How Does Our Garden Grow?

Pretty well I would say.

I have been frying squash for dinner a lot for some time. Last night I added some to the ham vegetable soup I made. It was yummy! My daughter is researching how to make fermented pickles so that will help get the cucumbers taken care of. Until then maybe I will just make a simple cucumber salad with these. I have a bowl of sliced yellow and green squash in the refrigerator now, maybe I will try freezing some.

Radish and Spinach Garden Spot

Ready for a replant.

This morning I picked all the radishes. I pulled all the sickly little spinach plants. I dug the soil up and raked it out. I dug trenches around my pepper plants placed fertilized potting soil around them. I then covered that back up with the earth soil. I hope that will give them a boost so they can put on peppers before to long.  I plan to replant some radishes and spinach tomorrow or the next day. I will keep them both to my left facing  Ricky Racoon this time. I think it was too sunny for the spinach on the right as that gets the sun from sun up until almost 2 in the afternoon. I also moved the one pepper plant that was in the shady corner over between the two  in the front row of peppers. We will see how this works out.   🙂

The Garden Then and Now

I Planted A Garden Today, INSIDE !!

Because this May has been too cold, too wet , oh and lets not forget the two snowstorms we have had one on Mother’s Day and one just last week.

We had already planted the spinach about 10 days ago. They have sprouted and are doing well. So I was talking with Dave on how well they were doing and he said something about radishes. I said we could grow those in the house too. Then I thought, Hey! we could grow a small variety of tomatoes too. So here we are growing a container garden in the house. 🙂

When the weather finally starts to cooperate, Dave will turn the soil so he can plant cucumbers and a variety of squashes.

Close up of one of the smaller tomato plants.

                        Close up of one of the smaller tomato plants.