Milly’s Pretty Pink Leash

I finished Milly’s leash Friday night.

The instructions are the same as Sully’s Leash of course the colors are different. 😀

I used a F/5 – 3.75 mm hook.

The colors: An unlabeled ball of dark pink yarn most likely acrylic 4 ply worsted weight. This is the main color.

The trim was an unlabeled ball of light pink also most likely acrylic 4 ply worsted weight.

Stitches: I did a chain 90 inches long.

Two rows of Half Double crochet, fastened off and weaved in ends.

I then joined the light pink yarn about 10 stitches from the end. I worked single crochet toward the end. I then crocheted 2 stitches in the corner placed the key ring along the end and single crocheted through it and the end of the fabric. Placing 2 sc in each stitch along the end. I continued over to the next corner placing two sc in it . Then I continued along the side to the other end. I repeated the process with the hook clip on this end. I crocheted along the other long side to where I began, slip stitched, fastened off and weaved in the ends.

148 Milly's Leash1 colored

The key ring and hook clip.

Another Heart Beanie For Martin

In Traditional Valentine’s Day Colors.


If you recall I did a post about the heart beanie I made for Martin. In it I wrote that I was giving the front post double crochet stitch another try to make a beanie. The first attempt photos are shown below.

I got to looking at the beanie and decided  I would start over. I didn’t like how it was looking with the red showing through the white and vice versa as I carried the unused color strand along and the heart was not lining up correctly. I also decided to make the larger 2T-3T size rather than the 6-12 months size. I think Martin is gonna be a big boy. 🙂

I couldn’t figure out any other way of changing to red other than  cutting and joining to get the proper look.  I kept the white attached but did not stitch it in as I crocheted the heart. I left it hang across the back and picked it back up when I returned to the main body of the beanie.

Here is the final result. I think I may have gotten the hang of the front post double crochet.

40c Martin's red heart beanie

Here is the pattern I used:

Bubblegum Heart Beanie by Amanda Evanson from MNE Crafts From her “The Emy Collection – Emy’s Beanie”

Hook used: I/9- 5.50 mm

Colors: Red Heart Super Saver Jumbo in 0319 Cherry Red and 0311 White

Stitches: FPDC for body  and SC for edge trim.