Junkpile: Sorted and Moved

This is the junk pile.

The Before

2016 Garden140

David asked me to deal with it so that he could continue digging out this side of the shed.

He needs to replace another rotting out board below ground level.

He also wants to level this area out so that it will drain better and not have standing water against the shed.

The Afters

Speaking of the east end of the garden the summer squash have started setting on fruit.

2016 Garden144

This is the pile of trash that was sorted out of the junk pile.

It was mostly plastic items and broken garden tools.

The big plastic sheet is the shower walls from BOB that were removed.

The green cloth material was BOB’s old dining room blinds.

There are also some old BBQ grills and washer and dryer motors.

The blue lawn chair and Frisbee were also in the junk pile but I am keeping them.

That all fit nicely into the back of the pick up.

My son disposed of it all the next day in town.


I also straightened up around the front of the shed here are a couple more after photos.

Two days later our area was hit by a really nasty storm.

That is a whole other post.

Back to School Crochet Idea!

I was going through my email the other day,  I was looking through my Allfreecrochet.com  newsletter and they had back to school patterns. They had a pattern for making a pencil case. So I clicked on it. Well it was a simple enough pattern and it uses up scrap yarn and recycles paper towel cylinders or tube if you prefer. LOL  So this is a win win type of pattern. I decided to make one a couple of days later when the paper towels ran out. How lucky was that!?

Here are the links for the pencil case: StashBuster Pencil Case

Allfreecrochet.com has many wonderful free patterns besides the pencil case.

Which will lead you to Kara Gunza’s Petals to Picots

Or you can just go straight to Kara’s site.  🙂

So if you have kids heading back to school this is a quick and easy pattern to send them on their way with a cool pencil case. If you are a crocheter this will work great for hooks. Knitters could use it for their needles too. If you are a knitter I am sure you could alter the pattern easily enough. I am thinking of making a few more of these in Christmas colors, filling them with candy to give as gifts. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.