We Made It This Time!

No planning, just spur of the moment, throw stuff in BOB and go!


I am happy to report we made it over to the ponds and the 2017 Fishing Season is offically started.


No fish were caught, but we can at least say we have been fishing. David said that we were practicing. It was just nice to get out and enjoy the day and some nature even if the stiff breeze was a bit chilly off the pond.


Was not much activity from the other residents of the ponds either. I did see a few red winged black birds squawking about, a lady bug, and a couple of other sort of flying bugs. That will all change soon enough more birds, bugs and the flying biting type bugs will make an appearance.


Even BOB was glad to get out of the driveway for a couple of hours.


When we do catch fish then it will be an offically, offical start to the 2017 Fishing Season. 😀

It’s Thursday, So I Thought I Would Do A Throwback

This was my very first post.

A lot has changed since then

but we are still retired

and enjoying it!


December 4, 2014

And So It Began

I was born with out hip sockets they were there but just cartilage. So I have had pain in one form or another because of this. I was told I would probably have early arthritis and would need hip replacement someday. I also had become overweight so that didn’t help with the pain.  I changed my diet and lost 30 pounds. I was not in pain all the time. So with this new pain-free life, I didn’t want to spend it working. So I decided to retire and begin a new adventurous retirement life. My husband was in total agreement as he had changed his diet too and was feeling better too. So what to do?

First step was to buy an RV. When you retire that is what you do right? It took us about 4 months to find the one that called out to be our RV. His name is BOB which stands for Bug Out Buggy. I wanted to call him Hank because he is a beast of an RV. He is 28 ft long and has a big engine. But BOB just fit better and has stuck.

We spent the next 6 months getting BOB road worthy. He needed some engine work. He had been sitting in a barn for sometime before we bought him. We had to replace his pip sensor. Change his oil and other routine maintenance. We also ended up doing some remodeling to the coach. We totally remodeled the bedroom and bathroom. replaced the plumbing system and removed the refrigerator, and the heating furnace.

We took it for some test runs before we went south for the winter,an overnight trip to the in-laws, a week-long trip around the panhandle of Nebraska and an overnight stay at a nearby lake.

Our trip to Arizona was supposed to be a stay for the winter, but it turned out only lasting a month as the weather turned unusually cold even down south. This when we discovered that we needed to put in a ventless blue flame heater. 🙂

So we returned to Nebraska with a better idea of what to do for our next RV adventure. We are planning to go south again but this time we are going to southeastern Oklahoma.

I will probably post some of my Facebook status of our Arizona RV adventure at a later date.


One of the changes since then is we have a grandson now and want to spend lots of time with him.

He was born on my 48 th birthday, so I want to build a great bond with him before we head out on another extended journey in BoB.

We want and need to do more work on BoB’s coach

and of course you need moneys for that.

So on that front we have been staying close to home to save money.

We have been doing our garden, a few photos from last year’s.

and fishing to cut down on the grocery bill. Some of last year’s catches.

I have been crocheting trying to sell my items and some paperback books on Ebay.

David will be ramping up his urban gold mining this spring and  summer also.

The trip to Oklahoma is still on hold for now.

A Camper and A Wooden Camper Trailer

have been added to the Cars on the Street Page in the Photos tab of the Menu Bar.

What’s going on here?!

That may be what some of you followers are thinking. This blog is supposed to be about this couples retired life.

Don’t fret too much it still is. 🙂 But right now there is not a lot of exiting things going on. It is winter time and David and I are not into ice fishing, so no great fishing tales to tell. The gardening tales are also obviously done. We didn’t go south in the Rv this year, because of the birth of our grandson, Martin. We wanted to stay close so we could watch him grow in person. He also is extra special to me as he was born on my birthday so I want to build a great bond with him.

On that note Martin had his 2 month check up on Monday. He did really well. He did cry during the exam because he had to be naked for his weight and other measurements. He has grown 2 inches in length, he is now 22 inches. He now weighs 12 pounds, he started out at 8 pounds 1 ounce.  He is now staying awake more so he is noticing his surroundings and wanting to interact with them. He likes it when Grandma Arlene sings to him too. He gave me a smile for my songs. You all probably wondering where are the photos. I am respecting my daughters wishes she doesn’t want his photos all over the internets available to just anyone to google search, which WordPress does. I know I could make it a private blog, but I started it to share my RVing adventures.

I have been doing a lot of crocheting, quite a few have been for Martin of late,  as you have seen by most of my recent post. So I guess right now it is that, a crochet blog. The crocheting leads to lots of mentions of Ebay, because that is what I am trying to do with my crochet items sell them on Ebay. I do also have books and VHS tapes on my listings. So if you are looking for one of those I have a few. So that is basically what I am doing.

Now David has been doing a bit of home repairs. He has been working on getting the front screen door put in now that the weather is cooler. The fishing and gardening were so great this summer and fall that he didn’t work on it then. That and the deck gets full sun most of the day so it was too hot to work on it then. David’s other activities include reading many books on the Kindle Keyboard and playing his online game Castle Age. I don’t know what I could really post about those things. Maybe I could keep track of the titles he reads and post them once a week. As for his game, he is kicking butt and getting stronger is all I could say about that. I use to play it too but they kept adding more things to do. It just got too complicated for me and made it no fun to me. So I let David take over playing my account.

David and I are kinda home bodies, I guess you could say.  So I hope you will just bare with us until spring for those fishing and gardening posts. 😀