Lap Time!


I heard Mom coming down the steps to my shed. I greeted her at the door. She had come to fill up my food and water dishes like always. She filled them both as she talked to me. She gave me a few pets. Then she went over to the chair in the shed and sat down.

She looks at me and says, “Well come on, get up here, and I will give you a good petting. I am in no hurry to leave you today. I don’t have to keep an eye on Sully as he wanted back in already. I am not watering today since we had four days of rain so I don’t have to worry about the water hose. And the weeds I am out here to pull are not going to go anywhere, they will be waiting for me. ”

Well she didn’t have to tell me twice! I am getting some lap time!
Mom took several photos of me on her lap. I am a real squirmer, so she had to hang on to me with one hand while she tried to take photos with the other. I tend to hang off the edge of laps with all my squirming. squirming aside I think Mom got some pretty good shots of me.





I am also called The Shed Cat because that is what I am doing now, not just for my location. I love that Mom sat done to pet me. It helps get some of that annoying winter coat off me. Well all good things must come to an end. I hate when lap time ends! Mom picked me up in her arms and set me back on the floor. If she just tries to stand up and kinda nudge me off I dig my claws in to her legs.

Yes, I thoroughly covered Mom with fur before she left.

David’s Spring Cleaning Projects

And why I am glad he is doing one of them.


As I mentioned in previous posts, David has been able to get outside and work on projects.

He went out to the shed the other day to get the worm bedding for the worm box and he has not looked back since. He has been cleaning stuff out, reorganizing his urban prospecting inventory, and cleaning up the shed. I don’t have any before photos because it was a spur of the moment, spontaneous, got the motivation going project. 🙂

Here is what he has accomplished so far.

The other project that is occupying his time is building the retaining wall around the steps to the shed.

This is a photo of the shed stairs from a few years ago.

73 The step I fell down 2

I am glad that David is doing the work on them.

 I fell down these steps on November 22, 2011. I think I didn’t quite lift my foot enough over that retaining board in the front. I went down and fell to my knees and caught my side on the side board. It took me a bit to catch my breath before I could get my self back up. David and Nick were both right there neither of them saw me fall. I was able to walk bent over into the house. The pain was terrible and I could not straighten up. So David took me to the emergency room. The doctor checked me over. I had no broken ribs and nothing internal had been ruptured thank goodness. He asked how bad the pain was. I said it was worse than any pain relievers we had at home could handle. So he gave me a script.  I wrapped my ribs and went back to work after missing one day.

                                                                    73a My bruised ribbys day  3 My rib bruise 3 days after fall.

Ok, enough of that.

This is David’s progress on the retaining wall so far.

Milly The Shed Cat


Dave and I went fishing on the morning of June 22, 2013 at the city dams. We caught this very strange orange “catfish”. She was very friendly, she was rubbing our legs as we sat fishing. Meowing at us and rolling at our feet so we could pet her tummy. Yes, we brought her home. She was a slender kitty, but very skinny. She was very hungry. She was flea and tick free so we don’t think she was out there too long. She slept a lot the first couple of days.  We  tried several different names for her, none of them seem to catch her fancy. The next day she finally chose her name. We called her Milly which she responded to. We came up with this name because when we found her she was chasing , catching, and eating  millers. That is what we call this one kind of small moth here in Nebraska.


Photos of the day we found Milly

So we brought her home and she got a name. She was a pretty good kitty. She was very happy to have a home. She would get on your lap and roll around on you so much she would fall off if you didn’t catch her. Once she settled down on your lap she would purr and purr and knead the crap out of your leg, claws extended.

She got along with Sully ok, but her and Fiesty did not get along. So in those first days the cats took turns at getting to run around the house. Fiesty would stay in Nick’s room and Sully in our room so Milly could run around. We would put her in the spare room with her own food, water, and litter box at night. So the other cats could run around.


Milly’s first days in the house


Well things were going along great until she started peeing in the most unusual places. She peed on the end of the couch, she peed in my dirty laundry basket. She only did this when she was allowed to run around. She had a litter box knew where it was and I kept it clean. She was not sick. I think she did it because she was not fixed and there was another female cat in the house. She was trying to take over and marking territory. The final straw was when I caught her peeing in the clothes washing machine.

So she became the shed cat after that. I didn’t want her to be an outside outside cat. There was just too many things out here that could get her. Plus the country road and highway were close, she could get run over. Our shed is attached directly to one of the houses outside walls. Inside the shed she can get under the enclosed deck and under the house.


The Shed


So she is outside but not. She is protected from the weather but still has dirt to roll in. She also can catch mice to her heart’s content. Which she does very well. In the winter time we bring her in if the temperature is going to get really low. That is why I brought her in this morning. It is supposed to be -10 to -20 with wind chills tonight. That is just too cold for her even when she crawls up under the sub floor in the bathroom under the bathtub which is inline with the furnace and the main heating vent to the bathroom. Dave hears her in there when it gets a little cold some nights.

Well now that she is in the house for a few days I thought I would make her a cat cowl too. So I made her this pretty two-tone pink one from scrap yarn. I used a H/8 – 5.00 mm hook, single crochet, and slip stitched the ends together. Fasten off and weave in ends.


Milly inside for the cold spell

We shall see how long she stays in. Sometimes she starts to get cabin fever and wants back in her shed. She is usually ready after about a week. And most of the time the weather warms up by then too.