Tornado Drill!


Yesterday we had some storms rolling through and David was keeping a close eye on them, checking the radar often. The first one was a bit south of us. It developed a small hook shape on the end on the radar. David says that is a classic shape for forming tornadoes in a storm. The weather service did issue a tornado warning  for that one. If the ridge to the south-east of us had not been in the way we could have seen some of the twisters that formed. Several Facebook friends were able to get photos of them as they were driving along the highways. This area was a lot of wide open spaces so no damages were reported.

It is now late afternoon David is keeping his eye on the next storm. It popped up just to the west of us this time. David said this one looks like it could be headed to go right over the top of us. The weather service said it could have 60 mph wind gusts, drenching rains, and ping-pong ball sized hail. David says start gathering things and put them in BOB I think we will head about 6 miles south to wait this one out.

So I grab all the crochet projects I have done, and the 3 that I was working on, my jewelry boxes and the kindle. I then grab Sully’s litter box and food. I also have gone and gotten Milly from the shed and put her in BOB. David has taken Sully out to BOB and started BOB. I pack up the laptop and tell Nick to come on it is starting to hail.

We are all loaded up and head south on the county road, Nick following behind in the Ranger pick up. We drive down to the intersection to get on the highway. We drive south until we find a nice wide shoulder we can pull BOB over on. Nick pulls over too and then gets in BOB with us.

The cats are handling this adventure well. Sully is out for a bit then he decides that the semi trucks going by are too scary, so he hides  under the blankets on the bed. Milly comes out of the litter box once we stop. She lays under the table and does her cutesy roll around thing. So we sit and watch the storm and wait for it to pass. Thirty minutes go by and things look clear for us to return to the house.

We thought we would see wet roads and some damage as we traveled back to the house.


We unpacked everything and brought the cats back in.

David got the laptop back up and running.

He checked the radar again.

He said that the storm shrank up and just slid between our house and town.

Town being about 6 miles north of the house.

So, I guess it was a practice tornado drill adventure.

BOB did great in his first drill for which he is named.


BOB and Ranger back in the driveway after the tornado drill.

BOB and Ranger back in the driveway after the tornado drill.

And The Wind Did Blow!


We had a really bad storm here last Tuesday (6/28/2016). It was pretty cloudy out that early evening. So it was a bit strange when the lights flickered once then again and totally out. This was at 5:08 pm. I know because I looked at my phone to note the time to see how long the power would be out. Well then I hear the splattering of rain drops on the window not too bad so far. I spoke to soon the splattering of rain drops becomes the pinging of hail. The rain is heavy now with the hail mixed in. Then our mobile home is shoved. Yes, the wind has begun to blow and it is a gusting hard! It is blowing the rain in the north window in the living room even though it is closed.

I go around looking out various windows to see the trees just swaying like crazy. David tells me to get in the living room because he is worried that the big tree in the back yard could fall and if it does it would land on the kitchen. I go into the living room for a few minutes then decide to go to the bedroom at the other end of the house. I look out the west window in there. I see that the neighbor’s trees are sway pretty good and the one nearest to our house could actually fall on the bedroom so I grab Sully off the bed and we both go back into the living room. The hard rain and hail and winds last about 30 to 45 minutes then it all calms down to gently falling rains. It was pretty scary there for a while.

Now that things are calm I go back to my room to do some crocheting until I can no longer see. The power is still not back on. So once it is dark I just put my stuff away and go to sleep. David stayed up listening to the battery-powered radio for weather updates and Rockies updates, playing his Castle Age at hour intervals and  checking where the storm headed on the laptop to conserve its battery. The Rockies did play that night with a first pitch at 9:30 ish pm. He came to bed about 1:00 am. I went out to the couch at this time because I felt I was gonna have a snore fit and didn’t want to keep him up. It is just after 3:00 am when a bright light in the kitchen wakes me up and I see David coming out to turn it off. I then followed him back to the bedroom to finish my night’s sleep.

Power was out for about 10 hours here. Town was back on in a couple of hours. I think the power crews did a great job. They had to move trees before they could replace lines. I also learned that several power poles had been down too.

It is now later on Wednesday morning so we can go out and survey the damage. I also found this little chart when I was checking out Facebook. That 103 wind gust was just 2 miles south of our house.

Photo Chart via Facebook.

Photo Chart via Facebook.



We had no damage to the house or BOB.

Just a lot of tree branches all over the yard which we piled up near the burn barrel.

David will burn them later.

The garden did survive. Just a lot of shredded leaves.

The tomatoes and yellow summer squash were not damage hardly at all that is why there are no photos of them.

Tiny Toad on a Rainy Day

We went fishing over at the ponds last Wednesday (July 8th). It started out just sprinkling. Then we got on again off again rain showers. After about two hours of this I decided to go sit in the RV, dry out and do some crocheting.

When I got to the door of the RV I caught some movement, out of the corner of my eye, on the ground. I first thought it was just some big beetles out for a wet walk but I looked closer. It was a couple of teeny tiny toads. I went inside and got the empty plastic coffee can I use to bail out the fish tub. I was able to find one of the tiny toads, catch him and put him in the coffee can. I then took him down the bank to show David what I had caught. I brought the tiny toad back up to the RV and released him back where I had caught him.


This was the item I worked on while in the RV crocheting.

24 Red White and Blue With Ruffled Brim Beanie Hat

Dave stayed out fishing until 1:30 pm. He got eight perch and a catfish. I had caught 3 perch and a bluegill before I quit for the day. We then came home for the day.

Earthworm hunters

Yesterday’s fishing trip depleted the worm supply. The fish were very good at stealing worms. It was like we were at the “How to steal a worm without getting caught class in school. ” We must have gotten the advance students. 😀

So last night David and I went earthworm hunting during the rain we got last night. We did pretty well. We caught 67 worms of those I caught 8. He out hunted me as well as out fished me.

I got distracted by this fellow hunter. He thought the weather was prime for earthworm hunting too.


I Am Going to Hail!!