Three Fish on A Board


David’s 2nd outing of night fishing was also a success. The fish were biting a bit later in the night last night though. He texted me that he had 2 at 9:08 pm. He came home at 10:45 with these three.

The back fish was 3 pounds and 20 1/2 inches.

The middle fish was 4 pounds and 22 inches.

The front fish was 4 1/4 pounds and 22 1/2 inches.


I was tired last night so David had to take his own picture. He did a fine job!

I Told You So, August Night Fishing at its Best!

David went night fishing last night and it was a complete success! He began texting me about his catches at 8:49 with guesstimates on how big the fish he was catching. His last text at 10:05 listed the guesstimate for his last and largest fish. He said he was tired now and packing up to come home.


These were the second and third fish caught last night.

The second fish was 2 lbs. and 19 inches.

The third fish was 4 1/4 lbs and 23 1/2 inches.



The first fish caught was 6 lbs. and 24 1/2 inches



The fourth and final fish was the largest weighing in at 7 1/2 lbs. and 26 1/2 inches long.



The two larger fish in the tub before being weighed and measured.


So there you have it, David’s night of the big boys!

A Sink Full of Tasty Tidbits


After a two-week break from fishing, to recover from the 4 days in a row fishing and feeling out of sorts from an infected tooth that he had pulled, David headed off to the ponds to do some fishing yesterday. Yes, I gave him his kiss for luck and it is continuing to work.

He brought home another nice bucket of fish. He dumped it into the sink before I had a chance to take a picture of the bucket o’ fish, so it became a sink full of fish.



I then separated them by species and took photos of them. He caught this lone crappie. This is the first crappie he has caught in all the years fishing at these ponds. He usually gets over excited and misses them. Their mouth is thin-skinned, so I think he pulls the hook right through the mouth when he tries to set the hook. This time he was patient and did not jerk the pole to hard to set the hook.  It was a nice 11 inches long.


He caught a nice mess of perch, nine in total.


He caught the limit of 5 catfish a day.


He filleted all the fish out. Even the catfish this time, he usually leaves ones this size whole, removing head, tail, and fins then skins them. That is why this was a sink full of tasty tidbits. 😀

Buckets of Fish


David has been fishing over at the ponds several times now. He has been getting up to do early morning fishing. He tries to be at the ponds by 6:00. This has been proving to be a good time to go. He has finally been able to catch some bigger sized catfish. He has now brought home two that weighed 2 lbs. and were 18 inches long, also a couple that were 1 1/2 pounds and just under 18 inches. The rest have been just nice pan sized. He continues to bring home the blue gill, and perch. He has also brought 3 trout home now. Neither of us have caught trout for some time and now he is bringing at least one home each trip.

I am not fishing this year, but I do give David a “Kiss for Luck” before he leaves for each fishing trip. I think it is working, because the one time I forgot to give it to him, he only brought home 2 bait fish to stick in the stock tank. Every other time he has brought home his limit of catfish and a couple of others be they a mixture of perch, bluegill or trout.

The photo below is a typical catch for the day. He had already removed a perch and a bluegill to clean them.

We Made It This Time!

No planning, just spur of the moment, throw stuff in BOB and go!


I am happy to report we made it over to the ponds and the 2017 Fishing Season is offically started.


No fish were caught, but we can at least say we have been fishing. David said that we were practicing. It was just nice to get out and enjoy the day and some nature even if the stiff breeze was a bit chilly off the pond.


Was not much activity from the other residents of the ponds either. I did see a few red winged black birds squawking about, a lady bug, and a couple of other sort of flying bugs. That will all change soon enough more birds, bugs and the flying biting type bugs will make an appearance.


Even BOB was glad to get out of the driveway for a couple of hours.


When we do catch fish then it will be an offically, offical start to the 2017 Fishing Season. 😀