Icicles and Shadows


Yesterday morning as I looked out the kitchen window I noticed the icicles hanging down in front of the window. Some of them were pretty long. I decided to take my camera with me when I went to the shed to get Milly some fresh water and fill her food bowl.

I didn’t know what the photos look like until I got back inside. I basically am shooting blind when taking outdoor photos in full sunshine. The camera screen is just a dark square. I just kind of guesstimate what is in the frame and hope for the best.


I took this photo of the icicle hanging off the drain spout for the shed roof.

When I first glanced at it, it looked like a contrail in the sky.

I like that I captured the drop of water at the tip getting ready to fall.


The rest of the photos are of the south side of the house. The sun is behind me, so there are shadows of the icicles and of the trees that line the south side of the driveway on the house. I think that just added to the beauty.