Sully Saturdays # 4


Sully saturday bannerWhen I left you last time I told you about one of my hunting adventures. I know it didn’t end well, Mom didn’t approve. I was just showing her how well I was doing in my hunting lessons with Punky.

I didn’t always know how to hunt I was just a little kitten when I arrived at Mom’s home. When I would play outside, the girl’s cat, Punky was a lot nicer to me. She would play chase with me. One day she saw me chasing bugs around, pouncing on them, and eating them. She said I was doing pretty well with hunting bugs, but could I catch mice. I said no never caught a mouse. So she decided to take it upon herself to teach me to hunt “big game”.

So I started to follow her around outside at first I would just watch from a distance. She would catch a mouse or bank vole. They are similar to a mouse but have short tales. They lived by the creek that ran behind the house. She would bring it to me alive, so I could practice chasing, catching, and releasing it again and again. That is what kittens do when first learning to hunt it is a game to them.

Punky continued to teach me everything she knew about hunting even the part where you eat your kill. Once she was confident in my new-found hunting skills, she retired. She left all the hunting to me. She took to just relaxing in the sunshine on the porch. She passed away in 2011. I miss her from time to time she was a good teacher.


Punky on the porchPunky relaxing in the sunshine.