California Here I Come!

Well not me personally, but one of my crochet items sold today!


One of my long time online friends purchased it. I put a status on my personal Facebook that I had other things besides cold weather gear, like these little coin purse and other small bags and pouches. So she messaged me that she was interested in this one but she had to wait for her new debit card. Well it came today. So I packaged it up for her and David took it to town this afternoon to mail it.

Reindeer Pouch Will Be Going to California!

It sold yesterday. I checked my Ebay this morning( at 4:30 couldn’t sleep anymore). I had a notification and was pleased to see that it was for an item being sold. Once again the item just sold out of the blue, it was not on a watch list. I currently have 5 hats being watched […]

via This Little Reindeer Is Dashing Off To California! — Skrappy Skarves

I Sold My Extra Long Rainbow Scarf!


It is on its way to Pennsylvania!