Breaking Soil!

The Moonflowers are breaking through the soil!

This is exciting to me!

I have never tried to grow these.

I am off to a good start.

Three of the six seeds have sprouted!

The sweet peppers started breaking the soil about a week ago.

I don’t know about those green peppers ,the pods with tooothpicks sticking up.

I had trouble getting them to sprout last year too.

Radish and Spinach Garden Spot

Ready for a replant.

This morning I picked all the radishes. I pulled all the sickly little spinach plants. I dug the soil up and raked it out. I dug trenches around my pepper plants placed fertilized potting soil around them. I then covered that back up with the earth soil. I hope that will give them a boost so they can put on peppers before to long.  I plan to replant some radishes and spinach tomorrow or the next day. I will keep them both to my left facing  Ricky Racoon this time. I think it was too sunny for the spinach on the right as that gets the sun from sun up until almost 2 in the afternoon. I also moved the one pepper plant that was in the shady corner over between the two  in the front row of peppers. We will see how this works out.   🙂

Gardening, Yardwork, Flowers! Oh My!

As you can see in the photos below the indoor garden is doing well.


I got highly motivated this morning after doing a bit of Facebook reading and games. I wanted to hang out some laundry but the grass was a bit tall in my clothes line area. We have been getting good rain and a few warm days and it just went crazy. So I put on my boots and headed to the great outdoors. David said that next time we mowed we should move the wheels to cut it good and short because it has been growing so fast. So that is what I did. I primed the engine, gave the cord a couple of pulls (I never get it started on the first pull such a weakling), and off I went. It went alright except when I tried to plow the mole mounds or the wheels sunk a bit cause the ground is soft from all the rain.  That completed I then hung up my clothes. The next task was to rake up the grass clippings and move them to the new spot for the compost pile.



David has been keeping busy by preparing the soil and making hills and rows for planting. He had these ones ready the other day. So I planted some of the squashes. He is out again this afternoon continuing his soil preparations and row and hill building. You may think it is strange that he is putting the squash hills in a hole. This is done so we can flood water the hill and the water won’t just run off the hill onto level ground. It will stay in the hole where it will continue to keep the hill moist. We will be watering them using water buckets. This will help conserve water plus we won’t have to drag a garden hose back and forth. It will be good exercise and build up my muscles so maybe I will be able to start the mower in one pull.



I will step out now to check his progress.  I am back with photos of David in action and his progress.


And now the flowers!