Fruits, Flowers, Flutterbies, and a Toad

Well all our hard work is starting to bare fruits.

The strawberries are June barers so they have been producing flowers and fruits for sometime now.

The next plant that is starting to bare fruit is the butter bush squash.

This variety is similar to the butternut squash, but the plant is staying more bush like rather then vining out. The squash are going to be a bit smaller too from what David read about them.

2016 Garden123

                                                      The start of a butter bush squash.


This is where a good-sized toad has taken up residence in the hill hole of one of the plants. It moves around to different spots and buries itself. It has been there for over a week now. I am wondering if it is a female burying her eggs there because we are keeping the soil there fairly moist. This is ok with us all bad bug eaters are welcome in the garden. If it is a she laying eggs we will have an army of toads for pest control. 🙂

The tomatoes have begun to produce also. These were just a little bigger than peas.2016 Garden128

The original Johnny Jump Up is still alive but he is no longer making flowers.

The little Johnny Jump Ups are doing well.

One is right up against the house skirting.

The other is out among the grasses.

The marigolds out by the yellow summer squash are beginning to flower. They are a bit stubby. They get direct sun most of the day and the soil may not be the best for them, but they are still growing.

On the 23 rd I removed all the radishes as all they did was go to seed.

I turned the soil again, raked it out, and planted the last of my gladiolus bulbs there.

I also weeded and turned the soil in the carrot patch.

I then planted more carrots in rows and covered them with wet pine shavings litter.

The marigolds in this area are growing big and bushy, but have not started to put on flowers yet.

The helichrysum are starting to bud, no full open flowers yet.

There are many different flutterbies in the garden.

I have not been able to get photos of all of them.

They just don’t sit still long enough.

I got some nice shots of this orange one the other day.

These  photos are from the past but these types are still coming to the garden.

We also have some little white ones, which David calls cabbage butterflies, because the were around the cabbage we grew many years ago.

There are some little yellow ones too. I saw about six of them today sucking up water after I watered the yellow summer squash.

These and the white ones are the ones that won’t sit still for a photo shoot.

So It Was 100 Degrees Yesterday

Only the low 80’s Today.

Yesterday was the hottest day so far in my neck of the woods. And no one was prepared or accustomed to this kind of heat yet. You know how I know? The power went out for an hour and a half at the peak hot part of the afternoon from just before 3 pm until 4:30 pm. WE WERE ALL DYING!   X_X

So needless to say I put off the weeding for one more day.

This morning it was a pleasant 69 degrees at 9:30 am. So instead of sitting at the computer playing Facebook games I got to doing that weeding. My pepper patch and the strawberries finally got their weeding. The little marigold seedlings got weeded also. They are doing well, still a bit stubby. After their weeding all plants were given a healthy drink of water.

The little Marigolds at the edge of the summer squash patch.

The little Marigolds at the edge of the summer squash patch.

You remember how Johnny Jump – Up went through an ordeal, he didn’t fully recover like I thought he would. No, no don’t be too sad, I found Junior this morning when I was wandering around getting things for weeding!

This just in… David was out looking at Junior and found 2 more baby Jump – ups possibly a third!


Johnny Jump - Up's son.

Johnny Jump – Up’s son.

I now have 9 gladiolus from my first planting and 6 from my second planting coming up . The radishes are just being skinny leafy things. I did pick a nice round red one. My son ate it.

I transplanted two nice marigolds from starter peat moss pod into these nice clay pots and they grew into these healthy plants.

They looked so cute I decided not to transplant them outside. They have now started flowering!

And last but not least, David did some more prep work on the new storm door for the front entrance. It was cool this evening before it got dark. He sanded down some of the frame-work to get it ready to paint. He then had to put wood filler in and around it. Whoever put in this door frame must have had a broken level. The thing is so catty wampy, that is the reason for the filler.

Thar Be Things A Growin’ Here! Arrgh!

I am a pirate gardener today! 😀

First up, I would like to report that Johnny Jump – up will pull through his ordeal. We had a small natural gas leak in the hose that brings the gas into the house which is right above his head. I don’t think the leak was hurting him. When the repairman came to check for the leak he pulled the tall grass around Johnny. I think this took away some of his shade and he got sun burnt. I have been giving him extra water to keep him moist and cool. He seems to be coming around.

David has been continuing his excavation of the east shed wall.

He has been back filling the south hole and digging more of the compost/dirt pile from the east side.

He has been piling the excess in various places.

He is making a new bedding space, that is what the wooden logs will be marking off.

There was a healthy patch of grass where he wants the new bed.

He dug a hole and transplanted it over to the hole out-of-the-way of the bed.

Growing at the edge of the compost/dirt pile is this lovely iris.

I removed them from what is now my carrot/ flower bed a couple of years ago. I didn’t want to deal with them. I gave my daughter some of them, the rest I just threw on the pile. They did grow last year but didn’t flower.

They sure are some tough old bulbs!

2016 Garden90

The peppers are doing well. I planted the last of my seedlings, that I had started inside, yesterday.  They all looked good this morning when I went out to water them. I have lost 3 so far though, as of this morning I have 41 pepper plants. David got the tomatoes planted just to the east of my pepper patch and they are doing well. The far eastern end of the garden is also coming along. David got one hill formed up and I planted yellow summer squash on it. That is it in the foreground, running north to south, of the 3 rd photo . I transplanted 10 marigold seedlings along the northern edge yesterday. The all were alive and doing well this morning when I watered them.

David has squash sprouting in many of the hills he planted with seeds, after the wind and cold spell killed his early planted seedlings. He finally decided it was safe to put out the last of the seedlings he still had growing inside.

These are Butternut Squash.

                      These are Butternut Squash.

The beds around the front deck are starting to sprout and grow too.

I now have four gladiolus sprouting.

My little radish patch is flourishing too!

Last but not least is my little flower/ carrot bed. The flowers are doing well, but the carrots I am not sure. I know that their sprouts are tiny and look a bit like grass. I am not seeing to many. I don’t want to weed either, just in case. The helichrysum seedlings are doing well. The marigold seeds have sprouted and are growing well. A couple of seeds found their way beyond the decorative branch barrier into the carrot area though. I will let them stay as they fought so hard to get there. 🙂

How Does Our Garden Grow?

Pretty well I would say.

I have been frying squash for dinner a lot for some time. Last night I added some to the ham vegetable soup I made. It was yummy! My daughter is researching how to make fermented pickles so that will help get the cucumbers taken care of. Until then maybe I will just make a simple cucumber salad with these. I have a bowl of sliced yellow and green squash in the refrigerator now, maybe I will try freezing some.

Radish and Spinach Garden Spot

Ready for a replant.

This morning I picked all the radishes. I pulled all the sickly little spinach plants. I dug the soil up and raked it out. I dug trenches around my pepper plants placed fertilized potting soil around them. I then covered that back up with the earth soil. I hope that will give them a boost so they can put on peppers before to long.  I plan to replant some radishes and spinach tomorrow or the next day. I will keep them both to my left facing  Ricky Racoon this time. I think it was too sunny for the spinach on the right as that gets the sun from sun up until almost 2 in the afternoon. I also moved the one pepper plant that was in the shady corner over between the two  in the front row of peppers. We will see how this works out.   🙂