It’s Thursday, So I Thought I Would Do A Throwback

This was my very first post.

A lot has changed since then

but we are still retired

and enjoying it!


December 4, 2014

And So It Began

I was born with out hip sockets they were there but just cartilage. So I have had pain in one form or another because of this. I was told I would probably have early arthritis and would need hip replacement someday. I also had become overweight so that didn’t help with the pain.  I changed my diet and lost 30 pounds. I was not in pain all the time. So with this new pain-free life, I didn’t want to spend it working. So I decided to retire and begin a new adventurous retirement life. My husband was in total agreement as he had changed his diet too and was feeling better too. So what to do?

First step was to buy an RV. When you retire that is what you do right? It took us about 4 months to find the one that called out to be our RV. His name is BOB which stands for Bug Out Buggy. I wanted to call him Hank because he is a beast of an RV. He is 28 ft long and has a big engine. But BOB just fit better and has stuck.

We spent the next 6 months getting BOB road worthy. He needed some engine work. He had been sitting in a barn for sometime before we bought him. We had to replace his pip sensor. Change his oil and other routine maintenance. We also ended up doing some remodeling to the coach. We totally remodeled the bedroom and bathroom. replaced the plumbing system and removed the refrigerator, and the heating furnace.

We took it for some test runs before we went south for the winter,an overnight trip to the in-laws, a week-long trip around the panhandle of Nebraska and an overnight stay at a nearby lake.

Our trip to Arizona was supposed to be a stay for the winter, but it turned out only lasting a month as the weather turned unusually cold even down south. This when we discovered that we needed to put in a ventless blue flame heater. 🙂

So we returned to Nebraska with a better idea of what to do for our next RV adventure. We are planning to go south again but this time we are going to southeastern Oklahoma.

I will probably post some of my Facebook status of our Arizona RV adventure at a later date.


One of the changes since then is we have a grandson now and want to spend lots of time with him.

He was born on my 48 th birthday, so I want to build a great bond with him before we head out on another extended journey in BoB.

We want and need to do more work on BoB’s coach

and of course you need moneys for that.

So on that front we have been staying close to home to save money.

We have been doing our garden, a few photos from last year’s.

and fishing to cut down on the grocery bill. Some of last year’s catches.

I have been crocheting trying to sell my items and some paperback books on Ebay.

David will be ramping up his urban gold mining this spring and  summer also.

The trip to Oklahoma is still on hold for now.

Sully Saturdays # 4


Sully saturday bannerWhen I left you last time I told you about one of my hunting adventures. I know it didn’t end well, Mom didn’t approve. I was just showing her how well I was doing in my hunting lessons with Punky.

I didn’t always know how to hunt I was just a little kitten when I arrived at Mom’s home. When I would play outside, the girl’s cat, Punky was a lot nicer to me. She would play chase with me. One day she saw me chasing bugs around, pouncing on them, and eating them. She said I was doing pretty well with hunting bugs, but could I catch mice. I said no never caught a mouse. So she decided to take it upon herself to teach me to hunt “big game”.

So I started to follow her around outside at first I would just watch from a distance. She would catch a mouse or bank vole. They are similar to a mouse but have short tales. They lived by the creek that ran behind the house. She would bring it to me alive, so I could practice chasing, catching, and releasing it again and again. That is what kittens do when first learning to hunt it is a game to them.

Punky continued to teach me everything she knew about hunting even the part where you eat your kill. Once she was confident in my new-found hunting skills, she retired. She left all the hunting to me. She took to just relaxing in the sunshine on the porch. She passed away in 2011. I miss her from time to time she was a good teacher.


Punky on the porchPunky relaxing in the sunshine.