some years ago. Shrek has been cut back to his pot once. He had vined out in both directions into the living room and the kitchen. I cut him back because all the leaves along the vine died except for the growing tip. He looked naked with just a vine strung along the wall on thumb tacks.

I took those two growth tips and soaked them in bowls of water until they rooted out. Then I planted them in the pots they are in now. So Shrek has two sons.

I got Kris Kringle when I worked at the nursing home. He had fallen or broke off his dad and was lying on the floor. So I picked him up and wrapped him in some wet paper towels until I could bring him home. I placed him in a bowl of water until he had little roots sprouting. I then planted him in a pot. This is his second pot in the picture. He does well at growing, but he has never produced any flowers. Maybe someday when I find a place in the house that is cooler,but not in direct sunlight, that is what they like to produce flowers.

So there you have it my leafy house plant family members!

Thanks again for the post idea Paardje!!